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The National Association of State Budget Officers

Hall of the States Building
444 North Capitol Street, NW Suite 642 
Washington, DC 20001
(The corner of North Capitol and E Streets Northwest)

Phone: (202) 624-5382
Fax: (202) 624-7745
Closest Metro Station: Union Station (Red Line)


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Scott D. Pattison
Executive Director
Press and Media Relations
(202) 624-8804
Stacey Mazer
Senior Staff Associate
Healthcare & Medicaid, Human & Social Services. Eastern Region Contact.
(202) 624-8431
Brian Sigritz
Director of State Fiscal Studies
State Expenditure Report, State Fiscal Conditions, Taxes & Revenue, Disaster Management/Emergency Response, Public-Private Partnerships, Energy/Natural Resources and Transportation. Midwestern Region Contact.
(202) 624-8439
Kathryn Vesey White
Senior Policy Analyst
Fiscal Survey of States, Budget Processes in the States, K-12 Education, Higher Education and Performance Measures. Western Region Contact.
(202) 624-5949
Lauren Cummings
Director, Member Relations & Conferences
Meetings and Trainings, Membership, Corporate Sponsorships, and Website
(202) 624-8434
Brukie Gashaw
Administrative Coordinator
Assistant to Executive Director, Accounting, Office Management