Gloria Timmer Nominee

The Gloria Timmer award is established in honor of NASBO Executive Director Gloria Timmer. Timmer who served from 1998-2000. Ms. Timmer was Kansas Budget Director and also served as NASBO President from 1996-1997. NASBO has been bestowing the award since 2001. The Gloria Timmer Award is given for significant and positive impact on the financial situation of the award recipient's state. The recipient is selected for either a single, significant achievement or a career of accomplishments. At each Annual Meeting, NASBO presents a member budget officer with the prestigious Gloria Timmer Award. There may be years in which the award will not be bestowed. This is perfectly acceptable since the award is for significant accomplishments.

We consider the award one of the highest honors for our members, in recognition of Gloria Timmer’s significant dedication, special contributions, and valuable service to NASBO.

The nomination deadline is Friday, May 24, 2024.

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All NASBO regular members are eligible for the award. The Gloria Timmer Award recognizes exceptional performance for those at the executive level within a state budget office. Most often, the recipients of the Gloria Timmer award have been budget directors or deputy budget directors. In addition, senior management serving in state budget offices are also eligible. Past regular members continue to be eligible for the award up to 18 months from the date they leave their budget officer position.


The Gloria Timmer Award shall be awarded for either a single significant achievement or a career of accomplishments which have had a significant, positive impact on the award recipient’s state.

  • In the case of a single achievement, the accomplishment must be a notable project which has had a major positive impact on the financial situation of the state.
  • In the case of a career of accomplishments, the career achievements must have had a cumulative significant positive impact on the financial situation of the state.

In addition, the recipient must have some history of involvement or participation in NASBO activities. Participation shall not be defined as attendance at meetings but as active involvement and/or participation in NASBO activities.


All regular members and associate members are encouraged to nominate an individual they believe is eligible. Nominations may be received from any source or individual. Nominations shall be presented to the Awards Committee in a format and by a date specified by the Committee. The Awards Committee may choose to consider candidates for the award for whom no nomination has been made. The award will be presented at the Annual Meeting.