Washington - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Inslee announces $40 million pandemic relief fund for Washington immigrants

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 8/12/2020

New unemployment benefits could take 4 months to process, ESD head tells lawmakers

Olympian - 8/9/2020

Washingtons top elections official warns of very concerning changes at Postal Service that could impact voting

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 8/9/2020

Gov. Inslee says distance learning strongly recommended in high-risk Washington counties

Olympian - 8/7/2020

$100 million in rent aid coming to Washington counties

Olympian - 8/6/2020

Inslee: Most schools should go online-only, cancel sports

seattlepi.com - 8/5/2020

WA to put $100 million toward rental assistance amid pandemic

seattlepi.com - 8/3/2020


Federal judge rejects legal challenges to Inslee’s emergency orders to curb spread of COVID-19

Seattle Times - 7/24/2020

Weekly unemployment claims drop in Washington, but jobs recovery isnt here yet

Seattle Times - 7/23/2020

Washington judge upholds farm housing coronavirus rules

Seattle Times - 7/20/2020

In COVID crisis, focus shifts from tenant protection to financial support

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 7/20/2020

Inslee announces 10-person limit on gatherings in some Washington counties as coronavirus cases rise

Seattle Times - 7/16/2020

Washington state is adjusting how it counts COVID-19 deaths

Seattle Times - 7/14/2020

Inslee temporarily stops allowing Washington counties to move to new coronavirus reopening phases

Seattle Times - 7/14/2020

Inslee requests federal funding for National Guard through end of year to help with COVID response

Seattle Times - 7/13/2020

This is just a reality: Inslee urges residents to wear masks to reopen economy

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 7/9/2020

Inslee: Trump threats on reopening schools hogwash

Seattle Times - 7/9/2020

Despite Trumps threats to cut funding, student safety is Washington school officials main concern for fall

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 7/8/2020

Washington State Fair canceled due to coronavirus concerns

Seattle Times - 7/8/2020

More than $12 billion in PPP loans went to small Washington state businesses

Seattle Times - 7/7/2020

Washington state looks at roadway funding reform amid $4.5B budget shortfall

The Center Square – 7/6/2020

Washington legislators of color lead police reform discussion ahead of session

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 7/5/2020

Court invalidates governor's transportation budget vetoes

seattlepi.com - 7/1/2020


Washington State Supreme Court hears arguments over car-tab tax cuts

Seattle Times - 6/30/2020

Washington state may need federal loans to cover unemployment claims by years end

Seattle Times - 6/29/2020

Washington reckons with a budget shortfall that evokes painful memories of the Great Recession

Seattle Times - 6/29/2020

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife announces furloughs

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 6/28/2020

Washington firefighters prepare for wildfires amid virus

Seattle Times - 6/23/2020

Heres one thing COVID-19 hasnt shut down: the states move to greener ferries

Olympian - 6/23/2020

Budgets put limits on social distancing options for schools

Seattle Times - 6/23/2020

Inslee appoints task force on race, policing and use of force

Seattle Times - 6/22/2020

Washington state worker union says deal with budget officials will keep pay raises and limit job losses amid coronavirus downturn

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 6/20/2020

Some Washington workers seeking jobless benefits say their bank accounts have been frozen

Seattle Times - 6/18/2020

State facing $8.8 billion less in state revenue through mid-2023, forecast predicts

Olympian - 6/18/2020

Inslee: Draconian cuts in state service if no help from Congress

seattlepi.com - 6/17/2020

Inslee halts some Washington state worker raises, imposes furloughs amid budget shortfall due to coronavirus

Seattle Times - 6/17/2020

School districts urge Legislature to preserve K-12 funding

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 6/16/2020

UW Medicine shuts down psychiatric unit amid financial shortfall

Seattle Times - 6/15/2020

Some tribes reopen their casinos despite state opposition

Seattle Times - 6/14/2020

Washington State Patrol chief says agency wont use tear gas until further notice

Seattle Times - 6/12/2020

Washington colleges can give coronavirus aid to noncitizen students, Spokane judge rules

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 6/12/2020

Why are Washington states coronavirus cases on the rise again?

