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NASBO is monitoring budget and fiscal implications as well as broader issues that states are addressing related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). This page includes the latest federal news, press articles highlighting state responses and other resources. NASBO staff will continue to add relevant information to this webpage and provide weekly updates in our Washington Report e-publication.

NASBO statement on Coronavirus Relief Fund Interim Report (July 29)
NASBO letter to Administration officials and Congressional leadership. (April 22)
Additional communication to support requests in March 19 letter. (March 21)
NASBO letter to Administration officials and Congressional leadership. (March 19)

Latest Federal News

Treasury Releases New FAQs for Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Today the Treasury Department published revised frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) Program. The FAQs address who is eligible to receive assistance, grantee documentation, a definition of income and methods of income determination, examples of “other expenses” including internet service, and reporting/recordkeeping requirements. The FAQs further address duplication of benefits, use of subawards, and examples of housing stability services. Treasury indicates the FAQs will be supplemented by additional guidance; the ERA Program page can be found here.


PRAC Releases Additional CRF Data

The Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC) released an updated dataset of Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) spending by states, eligible local governments, Tribal governments, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Territories. The dataset now includes cumulative CRF funds spent March 1 through December 31, 2020 by 659 prime recipients.


Administration Expanding Testing, Sequencing Capacity

The administration announced a series of new actions to expand COVID-19 testing, improve availability of tests, and better track variants. The actions include: $650 million investment to expand testing for K-8 schools and underserved congregate settings; $815 million investment to increase domestic manufacturing of testing supplies and raw materials; and $200 million investment to increase virus genome sequencing to track emerging virus strains. These are separate funding amounts from what is included in the pending COVID-19 relief package.


House Democrats Send Letter Requesting Extension of Tax Filing Deadline

On Thursday, Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee requested that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) extend the tax return filing season beyond April 15, 2021, “given the ongoing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic.” The letter notes that due to the pandemic, “many Americans continue to face the same challenges that necessitated extending the filing season last year.” The letter also highlights closed taxpayer assistance sites and the condensed filing season and impacts on taxpayers who may be unprepared for the amount due with their return; the letter does not request or recommend how long the extension should last.


Census Announces Delay of Redistricting Data Until September 30

On Friday the U.S. Census Bureau announced it will deliver redistricting data to all states by September 30, 2021. According to the announcement, “COVID-19-related delays and prioritizing the delivery of the apportionment results delayed the Census Bureau’s original plan to deliver the redistricting data to the states by March 31, 2021.” Different from previous censuses, the Census Bureau will deliver the data for all states at once, instead of on a flow basis. 2020 Census resources from the National Conference of State Legislatures can be found here.

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Press Clips - Week of March 1

Press Clips Archive


State Lawmakers Split Over Need for Federal Aid

Stateline – 3/4/2021

Here's what we know about the Senate stimulus plan

CNN – 3/4/2021

Democrats want to send $350B to cities and states with Biden's COVID stimulus bill, but Republicans see it as wasteful

USA Today – 3/4/2021

Draft Senate aid plan would cut direct funds to cities, counties

Roll Call – 3/3/2021

We asked governors what they want from Biden. Here’s what they told us.

Politico – 3/3/2021

States rapidly expanding vaccine access as supplies surge

Associated Press – 3/3/2021

Biden Criticizes ‘Neanderthal Thinking’ as Two Governors Roll Back Mask Mandates

Route Fifty – 3/3/2021

Legislators Battle Whether to Restrict or Expand Voting

Governing – 3/3/2021

Empty Office Buildings Squeeze City Budgets as Property Values Fall

New York Times – 3/3/2021

Biden’s State Rescue Dwarfs Tax Hit, Turning It Into Stimulus

Bloomberg – 3/3/2021

As Democrats bring back earmarks for transportation projects, billions of dollars from years ago sits unused

Washington Post - 3/3/2021

Senate COVID-19 relief bill wont include transportation projects GOP used to voice opposition

PBS - 3/3/2021

Teachers, child care staff nationwide can now sign up for vaccine shots

ABC News - 3/3/2021

Jobless aid, direct checks could get trimmed as U.S. Senate takes up COVID-19 aid bill

Reuters - 3/3/2021

Some states didnt withhold taxes from enhanced unemployment benefits

CNBC - 3/2/2021

COVID relief bill would expand Obamacare. Here's how it would work

USA Today - 3/2/2021

Transit, bridge funds knocked out as Senate takes up aid bill

Roll Call – 3/2/2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Slows Race to Defang the Virus

Stateline – 3/2/2021

Texas, Mississippi to lift mask mandates, let all businesses reopen at full capacity

Politico – 3/2/2021

Covid Infections Fall Steeply in Nursing Homes Since Vaccine Rollout

Route Fifty – 3/2/2021

The States Where Driving Was Up and Down the Most After Covid Hit

Route Fifty – 3/2/2021

‘It just sucks’: America’s jobless owe thousands of dollars in taxes on their unemployment

