Archive of Fiscal Topics

Archive of Fiscal Topic Briefs

State Budget Systems: Considerations to Modernization
August 2014

Fact Sheet: State and Local Bankruptcy, Municipal Bonds and State and Local Pensions
Winter 2014 

Update on the Master Settlement Agreement and Its Impact on States
December 2013

FirstNet: Next Generation Communications and the States 
November 2013

Using Performance Information in the Budget Process: The Quest for the "Holy Grail"
October 2013

State Spending for Corrections: Long-Term Trends and Recent Criminal Justice Policy Reforms
September 2013

Financing Higher Education: The Need for a New Approach
May 2013

Fact Sheet: State and Local Bankruptcy, Municipal Bonds and State and Local Pensions 
Winter 2013

Municipal Bankruptcy & the Role of the States
August 2012

GASB Enacts Pension Accounting Reforms Regarding the Use of Discount Rates
July 2012

A State Budgeting Perspective on Public Pensions 
January 2012

Remote Sales Tax Collection: Congress to Examine Different Proposals
December 2011

Municipal Bonds in 2011: An Update on State and Local Borrowing
November 2011

A New Funding Paradigm for Higher Education
Spring 2011

Analyzing the Costs of Winter Storms
February 2011

Fact Sheet: State Debt, Pensions and Bankruptcy Information
February 2011

Recommendations from State Restructuring Commissions and Agencies
December 2010

Saving Funds Through Shared Services: The Minnesota and Wisconsin Plan 
January 2009

Transparency in Government 
November 2008

School Efficiency Studies 
March 2006

State Funding for Homeland Security
March 2002

State Environmental Expenditures and Innovations 
May 2000

State Juvenile Justice Expenditures and Innovations
October 1999