Seattle Times - 6/11/2020

Washington prison goes on restricted movement as COVID-19 cases at Coyote Ridge increase

Seattle Times - 6/11/2020

State agencies map out possible cuts to plug budget hole

Herald Net – 6/11/2020

Agencies propose cuts in key programs as state looks at budget woes

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 6/8/2020

Inslee to create task force to rethink policing

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 6/8/2020

With more test supplies on hand, Inslee announces expanded testing for new coronavirus

Seattle Times - 6/4/2020

Washingtons unemployment fraud may have hit $650 million; state recovers $333 million

Seattle Times - 6/4/2020

As furloughs for 5,500 UW Medicine workers begin, patients, staff worry about care

Seattle Times - 6/4/2020

State Senates top Republican: Special session needed to deal with coming revenue shortfall

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 6/3/2020

Inslee extends eviction moratorium in response to new coronavirus, issues guidance for library curbside pickup, drive-in theaters

Seattle Times - 6/2/2020


As Washington considers reopening schools, emerging research hints that closures helped contain the coronavirus

Seattle Times - 5/30/2020

'Somehow we make it work': How Washington's community college students are navigating the pandemic

seattlepi.com - 5/29/2020

Court considers request to end states COVID-19 emergency orders

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 5/29/2020

Inslee announces coronavirus testing for long-term care facilities staffers, residents

Seattle Times - 5/28/2020

Coronavirus will come roaring back in King County without contact tracing, other measures, report finds

Seattle Times - 5/26/2020

UW Medicine furloughs 4,000 more workers, citing coronavirus budget hit

Seattle Times - 5/25/2020

Washington colleges, universities brace for big budget hit

seattlepi.com - 5/25/2020

Washingtons constitution protects K-12 funding. The coronavirus will test that promise.

Seattle Times - 5/25/2020

State colleges and universities are girding for a tough financial future after the coronavirus pandemic

Seattle Times - 5/24/2020

More than half of Washington states counties get OK to move to second phase of Inslees coronavirus reopening plan

Seattle Times - 5/23/2020

GOP state lawmakers call for a special legislative session

seattlepi.com - 5/22/2020

Washington state sues Trump administration over which college students should get coronavirus aid

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 5/22/2020

Inslee announces guidelines that could allow 10 more counties to reopen under coronavirus recovery plan

Seattle Times - 5/19/2020

Seattle asks state to create $100 million coronavirus relief fund for undocumented immigrants

Seattle Times - 5/18/2020

UW Medicine furloughs 1,500 staffers, with more on the table; could $500 million shortfall hamper coronavirus response?

Seattle Times - 5/18/2020

Washington officials push back after U.S. Attorney cites vulnerabilities in state unemployment system exploited by fraud ring

Seattle Times - 5/17/2020

Washington colleges brace for potential 15% cut in state funding

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 5/15/2020

Gov. Jay Inslee retracts requirement that diners provide contact info when restaurants reopen

Seattle Times - 5/15/2020

Wash. lottery sales skyrocket amid virus entertainment doldrums

seattlepi.com - 5/15/2020

More tribal casinos opening in Washington state, with coronavirus precautions

Seattle Times - 5/14/2020

State agencies told to find almost $2 billion in savings, freeze hiring

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 5/13/2020

Inslee orders freeze on hiring, contracts, eyes budget cuts as coronavirus slowdown hits revenue

Seattle Times - 5/13/2020

Saturday classes? Schools mull ways to make up lost time

Seattle Times - 5/13/2020

Washington has 1,371 trained officials ready to begin contact tracing on the coronavirus, Inslee says

Seattle Times - 5/12/2020

As Gas Tax Revenue Drops, WSDOT Could Face 40 Percent Funding Decline, Delay Projects

Spokesman Review – 5/11/2020

Feds will send $50 million in coronavirus relief money to Washington state seafood firms, fishermen, tribes and charter boat operators

Seattle Times - 5/7/2020

State budget facing $7 billion hole from pandemic shutdown

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 5/5/2020

Unofficial numbers show $7-billion hit to Washington state revenue through 2023 from coronavirus downturn

Seattle Times - 5/5/2020

Steep reduction in state revenues projected through mid-2023

seattlepi.com - 5/5/2020

Washingtons barbers, hair salons, some in-store retail could restart June 1 amid coronavirus crisis

Seattle Times - 5/4/2020

More than 100 Washington state parks will reopen Tuesday. Here is the list

Seattle Times - 5/4/2020

Tribal governments, hobbled by casino closures related to coronavirus, eye reopening

Seattle Times - 5/4/2020

Washington businesses filed 14,000 pleas to reopen soon after coronavirus shutdown order

Seattle Times - 5/3/2020

UW expects to resume some in-person classes in the fall, following coronavirus closure

Seattle Times - 5/1/2020


Free college: Can Washington keep that promise during a recession?