Washington Post – 3/2/2021

Lawmakers in seven states push toll changes

Landline – 3/1/2021

States Fail to Prioritize Homeless People for Vaccines

Stateline – 3/1/2021

Census data snafu upends 2022 elections

Politico – 3/1/2021

CDC director warns states against lifting COVID-19 restrictions

The Hill – 3/1/2021

The debate over state and local aid in Biden’s stimulus bill, explained

Vox – 3/1/2021

Johnson & Johnson vaccine deepens concerns over racial and geographic inequities

Washington Post – 3/1/2021

Biden Administration’s Plan to Rescind States’ Medicaid Work Rules Faces Temporary Hitch

Wall Street Journal – 3/1/2021

Biden works to unify Senate Democrats on $1.9 trillion relief bill

Washington Post – 3/1/2021

21 GOP governors call Biden's COVID-19 relief bill 'biased'

USA Today - 3/1/2021

Virus Did Not Bring Financial Rout That Many States Feared

The New York Times - 3/1/2021

Fraud overwhelms pandemic-related unemployment programs

Republic - 2/28/2021

House Passes $1.9 Trillion Covid Response Bill

Route Fifty - 2/28/2021

Governors lift COVID-19 restrictions despite risks of new spike

The Hill – 2/28/2021

The GOP’s anti-stimulus rallying cry: What happened to the unspent $1 trillion?

Politico – 2/27/2021

Pandemic leaves tribes without US recognition at higher risk

Republic - 2/27/2021

House Democrats pass sweeping $1.9T COVID-19 relief bill with minimum wage hike

The Hill - 2/27/2021

DHS mandates state and local spending on domestic terrorism prevention

CNN - 2/26/2021

State of the States: Are rainy days here again? In four charts, the pandemics pain

Marketwatch - 2/26/2021

‘Sham Transactions’ Trigger States to Crack Down on Tax Havens

Bloomberg Tax – 2/26/2021

State Finances: Will essential services need to be cut?

CQ Researcher – 2/26/2021

Feds Up Share of FEMA Grants That Must Be Spent on Cybersecurity

Route Fifty – 2/25/2021

Republican legislators around the country seek to strip governors and officials of emergency election powers

CNN - 2/25/2021

Biden to governors: Let's fight COVID together

USA Today - 2/25/2021


Ivey joins govs opposing Biden stimulus plan

Birmingham News - 3/2/2021

Oversight bill comes in response to Kay Iveys plan to lease prisons

Birmingham News - 3/1/2021


Charters may not be eligible for CARES funding this year

Fairbanks News-Miner - 3/2/2021

Alaska's Permanent Fund continues bull rush, nears $75B in value

Fairbanks News-Miner - 2/26/2021

UA positioned to stay competitive despite cuts says system president

Fairbanks News-Miner - 2/25/2021

Governor proposes new health care pricing database to determine why costs are so high

Fairbanks News-Miner - 2/25/2021


Enrollment drops for Arizona public schools, according to new report

KTAR – 3/4/2021

Ducey issues order for Arizona schools to reopen this month

Tucson Arizona Daily Star - 3/3/2021

Biden administration rescinds restrictions on land fund that benefits Arizona

Tucson Arizona Daily Star - 3/2/2021

Report: Instructional spending in Arizona classrooms is up

Tucson Arizona Daily Star - 3/1/2021


Senate panel advances jobless-aid tax withholding

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/4/2021

State general revenue in February dips to $493.6M

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/2/2021

Bill on Medicaid-expansion overhaul unveiled

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 3/2/2021

State-tax exemption on covid aid advances

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 2/26/2021


Californians need higher wages and better jobs, Newsom commission says

Los Angeles Times - 3/2/2021

State Officials Announce $6.6B Deal To Reopen Schools Statewide

SFGate - 3/1/2021

Will Gov. Newsom end state worker pay cuts with tax revenue soaring? Here’s what he said

Sacramento Bee – 3/1/2021

Deal reached to reopen California schools with $2 billion in incentives

Los Angeles Times - 3/1/2021

California revenues soar as rich get richer during pandemic

San Jose Mercury News - 2/28/2021


All sides agree Foxwoods must be part of state's gaming deal

Danbury News-Times - 3/3/2021

CT hasnt started collecting new payroll tax from state workers

New Haven Register - 3/3/2021

How does the public option bill differ from Gov. Ned Lamont’s health care plan? Here’s a look at the two proposals.

The Connecticut Mirror - 3/3/2021

Lamont’s budget offers another round of tax amnesty

The Connecticut Mirror - 3/2/2021

Gov. Ned Lamont seeking to help women during COVID-19 recession with employment, child care proposals

Hartford Courant - 3/2/2021

Lamont officials say a gambling expansion agreement is close

New Haven Register - 3/2/2021

Connecticut Senate gives final approval to bill avoiding double taxation for 100,000-plus commuters working at home in pandemic

Hartford Courant - 3/1/2021

School district leaders say Lamonts plan to use federal funds will leave them short

New London Day ( - 2/27/2021

Connecticut has spent more than $2B responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Heres a look at where the money went.

