Budget Cycle

Governor Submits Budget
January or February (45 days before legislature convenes)

Fiscal Year Begins
July 1 

Governor Signs Budget 
20 days after receipt of the bill

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Enacted Budget – Fiscal Year 2024

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed the state’s fiscal 2024 budget bill on June 29 after making a series of line-item vetoes. The fiscal 2024 all funds budget totals $50.97 billion, a 0.46 percent increase from fiscal 2023. General fund expenditures for fiscal 2024 total $11.79 billion, a 4.6 percent increase from fiscal 2023. General fund revenues are projected to be $11.92 billion for fiscal 2024, a 2.95 percent decrease from fiscal 2023. The budget provides $2,000 supplemental pay raises to teachers, pays down retirement debt, funds infrastructure projects, and includes $44 million for early-childhood education funding.

Proposed Budget - Fiscal Year 2024
On February 17, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards released his proposed FY 2024 budget. The budget totals $45.7 billion, a decrease of 1.4 percent from the existing operating budget for fiscal 2023. The general fund portion of the budget totals $11.4 billion, an increase of 3.6 percent from the existing budget for fiscal 2023. Total revenue for fiscal 2024 is projected at $45.7 billion which is a decrease of 1.4 percent from the total revenue for the existing budget for fiscal 2023. The Budget Stabilization Fund is projected to have a balance of $903 million at the start of fiscal 2024. The state general fund is broken down into the following spending categories: Department of Education (37 percent), Department of Health (25 percent), Other State General Fund Agencies, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of Government (12 percent), Higher Education (percent), Corrections Services (5 percent), Non-Appropriated Requirements (5 percent), and Other Requirements (5 percent). .

Proposed Budget Highlights 

The proposed fiscal 2024 budget prioritizes education, healthcare, and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of Louisiana residents. The budget includes the following recommendations:

    Department of Education

    • Proposes $196.5 million to provide an across-the-board $2,000 pay increase to certificated teachers and personnel and a $1,000 across-the-board pay increase for noncertificated personnel.
    • Directs $51.7 million for the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP).
    • Provides $800K for camera maintenance and storage costs for special education classroom cameras.
    • Directs $560K for additional staff to support increased volume of teacher certification application reviews and renewals.

    Higher Education

    • Provides an increase of $37.5 million for pay increases for higher education faculty and staff.
    • Provides a $28 million increase for higher education formula funding.
    • Directs $19 million for mandated costs increases and LSU First program.
    • Proposes $15 million increase for Go Grants. 
    • Directs a $12 million increase to Louisiana State University Health Science Center in Shreveport for support of the medical school’s operating cost. 

    Department of Health

    • Provides an overall increase of $205 million in state general funds to the department including:
      • $44.6 million for outreach activities related to disenrollment due to the end of the public health emergency.
      • $31.8 million for a nursing home and hospice rebase.
      • $25.3 million for 118 contracted inpatient civil intermediate beds to support the forensic population.
      • $19 million for managed dental care benefits.
      • $6.6 million for funding in the Public Providers and Uncompensated Care Costs (UCC) program.
      • $10.2 million for clawback payments.
      • $15.6 million for Medicare Part A and B premiums and for the anticipated increase in the number of eligible individuals who enroll in the Medicare Savings Program and the Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) program.

    Department of Children and Family Services

    • Directs $3.5 million to the Family First program for the continuation of funding for keeping children in their homes rather than in foster homes.
    • Provides an increase of $2 million to allow the department to continue to provide care coordination and advocacy services for child victims of human trafficking.
    • Provides $1.7 million for a larger emergency shelter in Mansfield for broader functionalities.
    • Proposes $240K to increase boarding rates for transitional living placements of children ages 16 to 21.

    Other Investments

    • Proposes an increase of $37.8 million for the Cyber Assurance Program for cybersecurity initiatives.
    • Provides $23.4 million for supplemental pay to local law enforcement.
    • Directs $8.97 million to create the Louisiana School Safety Center/Program to promote and support a whole community approach to school safety across the state.
    • Provides an increase of $5.6 million to the Secretary of State for election expenses.
    • Proposes an increase of $3.16 million to the Department of Corrections for a $5 per hour premium pay for nurses.
    • Proposes increasing the state minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.00 per hour.