Seattle Times - 4/30/2020

Gov. Inslee to extend coronavirus stay-at-home order, outline how Washingtons economy will reopen

Seattle Times - 4/29/2020

Washington hospitals might begin some elective procedures, halted by coronavirus, under new Inslee guidance

Seattle Times - 4/29/2020

Some Washington universities say they will resume in-person teaching this fall

Seattle Times - 4/28/2020

Inslee navigates the coronavirus pandemic, weighing public safety vs. growing economic, political fallout

Seattle Times - 4/26/2020

'Fiscal Fallout': State officials worry about budget cuts

seattlepi.com - 4/24/2020

Washington construction sites would have to have masks, a coronavirus supervisor under Inslee plan

Seattle Times - 4/24/2020

Washington sees nearly 90,000 new jobless claims as coronavirus crisis continues

Seattle Times - 4/23/2020

Washington sees nearly 90,000 new jobless claims as coronavirus crisis continues

Seattle Times - 4/23/2020

Washington opens no-barrier cash assistance for those without access to other programs

Tacoma News Tribune - 4/23/2020

Washington, Idaho colleges to receive $281 million from federal stimulus package

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 4/22/2020

Inslee says elective surgeries, outdoor recreation and some construction could restart as Washington begins to recover from coronavirus

Seattle Times - 4/21/2020

Inslee bans utilities from cutting off water, energy and phone service to homes during coronavirus crisis

Seattle Times - 4/21/2020

Washington state website crashes after seeing a tsunami of claims for new coronavirus unemployment benefits

Seattle Times - 4/19/2020

UW coronavirus model says Washington state can start safely reopening the week of May 18

Seattle Times - 4/17/2020

Republican lawmakers release plan to reopen Washingtons economy amid coronavirus

Seattle Times - 4/17/2020

Washington Department of Corrections names 1,100+ inmates to be released in coming days due to coronavirus concerns

Seattle Times - 4/16/2020

Farm unions sue Washington state in push for safer work conditions amid coronavirus pandemic

Seattle Times - 4/16/2020

Another sign the curve is bending: Positive coronavirus tests at UW peaked March 28

Seattle Times - 4/15/2020

Inslee says Washingtons economy will likely reopen in phases, not all at once, amid coronavirus crisis

Seattle Times - 4/15/2020

To speed gig workers unemployment claims, Washington state asks companies for tightly held income data

Seattle Times - 4/15/2020

Washington states official jobless rate rose to 5.1% in March, though experts say its climbing rapidly due to coronavirus

Seattle Times - 4/15/2020

Washington, Oregon and California to coordinate reopening West Coast economies after coronovirus is contained

Seattle Times - 4/13/2020

State to Lose Billions in Revenue From COVID-19 Closures

Columbia Basin Herald – 4/13/2020

Washington Supreme Court orders Inslee to take all necessary steps to protect inmates from coronavirus

Seattle Times - 4/10/2020

After tensions erupt over coronavirus fears, Inslee says hes considering early release for some nonviolent offenders

Seattle Times - 4/10/2020

State to offer grants to small businesses to weather COVID-19 storm

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 4/7/2020

Washington has already spent 60% of $200 million budgeted to fight coronavirus; special legislative session likely

Seattle Times - 4/7/2020

K-12 classrooms to remain closed through end of school year

Olympian - 4/7/2020

Inslee vetoes parts of state budget as COVID-19 threatens sharp decline in state revenue

Olympian - 4/7/2020

New UW analysis lowers coronavirus death projections and suggests hospitalizations may have already peaked in Washington

Seattle Times - 4/6/2020

Coronavirus school closures to continue through the end of the school year, Inslee announces

Seattle Times - 4/6/2020

Washington sending over 400 ventilators for non-coronavirus patients to New York, harder hit states

Seattle Times - 4/5/2020

Inslee cuts state budget, expecting pandemic to cause revenue to drop

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 4/3/2020

Gov. Jay Inslee vetoes some spending in response to COVID-19

seattlepi.com - 4/3/2020

As coronavirus freezes the economy, Gov. Inslee slashes hundreds of millions of dollars from Washington state budget

Seattle Times - 4/3/2020

Washington state Supreme Court denies Seattles bid for income tax on wealthy households

Seattle Times - 4/3/2020

State unemployment agency tries to ramp up as coronavirus-related claims pour in

Seattle Times - 4/1/2020

Inslee updates list of essential businesses, workers for stay-home order to stem spread of coronavirus

Seattle Times - 4/1/2020


Transportation budget signed but projects still paused

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 3/31/2020

Washington may get only a fraction of the ventilators it requested from the federal government to fight the coronavirus

Seattle Times - 3/31/2020

Washington officials say April election will take place despite coronavirus concerns

Seattle Times - 3/27/2020

UW model says social distancing is starting to work ” but still projects 1,400 coronavirus deaths in the state

Seattle Times - 3/26/2020

Inslee: Stay-at-home order may need to be extended to fight spread of coronavirus

Seattle Times - 3/26/2020

Washingtons jobless claims jump more than ninefold as coronavirus hammers economy