Hartford Courant - 2/26/2021

8 things to know about Connecticuts latest attempt to legalize recreational marijuana

Hartford Courant - 2/26/2021


Colorado lawmakers advance bill that would boost school funding

The Center Square – 3/3/2021

Colorado lawmakers kill two bills in committee that would've limited governor’s emergency powers

The Center Square – 3/3/2021

Colorado sees another month of record growth in sports betting with $326.9 million wagered in January

The Center Square – 2/25/2021


State lawmakers are staying remote through March

Delaware Public Media – 2/25/2021

Funding shortfall in disability services isn't a priority in DHSS' budget

Delaware Public Media – 2/25/2021


Florida moves toward junking unemployment system, perhaps with a boost in benefits

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel & - 3/3/2021

Repeal of toll roads project clears first hurdle

Tallahassee Democrat - 3/3/2021

Florida gov touts COVID response as he highlights 2021 goals

Associated Press – 3/2/2021

DeSantis declares schools, businesses will remain open as Legislature convenes

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel & - 3/2/2021

DeSantis says $16 billion in federal aid to Florida is unfair

Tampa Bay Times - 3/2/2021

Florida lawmakers start working with Seminole tribe on gambling deal

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel & - 3/2/2021

Florida jobs agency seeks budget boost

Tallahassee Democrat - 3/1/2021

As Florida lawmakers reconvene, pandemic casts large shadow

Associated Press – 2/28/2021

10 big issues to watch during the 2021 session

Tallahassee Democrat - 2/27/2021

Amid pandemic, Florida lawmakers offer little direct help for average residents

Tampa Bay Times - 2/27/2021

GOP lawmaker files bill to kill toll roads

Tallahassee Democrat - 2/26/2021


Georgia Senate wants to expand special needs school voucher

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/3/2021

Georgia universities preparing for full operations this fall

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/3/2021

House backs state income tax cut for most Georgians

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/3/2021

Electric car makers battle Georgia auto dealers to sell directly to buyers

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/2/2021

COVID-19 loan program at higher risk for fraud and waste, auditor finds

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/2/2021

Georgia teachers going out of state to get vaccinated

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/1/2021

Panel votes to make Georgia hospitals, nursing homes allow visitors even during pandemic

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/1/2021

Georgia House to vote on election restrictions amid staunch opposition

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/1/2021

Georgia Senate approves bill to teach drivers how to behave around police

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 2/27/2021

Georgia Senate passes anti-hazing bill

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 2/26/2021

Georgia Senate leaders push bill to get more money from big political donors

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 2/26/2021

Latest COVID relief bill promises billions in new funding to Georgia

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 2/26/2021


Next up for vaccinations in Hawaii is 70-and-older group

Honolulu Star-Advertiser - 3/2/2021

New Hawaii law cuts unemployment insurance tax rates

Associated Press – 3/2/2021

Internships jump-start construction careers for Hawaii students

Honolulu Star-Advertiser - 3/2/2021


Idaho House rejects federal grant aimed at improving childcare

Idaho Post Register – 3/3/2021

Idaho Legislature sends $175M rental assistance bill to governor

Associated Press – 3/2/2021

Burning Idaho to save it: Why one solution to our raging wildfires cant gain traction

Twin Falls Times-News - 2/28/2021

Legislative review: House committee postpones decision on hemp bill

Twin Falls Times-News - 2/28/2021

Lawmakers trim $400K from Boise State budget

Idaho Press – 2/26/2021


Moody's releases economic forecast for Illinois

Springfield State Journal-Register - 3/3/2021

Illinois investing in campuses in an effort to deter students from leaving the state

The Center Square – 3/3/2021

House Transportation Committee advances bills on IDOT transparency, funding for pedestrian safety

Illinois Daily Herald - 3/1/2021

Pritzker plans to redirect capital funds to balance budget

The Center Square – 3/1/2021

Teacher shortage is worst in west central region

Springfield State Journal-Register - 3/1/2021

University of Illinois wins FDA approval for saliva COVID-19 test: Were wasting no time in deploying this, Gov. Pritzker vows

Chicago Tribune - 3/1/2021

Illinois Becomes First State to Abolish Cash Bail

Route Fifty – 2/25/2021


Gas, building industries fight to keep Indiana cities from banning natural gas

Indianapolis Star - 3/3/2021

Indiana cant keep death penalty drugs a secret

Indianapolis Star - 3/2/2021

House panel OKs school funding

Journal - 3/2/2021

Committee passes bill to ensure virtual school funding

Journal - 3/1/2021

Over 1 million Hoosiers have received first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, officials say

