Wisconsin - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

UW-Madison Chancellor: 'We're in a real financial crisis'

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 8/12/2020

UW System Administration announces layoffs, other cuts as COVID-19 losses grow

Lacrosse Tribune - 8/11/2020

Recent report on Wisconsin CARES Act funds from U.S. Treasury doesn't show full spending picture

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 8/7/2020

220,000 more Wisconsin households can use food stamps for July and August 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 8/7/2020

UW schools get $32 million for COVID-19 testing, protective equipment

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 8/6/2020

Gov. Tony Evers activates National Guard to assist as poll workers for next week's primary

Lacrosse Tribune - 8/5/2020

Popular SF bakery and sister brewery close due to COVID exposure

Associated Press – 8/5/2020

Evers: No plan to close schools, will let locals decide

Lacrosse Tribune - 8/4/2020

Wisconsin to pick up portion of cost for National Guard mission following federal cut to spending

Lacrosse Tribune - 8/4/2020

Teachers unions continue calls for Evers to order all-virtual start to school year

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 8/3/2020


Senate Republicans to try to strike down Gov. Tony Evers' state mask order

Lacrosse Tribune - 7/31/2020

UW System receives $2 million to improve online education

Lacrosse Tribune - 7/27/2020

With most UW classes still online this fall, students hold out hope for reduced tuition

Lacrosse Tribune - 7/27/2020

Tony Evers says case growing for state mask mandate as COVID-19 infections climb

Lacrosse Tribune - 7/23/2020

Gov. Tony Evers announces $46.6 million in federal aid for eligible Wisconsin schools

Lacrosse Tribune - 7/23/2020

Tony Evers seeks another $250M in state budget cuts

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 7/22/2020

Tony Evers announces $250 million in cuts to state agencies

Lacrosse Tribune - 7/22/2020

Gov. Evers announces additional cuts to state spending amid COVID-19

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 7/22/2020

Teachers unions call on Tony Evers to require schools start virtually

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 7/20/2020

Many families in Wisconsin are 'close to becoming homeless' as needs outpace rental assistance

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 7/18/2020

UW-Madison to offer free COVID-19 testing to students, employees

Lacrosse Tribune - 7/17/2020

Wisconsin Democrats propose package of bills to address backlog of unemployment claims

Lacrosse Tribune - 7/16/2020

Lawmakers introduce bills aimed at removing barriers to qualifying for unemployment insurance

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 7/16/2020

DHS: COVID-19 case increase due to significant community spread, not more testing

Lacrosse Tribune - 7/14/2020

Wisconsin hits record high in virus cases as spike continues

Lacrosse Tribune - 7/14/2020

Tony Evers announces Wisconsin broadband task force

Lacrosse Tribune - 7/14/2020

Wisconsin schools to see more than $200 million in COVID-19 relief fund

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 7/10/2020

In a blow to Gov. Tony Evers, the state Supreme Court overturns three budget vetoes

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 7/10/2020

Gov. Tony Evers orders face masks for state employees; state buildings remain closed to public
Wisconsin State Journal – 7/9/2020

UW System asks state for $110 million for PPE, COVID testing

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 7/9/2020

State's 5 largest cities get $6.3 million in voting safety grants

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 7/6/2020

As COVID-19 cases increase, UW-Madison employee concerns about fall semester grow

Lacrosse Tribune - 7/4/2020

State economic development arm lays out recovery, says combating coronavirus spread still fastest way there

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 7/2/2020

State projects school aid estimates for next year, but questions linger over COVID-19's impact on local budgets

Lacrosse Tribune - 7/1/2020

Wisconsin nursing homes want to keep testing regularly for COVID-19, but get little specifics on how

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 7/1/2020

Gov. Tony Evers announces $1.5 million in grants for Wisconsin's coastal communities

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 7/1/2020

Department of Public Instruction distributing $1.8 billion to Wisconsin schools

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 7/1/2020


WEDC proposes broadband upgrades, training incentives in report on COVID's impact

