Proposed & Enacted Budgets


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Brian Sigritz


Governors in 34 states released a fiscal 2023 budget proposal. Last year, 16 states enacted budgets covering both fiscal 2022 and fiscal 2023; in seven of those states, governors released a supplemental or revised budget recommendation for fiscal 2023. The remaining nine states did not release a new or revised budget proposal for fiscal 2023. 46 states begin their fiscal year on July 1 (New York begins its fiscal year on April 1, Texas on September 1, and Alabama and Michigan on October 1).

As of July 28, all states have finalized their budget for fiscal 2023.

Budget Summaries & Links

Below are summaries of fiscal 2023 proposed executive budgets. Please note that the summaries are only intended to detail the governor’s original budget proposal, and do not reflect subsequent revisions or amendments to those proposals. 

As states enact fiscal 2023 budgets, NASBO is adding an enacted budget summary to each state page as well. Summaries for states that enacted a biennial budget in 2021 were previously published. View prior fiscal year summaries on proposed and enacted budgets.

Click on a state below to view summaries, links to proposed/enacted budgets and more details about their budget processes (as reported in NASBO’s Budget Processes in the States). 

*States marked with an asterisk enacted two-year budgets in 2021 covering FY 2022 and FY 2023. Some of these states may propose and enact supplemental budgets, and this page will be updated as those are released.