Northwest Indiana Times ( - 3/1/2021

More surprises surely in store during second half of Indiana legislative session

Northwest Indiana Times ( - 2/28/2021


School choice bills advance in Iowa House

Des Moines Register - 3/2/2021

Reynolds uncertain of plans for $1.3B in federal COVID-19 funds for Iowa

Quad-City Times - 3/2/2021

Proposal would ease Iowa's first-time pot possession penalty

Quad-City Times - 3/2/2021

Universities air plans for in-person graduation days after bill proposed to force them

Quad-City Times - 3/1/2021

Iowa lawmakers exploring options for role in redistricting

Muscatine Journal - 2/27/2021

Lawmaker seeks to ban traffic cameras in Iowa, except along Cedar Rapids S-curve

Quad-City Times - 2/26/2021

Iowa lawmakers eye changing jobless benefits

Quad-City Times - 2/25/2021

Reynolds: Iowa vaccinations will rise as more doses arrive

Muscatine Journal - 2/25/2021


Kansas to loan up to $100M to cities with huge energy costs

Associated Press – 3/4/2021

‘I don't trust the federal government’: Kansas legislators split on plans to spend COVID-19 relief

Topeka Capital Journal – 3/4/2021

How do Kansas lawmakers plan to pay for a $500 million tax cut? With federal tax dollars

Kansas City Star – 3/1/2021

Kansas legislators taking another run at legalizing medical marijuana

Lawrence Journal-World - 2/28/2021

Kansas plan puts $450M in COVID funds in unemployment system

Associated Press – 2/26/2021


Churchill Downs may increase capacity for 2021 Kentucky Derby

Louisville Courier-Journal - 3/2/2021

Kentucky Senate backs COVID liability shield for businesses

Associated Press – 3/2/2021

Kentuckians could get permanent access to early voting options

The Center Square – 3/1/2021

Senate OKs bill giving relief to some jobless aid recipients

Associated Press – 2/27/2021

New push to remove Kentucky-Ohio toll ban for Brent Spence Bridge work

WDRB – 2/25/2021


Reform leaders: Time for Louisiana Legislature to step out for long-term solutions

Baton Rouge Advocate - 3/3/2021

Panel backs $80 million hike in education spending; doubles governor's request

Baton Rouge Advocate - 3/2/2021

Enrollment drops 12% for community and technical colleges; pandemic seen as chief cause

Baton Rouge Advocate - 3/1/2021

Lawmakers are officially revamping Louisiana's tax system; what that could mean for taxpayers

Baton Rouge Advocate - 2/27/2021

Edwards proposes $36.6B Louisiana budget, education increases

Baton Rouge Advocate - 2/26/2021

New lawsuit against Louisiana unemployment agency claims unpaid benefits, errors - 2/26/2021

Louisiana teachers call John Bel Edwards' $400 pay raise 'cheap': 'We keep falling behind'

Baton Rouge Advocate - 2/26/2021

Louisiana teachers to get pay raises under John Bel Edwards' budget proposal

Baton Rouge Advocate - 2/25/2021

Edwards says his Louisiana budget proposal free of cuts

Associated Press – 2/25/2021


Maine teachers union gets cold feet about state vaccination plan

Bangor Daily News - 3/2/2021

Impasse on funding leaves legal services for Maines poor in limbo

Central Maine - 3/1/2021

Maine anticipates $1.6B in pandemic relief bill if and when its passed

Bangor Daily News - 2/27/2021

Maine tax revenues continue to beat dismal pandemic projections

Bangor Daily News - 2/25/2021

Maine tax revenues ahead of forecasts, despite pandemic’s impact

Press Herald – 2/25/2021


Whos getting COVID vaccine doses in Maryland? Heres what the data shows about racial and geographical gaps.

Baltimore Sun - 3/3/2021

Maryland will set aside 500 vaccines per week for MTA front-line staff

Baltimore Sun - 2/26/2021

Maryland releases plan to hit 50% greenhouse gas reduction by 2030, General Assembly to consider 60%

Baltimore Sun - 2/26/2021

Maryland lawmakers vote to expand tax credit for immigrants

Associated Press – 2/26/2021

Maryland overrides Larry Hogan veto and passes tax aimed at Big Tech ad revenue

Washington Examiner – 2/25/2021


Massachusetts hospitals can resume elective inpatient procedures, officials say

The Republican - - 3/3/2021

How the fiscal 2022 budget could affect mail-in voting, education and taxes in Massachusetts

The Republican - - 3/3/2021

Alcohol deliveries soar during pandemic, Massachusetts Treasurer Deb Goldberg says

The Republican - - 3/2/2021

Will Massachusetts business owners with COVID grants face larger tax bills? Baker administration supports legislative fix

The Republican - - 3/2/2021

Commissioner: COVID-19 has taken emotional toll on students

Associated Press  – 2/26/2021

Free bus rides, gas tax hike highlight “new deal”

SHNS – 2/26/2021


Michigan House OKs $4.2B in COVID spending, ties $1.2B to power checks on Whitmer

