State Budget Actions

State Budget Actions in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic and Economic Crisis

NASBO Resource: State Budget Actions in Response to COVID-19
(Last Updated: July 22, 2020)

States’ budgetary responses to the COVID-19 crisis rapidly evolved early on. To document the decisions states made in order to close out fiscal 2020, NASBO monitored and tracked state budget actions in response to the pandemic and economic crisis.

This document is intended as a point in time reference and is not a complete list of actions taken or proposed to date. This information was taken from official and unofficial sources, including governors’ websites and media reports. NASBO has not independently verified the accuracy of this information. This listing of actions is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather illustrative of the tools states are turning to in response to this crisis.

All states expect revenue loss and need to adjust their budgets due to the effects of COVID-19. However, the timing and nature of state budget actions vary depending on differences in reserve levels, revenue forecasting processes, executive authority to reduce the budget, and other variations in state budget processes. States are also waiting to see whether additional aid will come from the federal government, and where possible, delaying budget reductions until more certainty at the federal level is provided. Read more about state budget actions in a recent blog post.

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