Seattle Times - 3/26/2020

Essential workers and businesses: Heres how Washington Gov. Inslees stay at home order defines them in a time of coronavirus

Seattle Times - 3/24/2020

Inslee orders Washingtonians to stay at home to slow spread of coronavirus

Seattle Times - 3/23/2020

President Trump approves Washington emergency declaration, freeing federal funding

Seattle Times - 3/22/2020

It will not be pretty: State preparing to make life-or-death decisions if coronavirus overwhelms health care system

Seattle Times - 3/20/2020

Inslee working on job security policy so workers most at risk for coronavirus can stay home

Seattle Times - 3/20/2020

Inslee announces new aid package to help financial fallout from virus outbreak

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 3/18/2020

Inslee issues statewide moratorium on evictions amid coronavirus

seattlepi.com - 3/18/2020

Surge of coronavirus patients expected as officials marshal emergency supplies, health workers test positive

Seattle Times - 3/18/2020

Secretary of State Kim Wyman asks Inslee to cancel April special elections over coronavirus concerns

Seattle Times - 3/17/2020

State health officials looking for more medical equipment to combat coronavirus

Seattle Times - 3/17/2020

Utilities pause shutoffs as state prepares for financial impacts of COVID-19

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 3/17/2020

First day of no school: How Washington school districts are responding to coronavirus closures

Seattle Times - 3/17/2020

Seattle government expecting revenue loss of more than $100 million as result of coronavirus

Seattle Times - 3/16/2020

Restaurants, bars and nightclubs say the governors coronavirus-induced shutdown adds to their pain

Seattle Times - 3/16/2020

Washington Schools Work on Meal and Child Care Plans For Extended Closure

Route Fifty – 3/15/2020

Gov. Inslee expands coronavirus school closure to all Washington K-12 schools

Seattle Times - 3/13/2020

Legislature adjourns after adding $200 million for coronavirus fight

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 3/13/2020

An emergency declaration by Trump could unlock Medicaid help in coronavirus crisis in Washington

Seattle Times - 3/12/2020

Washington Legislature passes bill rolling back Boeing tax break to ward off retaliatory trade tariffs

Seattle Times - 3/12/2020

Washington strains for virus response as institutions close

Seattle Times - 3/12/2020

In Coronavirus Epicenter, a Statehouse Scrambles to Govern

Stateline – 3/11/2020

Jails and courthouses across Washington look for ways to protect employees, jurors and inmates from coronavirus

Seattle Times - 3/10/2020

Coronavirus brings a new legislative push for paid sick leave

Seattle Times - 3/10/2020

$2M fund started to help gig workers, vulnerable populations affected by coronavirus in Seattle area

Seattle Times - 3/9/2020

Gov. Inslee says ‘mandatory measures’ under consideration to combat coronavirus in Washington

Seattle Times - 3/8/2020

Gates-funded program will soon offer home-testing kits for new coronavirus

Seattle Times - 3/8/2020

Coronavirus is taking a toll on the Puget Sound-area economy, but how bad could it get?

Seattle Times - 3/8/2020

In Fight Against Coronavirus, Washington State Weighs Stricter Limits on Gatherings

Route Fifty – 3/8/2020 

Costs to Combat Coronavirus Mount in an Epicenter of the Outbreak

Route Fifty – 3/7/2020 

Washington insurance commissioner orders no deductibles, co-pays for coronavirus visits, tests

Seattle Times - 3/5/2020

Questions about patient costs stir concern amid Seattle area’s coronavirus outbreak

Seattle Times - 3/4/2020

With Seattle on the front lines of COVID-19 epidemic, University of Washington lab given emergency approval to test for coronavirus

Seattle Times - 3/4/2020

Washington state tells voters not to lick mail-in ballots to avoid spreading coronavirus

Seattle Times - 3/4/2020

Faulty tests, restrictive guidelines presented challenges for confirming coronavirus spread in Washington, experts say

Seattle Times - 3/3/2020

House OKs $100 million to fight coronavirus in Washington

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 3/3/2020

Officials and shelters prepare for coronavirus in Seattle-area homeless population as illness brings more deaths

Seattle Times - 3/2/2020

An abundance of caution: As more coronavirus cases emerge, schools in Washington state are closing, cleaning and waiting

Seattle Times - 3/2/2020

Washington health officials ask state for $100M to respond to novel coronavirus

Seattle Times - 3/2/2020

6 people have now died from coronavirus disease in Washington state; King County buying a hotel to house isolated patients

Seattle Times - 3/2/2020

Governor declares state of emergency, as COVID-19 cases increase, including one death

Spokane Spokesman-Review - 2/29/2020