Detroit News - 3/3/2021

Whitmer makes case for $300M in bridge repairs in proposed 2022 budget

Detroit News - 3/3/2021

Senate OKs $4.2B in supplemental spending with conditions

Detroit News - 3/2/2021

Task force: 'Grave situation' with Michigan dams

Detroit Free Press - 2/27/2021

Report: Need for skilled workers, EV chargers supports Whitmer budget proposals

Detroit News - 2/26/2021

Michigan Senate approves $2.5 billion for vaccine distribution, direct care worker payments, school aid - 2/25/2021

Michigan Senate approves $2B COVID plan, holds off on billions more

Detroit News - 2/25/2021


Minnesota Proposal Would Tax Electricity as Fuel

Transport Topics – 3/3/2021

Minnesotas economic outlook appears bright, says budget forecast - 2/26/2021

Minnesota budget outlook is now 'significantly better'; projected surplus grows to $1.6 billion - 2/26/2021

'Now democracy starts,' Walz says as deficit becomes surplus

Associated Press – 2/26/2021


House panel: Dont divert lottery money to local roads

The Sun Herald - 3/3/2021

Do teachers still have a chance at a pay raise?

Jackson Clarion-Ledger - 3/2/2021

Hosemann: Mississippi Senate will analyze House tax plan

Associated Press – 3/1/2021

Mississippi leaders try big, quick tax changes without effort to build public support

Associated Press – 2/28/2021

Mississippi House kills proposal for gas tax election

The Sun Herald - 2/25/2021


Kelly and Parson say Bidens stimulus package formula shortchanges Kansas, Missouri

Kansas City Star & - 3/3/2021

House gives preliminary approval to bill forgiving most, but not all, of unemployment overpayments

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 3/1/2021

Missouri governor frees $281 million from budget cuts

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 3/1/2021

With Medicaid expansion in the works in Missouri, key official taking leave of absence

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 2/27/2021

Talks underway between Parson and Missouri lawmakers to resolve unemployment overpayments

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 2/26/2021

Missouri House narrowly passes private schooling tax credit bill

Missouri Net - 2/26/2021

In historic vote, school choice proposal wins final approval in Missouri House

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 2/25/2021


State lawmakers debate changes to Montana's elections

Bozeman Daily Chronicle - 3/4/2021

House kills right-to-work bill, closes first half of session

Great Falls Tribune - 3/3/2021

Montana Senate gives initial approval to wolf bills

Missoula Missoulian - 3/1/2021

With GOP back at helm, Montana renews push to sniff out welfare fraud

Bozeman Daily Chronicle - 3/1/2021

Lawmakers propose cuts for 2 tribal health jobs in state agency

Great Falls Tribune - 2/27/2021

Montana recreational weed implementation to stay on schedule; bill to delay tabled in committee

Billings Gazette - 2/27/2021

Montana bill seeks to charge doctors assisting in suicides

Missoula Missoulian - 2/26/2021

Montana Senate gives initial OK to bills changing access to abortion

Missoula Missoulian - 2/25/2021

Bills to limit state, local emergency powers advance

Missoula Missoulian - 2/25/2021


Comprehensive state tax reform plan brewing in Nebraska Legislature

Lincoln Journal Star - 3/3/2021

Lawmakers question power providers over February blackouts

Lincoln Journal Star - 3/3/2021

Opponents target bill that would allow 29% interest rates on installment loans in Nebraska

Lincoln Journal Star - 3/2/2021

Bills regulating casinos and allowing drinks to-go advance

Lincoln Journal Star - 3/1/2021

Governor reviews year of pandemic, highlights new budget proposals

News Channel Nebraska – 3/1/202

Meatpacking worker advocates ask senators for more virus protections

Lincoln Journal Star - 3/1/2021

Measure would pay full cost of classroom expenses in K-12 schools

Lincoln Journal Star - 3/1/2021

Optimistic Nebraska revenue forecast brings hope for larger property tax credits

Lincoln Journal Star - 2/26/2021

Nebraska forecasting board raises revenue projections

Associated Press – 2/26/2021


Plan would use pandemic stimulus funds for enhanced summer school

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 3/3/2021

Pandemic hurt Nevadas recreation industry in 2020

Reno Gazette-Journal - 3/3/2021

Bill seeks credit for time served under house arrest

Las vegas review journal - 3/2/2021

Sisolak says Innovation Zones would bring massive investment

Las vegas review journal - 2/26/2021

More Nevadans may soon become eligible for unemployment benefits

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 2/26/2021

New Hampshire

As revenue pours in, New Hampshire surplus tops $100 million

Manchester Union Leader - 3/3/2021

Mass vaccination set for New Hampshire Motor Speedway this weekend

Manchester Union Leader - 3/2/2021

Hassan seeks aid for disabled seeking vaccines

Manchester Union Leader - 3/2/2021

New firms seek to qualify for future COVID-19 aid

Manchester Union Leader - 3/2/2021

House panels tackle bevy of COVID-19 emergency bills

Manchester Union Leader - 3/2/2021

Sununu, Hassan disagree over latest COVID package

Manchester Union Leader - 3/2/2021

Sununu joins bipartisan governors decrying Biden's 'unfair' COVID spending

Manchester Union Leader - 3/1/2021

New Jersey

Murphy extends COVID NJ utility shutoff ban; customers owe $700M+

Asbury Park Press - 3/3/2021

Lawmakers Set Public Hearings for New Jersey's 2022 Budget

Associated Press – 3/3/2021

Does Murphys budget provide affordable housing for NJ?