Lacrosse Tribune - 6/30/2020

Wisconsin lawmakers probe reopening guidance as school leaders face challenges to fall return

Lacrosse Tribune - 6/25/2020

Wisconsin tribes reliant on casinos hit hard by pandemic

Lacrosse Tribune - 6/22/2020

Wisconsin governor asking public for policy suggestions on climate change

Lacrosse Tribune - 6/22/2020

With universities underfunded, feds should step in, report says

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 6/22/2020

Former governor Tommy Thompson named interim UW System president

Lacrosse Tribune - 6/19/2020

Evers to give $80 million to K-12, higher education institutions

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 6/17/2020

Soaring taxes from e-commerce unlikely to bolster state budget, new report says

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 6/17/2020

Evers designates $40 million to Wisconsin hospitals

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 6/11/2020

DHS begins accepting applications for $110M CARES Act funds

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 6/5/2020

Wisconsin delegation split on aid to states, extending unemployment

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 6/5/2020

Wisconsin plans to spend $30 million on ventilators. Will they be needed?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 6/5/2020

Tony Evers: Change police policy, dont defund them

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 6/4/2020

UW president requests special session to address funding

Lacrosse Tribune - 6/3/2020

UW regents consider student fees, room-and-board increases

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 6/1/2020

State Faces Huge Highway Fund Shortfall

Urban Milwaukee – 6/1/2020


Concerns with online learning, worry about future budget voiced by area school boards

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 5/29/2020

UW bears brunt of first wave of state spending cuts

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 5/28/2020

Tony Evers announces $200 million in aid for localities as state sees record COVID-19 cases

Lacrosse Tribune - 5/27/2020

Advocates say Wisconsin must act as surge of homelessness looms amid COVID19 pandemic

Lacrosse Tribune - 5/25/2020

Evers announces $25 million rent assistance program

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 5/20/2020

Report shows delays in testing at state crime labs

Lacrosse Tribune - 5/20/2020

Gov. Tony Evers unveils plan for spending $1 billion to fight COVID-19

Lacrosse Tribune - 5/19/2020

Evers wont propose any more stay-at-home rules

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 5/18/2020

State announces $51 million federally funded program to support child care amid pandemic

Lacrosse Tribune - 5/18/2020

Wisconsin schools may get $175M from CARES Act

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 5/15/2020

Evers says plan for $1.9 bil in federal funds to come in 'next day or two'

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 5/12/2020

State says it's on track to complete $600 payments on Friday night; funds may not show up in accounts right away

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 5/8/2020

Tony Evers unveils COVID-19 guidelines for businesses, official reopening of economy remains uncertain

Lacrosse Tribune - 5/8/2020

DWD: Wisconsin could exhaust state's $1.8B Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund by October

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 5/7/2020

State tax collections fell off a cliff in April as Wisconsin stayed home

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 5/6/2020

State tax collections take $870 million hit due to COVID-19 response as lawmakers continue to debate reopening the economy

Lacrosse Tribune - 5/6/2020

Bad budget news for Wisconsin as pressure mounts to reopen

Lacrosse Tribune - 5/6/2020

Report: Wisconsin schools more reliant on state aid could take greater hit due to COVID-19 pandemic

Lacrosse Tribune - 5/6/2020

A walk in the park: State parks reopen with little issue

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 5/1/2020


Evers administration orders immediate 5% reduction in state spending amid COVID-19 pandemic

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/30/2020

State, local governments face budget concerns as projected revenues drop

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 4/29/2020

Wisconsin suspends fees, penalties for missed rent during coronavirus emergency

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/29/2020

As COVID-19 keeps campus closed, UW-Madison announces furloughs for most employees

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/29/2020

Republicans praise Evers' spending cuts and call for more

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/29/2020

Evers orders 5% cut in state spending

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 4/29/2020

Evers administration orders immediate 5% reduction in state spending

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/29/2020

Wisconsin Supreme Court hears cases that could limit gubernatorial powers

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/20/2020

Tony Evers closes schools for remainder of year, extends order to shut down nonessential businesses to May 26