Asbury Park Press - 3/1/2021

NJ’s budget proposal: Taxes, schools, pension

Associated Press – 3/1/2021

NJ to increase free mental health services

Asbury Park Press - 2/26/2021

Murphy wants $578M more for N.J. schools. Heres what it means for every district.

Jersey City Journal - 2/26/2021

New Mexico

House passes sweeping tax changes, hike for top earners

ABQJournal Online - 3/4/2021

New Mexico teachers' union chief praises push to vaccinate educators

Santa Fe New Mexican - 3/4/2021

Amended New Mexico liquor license bill heads to Senate floor

Santa Fe New Mexican - 3/4/2021

Bill to curb New Mexico governor's power during emergencies advances

Santa Fe New Mexican - 3/3/2021

New Mexico Senate passes bill creating state division to upgrade broadband

Santa Fe New Mexican - 3/3/2021

Some liquor sellers object to proposed alcohol tax to fund New Mexico license overhaul

Santa Fe New Mexican - 3/3/2021

New Mexico Senate passes bill to reduce cap on small-loan interest rates

Santa Fe New Mexican - 3/3/2021

New Mexico may discipline, fine workers who release records

ABQJournal Online - 3/3/2021

Gov. lauds New Mexico COVID-19 response in 'Washington Post' interview

Santa Fe New Mexican - 3/2/2021

New Mexico Senate takes up redistricting reform bills

Santa Fe New Mexican - 3/2/2021

New Mexico to resume horse racing as virus restrictions ease

Santa Fe New Mexican - 3/2/2021

New Mexico House passes paid sick leave bill

Santa Fe New Mexican - 3/1/2021

At New Mexico Senate panels request, cannabis bill sponsors to condense measures

Santa Fe New Mexican - 2/27/2021

New Mexico sees spike in daily case count due to outbreak at correctional facility

Santa Fe New Mexican - 2/27/2021

New Mexico governor signs $200M pandemic relief measure

Associated Press – 2/27/2021

Governor signs bill repealing New Mexico abortion ban

Santa Fe New Mexican - 2/27/2021

New Mexico officials unveil vaccine equity plan

Santa Fe New Mexican - 2/25/2021

New York

NYC education groups urge Gov. Cuomo not to slash $700M in aid to schools

New York Daily News - 3/3/2021

State easing limits on gatherings

Buffalo News - 3/3/2021

Democrats to repeal historic Covid-era powers granted to embattled Cuomo

Buffalo News - 3/2/2021

Cuomo staff said money for broadband map would be in budget. It's not

Albany Times-Union - 3/2/2021

Faced with ballooning budget gap, UAlbany looks to downsize

Albany Times-Union - 3/1/2021

Cuomo sexual harassment scandals, nursing home probe could impact budget and legislative efforts in Albany

New York Daily News - 3/1/2021

Lawmakers want NY to forgive unemployment overpayments

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 3/1/2021

North Carolina

NC House Gives Unanimous OK to $1.7B COVID Relief Measure

Associated Press – 3/3/2021

North Carolina health officials urge schools to reopen

Associated Press – 3/3/2021

Tenants struggle amid patchwork of state rental relief efforts

Raleigh News & Observer - 3/2/2021

Senate fails to override Cooper's veto of school reopening bill

The Center Square – 3/1/2021

North Dakota

State launches ride-hailing vouchers to reduce impaired driving

Bismarck Tribune - 3/2/2021

What to watch for in the second half of North Dakota's legislative session

Grand Forks Herald - 3/1/2021

Bonding, legacy fund, pot loom in Legislature's second half

Associated Press – 2/26/2021


Ohio Senate removes nuclear subsidies from House Bill 6: Capitol Letter

Cleveland Plain Dealer & - 3/4/2021

Ohio House expected to pass $8B transportation budget

Cincinnati Enquirer & - 3/3/2021

Ohio Supreme Court set to hear ECOT case Ohio Supreme Court set to hear ECOT case

Columbus Dispatch - 3/2/2021

Funded by record liquor sales, JobsOhio spent more than $200 million on coronavirus programs in 2020

Cleveland Plain Dealer & - 3/1/2021

Ohio lawmakers scrambling to change standardized testing deadlines weeks before they begin

Cleveland Plain Dealer & - 2/26/2021

Gov. Mike DeWine outlines reopening for indoor entertainment venues

Cleveland Plain Dealer & - 2/26/2021

Ohio House moves to restore transit funding, remove distracted driving language and fee hikes from DeWine transportation budget

Cleveland Plain Dealer & - 2/25/2021

Ohio House moves to restore transit funding, remove distracted driving language and fee hikes from DeWine transportation budget – 2/25/2021


Oklahoma bill offering parents $1,000 tax credit has bipartisan support

Norman Transcrpit – 3/2/2021

House Republicans push to alter petition process after passage of SQ 802 - 3/2/2021

State budget expert Shelly Paulk appointed to Oklahoma Tax Commission

Nondoc – 3/1/2021

Oklahoma lawmakers to oppose $1.9 trillion bill, while Holt urges passage - 2/25/2021

Stitt administration defends federal coronavirus relief spending - 2/25/2021

Additional federal funding approved for Oklahomans after historic storm - 2/25/2021


Oregon Senate Republicans to resume floor work after walkout protest

The Center Square – 3/2/2021

Oregon received more than $1.7 billion from Congress’ December relief bill, but exact figure is unclear

Oregonian – 3/1/2021

Oregon voters want to limit money in politics, but lawmakers might not get there this session

Portland Oregonian, Hillsboro Argus, Oregon - 3/1/2021

Governor extends Oregon's state of emergency

Corvallis Gazette-Times - 2/25/2021


Pennsylvania teachers move up in the COVID-19 vaccine queue, but others on front lines feel left behind: I dont think any of it is fair

Allentown Morning Call - 3/3/2021

Some of Pennsylvanias COVID-19 restrictions were eased this week. Heres what it means and what restrictions are still in place

Allentown Morning Call - 3/2/2021

Pennsylvania COVID-19 teacher vaccinations pressing issue as state seeks to measure education progress lost to virus

Allentown Morning Call - 3/1/2021

Pa. Democrats take issues into own hands, hold separate budget hearings

WHTM – 2/26/2021

Rhode Island

Voters give nod for borrowing and spending

The Providence Journal - 3/3/2021

New Governor McKee announces his senior staff

The Providence Journal - 3/2/2021

Departing Raimondo leaves unfinished business behind

The Providence Journal - 3/1/2021

South Carolina

South Carolina Senate committee OKs retroactive teacher raises

Associated Press – 3/3/2021

SC office was supposed to fund flood projects, but Gov. McMaster didn't ask for money

Charleston Post & Courier - 3/3/2021

Owe money? Your SC state tax refund might be short ” or not arrive at all.

Charleston Post & Courier - 2/28/2021

South Carolina bill establishing Education Scholarship Accounts draws widespread Republican support

The Center Square – 2/25/2021

SC Senate reluctantly approves borrowing $550M for Charleston port

Charleston Post & Courier - 2/25/2021

South Dakota

Money, marijuana and more remain before South Dakota legislature in final 10 days

KOTA – 3/3/2021

Senate passes measure to require 3/5 majority vote on ballot initiatives

Rapid City Journal – 3/2/2021

Noem wants more youth to hunt, fish for free in SD

Sioux Falls Argus Leader - 2/27/2021

House rejects $5 million sought by Noem for new state airplane

Rapid City Journal - 2/25/2021


Lee: Budget has $200 million for local governments

Citizen Tribune – 3/2/2021

Lee to prioritize crime reduction, economic recovery in 2021

The Center Square – 2/26/2021

$200M broadband push ahead, Tennessee mulls new coverage map

Associated Press – 2/25/2021


Gov. Abbott ended Texas mask mandate without input from all his COVID-19 medical advisors

Dallas Morning News - 3/3/2021

Gov. Greg Abbott Says He's Rescinding Statewide Mask Mandate and Capacity Limits on Businesses

Route Fifty – 3/2/2021

Texans will pay for decades as crisis tacks billions onto bills

My San - 3/2/2021

Texas takes Griddy to court over massive electric bills sent during storm

Dallas Morning News - 3/1/2021

Texas legislature holds hearings on outages

Austin American-Statesman - 2/25/2021

Winter storm could cost Texas more money than any disaster in state history

Texas Tribune – 2/25/2021


$1.23B transportation package heading to governors desk

Salt Lake Tribune - 3/3/2021

Utah turns $50 million into $730M for affordable housing, homelessness help

Salt Lake City Deseret Morning News - 3/3/2021

Four more companies hired to help vaccinate Utahns against COVID-19

Salt Lake City Deseret Morning News - 3/3/2021

New regulations for the state s troubled teen industry win final legislative approval

Salt Lake Tribune - 3/3/2021

Utah lawmakers push for housing helps, but will they run out of time?

Salt Lake Tribune - 3/2/2021

Legislative leaders nearing agreement on transportation funding

Salt Lake Tribune - 3/2/2021

Bill to create state ‘bank’ for Utah Inland Port projects barrels forward

Salt Lake City Deseret Morning News - 3/1/2021

Is merging Department of Health with Department of Human Services wise in pandemic?