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/16/2020

Gov. Evers tells President Trump Wisconsin faces $2 billion in losses

Fox 6 – 4/16/2020

Tony Evers signs 'imperfect' COVID-19 response package

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/15/2020

Wisconsin Senate OKs virus package in virtual session

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/15/2020

Lawmakers take up coronavirus relief bill under criticism from first responders

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 4/15/2020

Assembly passes COVID-19 response legislation in unique virtual session

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/14/2020

Assembly meets to act on legislation to help unemployed, capture federal dollars

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 4/14/2020

UW System estimates $168 million loss due to coronavirus as of April 10

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 4/12/2020

Evers taking a close look at postponing May special congressional election

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 4/10/2020

State projects 27% unemployment rate due to COVID-19

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/10/2020

Tony Evers closes 40 state parks, recreation areas due to COVID-19

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/9/2020

'Were putting lives at risk for the vote': Wisconsin election proceeds despite pandemic

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/8/2020

Voters reporting delays in receiving absentee ballots; unclear extent of problem

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/7/2020

'Nobody's got a map for this mess': Wisconsin counties brace for unknown hit to sales tax

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/6/2020

As coronavirus losses mount, UW campuses ask state for emergency relief money

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/6/2020

State could miss out on federal stimulus Medicaid payments if Legislature doesn't act

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/4/2020

'I called and called and called': Those seeking unemployment benefits frustrated at office, more help to come

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 4/2/2020

Republicans back eliminating unemployment waiting period as Tony Evers calls for more action

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/1/2020

Evers releases second relief package as GOP moves forward on its own bill

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 4/1/2020

Wisconsin launches child care portal; providers warn COVID-19 crisis could 'decimate' strained system

Lacrosse Tribune - 4/1/2020


Coronavirus causing increase in Medicaid costs, state health officials say

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 3/31/2020

Tony Evers announces COVID-19 isolation centers, requests federal disaster declaration

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/31/2020

Tony Evers calls for agreement on emergency legislation as unemployment claims skyrocket amid COVID-19 pandemic

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/31/2020

UW-Madison braces for estimated $100 million loss because of COVID-19 pandemic

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/30/2020

Gov. Tony Evers moves forward with equipment purchases to fight COVID-19, calls on GOP lawmakers for $700 million in funding

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/29/2020

Wisconsin could get at least $2 billion in coronavirus stimulus funds

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 3/28/2020

Wisconsin tourism, decimated by coronavirus, asks people to stay home

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 3/20/2020

Unemployment claims skyrocket to more than 29,000 as business halts statewide amid COVID-19

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/19/2020

Tony Evers restricts child care center capacity as state COVID-19 cases top 100

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/18/2020

Tony Evers seeks disaster loans for small businesses, restricts child care center capacity

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/18/2020

Bars and restaurants to close, gatherings of more than 10 people banned as COVID-19 cases reach 72 in Wisconsin

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/17/2020

State Legislature expects to take up extraordinary session in response to COVID-19

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/17/2020

Governor, legislative leaders working on state aid package for coronavirus response

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 3/17/2020

Senate to postpone March floor session, will reconvene in extraordinary session this spring

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/17/2020

Officials urge absentee voting as Wisconsin's April election still planned to continue

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/16/2020

Waterparks, museums close; state tourism industry braces for hit from COVID-19

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/16/2020

With 46 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Wisconsin, Tony Evers bans gatherings of 50 or more people statewide in effort to slow virus' spread

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/16/2020

State lab ramps up testing for COVID-19 as person-to-person spread begins

Lacrosse Tribune - 3/16/2020

Cuts in Wisconsin hospitals push nurses to the limit

WISC-TV Channel 3000.com Madison - 3/15/2020

Vos says no need to call back legislators to deal with coronavirus

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 3/10/2020

Wisconsin nursing homes working to prevent spread of coronavirus

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 3/9/2020