Salt Lake City Deseret Morning News - 2/28/2021

State s nearly $22B budget plan spends big on education, transportation

Salt Lake Tribune - 2/26/2021

Lawmakers unveil massive $2.26 billion transportation and construction package

Salt Lake Tribune - 2/25/2021

Massive $2.26B transportation proposal would be biggest in Utah’s history

Desert News – 2/25/2021


Advocates say proposed mental health facility isn t what it should be

VT - 3/3/2021

Vermont is due for a school finance overhaul, but the pandemic will delay it

VT - 2/28/2021

Vermont House approves $79 million Covid relief bill

VT - 2/25/2021


Bettors win, Virginias tax coffers lose during sportsbooks debut in the commonwealth

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 3/2/2021

5% raises for Virginia teachers included in new budget

WAVY – 3/2/2021

Virginia to allow up to $100,000 in business expense deductions for recipients of some COVID relief

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 3/1/2021

Virginia lawmakers wind down this year's session

Associated Press – 2/27/2021

Virginia lawmakers vote to legalize marijuana in 2024, punting to next year key decisions on how to do it – 2/27/2021

Compromise Virginia budget plan heads for final vote

Associated Press – 2/26/2021

Virginia budget agreement includes 5% teacher pay raise, tax relief for businesses

The Center Square – 2/26/2021

I-64 budget deal clears way to complete expansion from Chesapeake to Richmond

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 2/26/2021

Virginia lawmakers pass bill requiring in-person learning

Associated Press – 2/25/2021

Virginia House and Senate negotiators agree on budget featuring raises for teachers, state employees

Washington Post – 2/25/2021


How to raise Washington taxes during COVID-19 pandemic: very cautiously or not at all

Tacoma News Tribune - 3/3/2021

Tracking the biggest police and criminal justice bills in the Washington Legislature

The Center Square – 3/2/2021

Low-carbon fuel bill passes Washington House, critics claim higher fuel prices ahead

The Center Square – 3/1/2021

West Virginia

WV Legislature sends to governor bill that would legalize online-only charter schools, allow charters to expand faster

Charleston Gazette - 3/4/2021

Manchin: 'Theres a moment here' for bipartisanship, purpose

Charleston Gazette - 3/3/2021

Capito tentatively supports COVID relief but says there's bloated, unnecessary spending

Charleston Gazette - 3/3/2021

Gov. Justice agrees to 'reside' in Charleston as part of settlement

Charleston Gazette - 3/3/2021


Gov. Tony Evers suggests schools could start year early to help students catch up

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 3/3/2021

Republican leaders Vos and LeMahieu to toss Evers' building, sales tax plans

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 3/3/2021

Tony Evers: Prioritized funding for schools offering in-person classes is "out of the question"

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/2/2021

Wisconsin would receive $3.2 billion in COVID aid under House relief bill

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 3/2/2021

Assembly Republicans ask Tony Evers to prioritize $21M for in-person schools

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 3/1/2021

Tony Evers signs bill to boost merit-based pay raises for state public defenders

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/1/2021

Gov. Tony Evers re-appoints 2 utility regulators

Lacrosse Tribune - 2/27/2021

Gov. Evers proposes increase in stewardship spending in biennial budget

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 2/26/2021

GOP bill would redirect some of state sales tax revenue toward state transportation fund

Lacrosse Tribune - 2/25/2021

Tony Evers signs bill to begin overhaul of unemployment system

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 2/25/2021


Lawmakers look to balance cuts, new taxes to fund K-12

Cheyenne Wyoming Tribune-Eagle - 3/4/2021

Democratic legislators propose 4% state income tax

Casper Star-Tribune - 3/3/2021

Gordon emphasizes post-COVID economic recovery, education funding in State of the State address

Cheyenne Wyoming Tribune-Eagle - 3/2/2021

Governor focuses on education funding, Wyoming's strengths during State of the State address

Casper Star-Tribune - 3/2/2021

K-12 recalibration bill amended to include fewer funding cuts, conditional sales tax hike

Cheyenne Wyoming Tribune-Eagle - 3/1/2021

Wyoming Legislature wastes no time, as it convenes for in-person session

Casper Star-Tribune - 3/1/2021

Lawmakers sharpen their knives ahead of fight over K-12 education

Casper Star-Tribune - 2/28/2021

Legislature to face tough budget, education decisions during month-long session

Cheyenne Wyoming Tribune-Eagle - 2/28/2021

Wyoming Legislature faces session full of difficult revenue and spending conversations

Casper Star-Tribune - 2/27/2021

Top five energy bills to watch during Wyoming's legislative session

Casper Star-Tribune - 2/27/2021

Gov. Gordon Wants Legislators To Take A Broader Look At Education

Wyoming Public Radio - 2/26/2021