Virginia - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Fewer Virginians filed new unemployment claims last week

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 8/6/2020

Fewer Virginians filed new unemployment claims last week

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 8/6/2020

"Speed limit enforced by aircraft" no more because of budget woes, but signs remain

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 8/6/2020

State budget freeze poses challenge in public safety, behavioral health

Richmond Times Dispatch – 8/5/2020

Hospitals, physicians sue Virginia over budget cuts to Medicaid rates for ER visits

Richmond Times Dispatch – 8/3/2020

In Virginia, Democratic Leaders Pressed Pause On Budget Priorities Due to COVID-19

NPR – 8/3/2020


Details surrounding $644.6 million in federal COVID-19 relief funding for Virginia's local governments

WTKR – 7/29/2020

Northam announces $70M COVID grant program for small businesses, says Hampton Roads a hot spot for virus and hints at tougher restrictions

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 7/27/2020

As more Virginians file for unemployment, state agency is two months from running out of money

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 7/23/2020

During push for police reform, a new Virginia law could give officer unions greater power

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 7/19/2020

Gov. Northam sets Aug. 18 special session for lawmakers to consider budget, criminal justice reform

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 7/17/2020

Virginia home health aides look for state relief in pandemic
Richmond Times Dispatch – 7/12/2020

In Virginia, officials are reaching 86% of new coronavirus cases within 24 hours

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 7/10/2020

$1 billion projected loss turns into $236 million shortfall; Va. finishes budget year on a high - 7/10/2020

Virus impact to Virginia budget not as bad as feared, Northam says

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 7/9/2020

Virginia Retirement System reports 2% gain in investment value in face of pandemic shutdown - 7/7/2020

'The forgotten ones': Virginia's home health aides look for state relief in coronavirus crisis - 7/3/2020

Northam provides $30 million in emergency aid to doctors, other health providers - 7/1/2020

Virginia's COVID shortfall could be less than $500 million. It initially looked twice as bad. - 7/1/2020

June May

More federal aid for nursing homes in Virginia as testing push intensifies staffing challenge - 5/28/2020

$644 million in federal coronavirus aid is headed to Virginia cities and counties. Heres who gets what.

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 5/24/2020

Northam signs state budget, law decriminalizing simple marijuana possession

WSET – 5/21/2020

George Mason University raises tuition slightly as other Va. colleges freeze rates - 5/21/2020

Virginia to spend $58 million in federal aid to expand contact tracing of COVID-19 cases - 5/20/2020

Virginia transportation revenues take a hit as 'people have stopped buying automobiles' - 5/19/2020

State revenues down by $700 million in April, as COVID-19 crisis hits budget - 5/15/2020

Virginias revenue drops 26% in April amidst coronavirus pandemic

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 5/14/2020

Md. gives ‘staggering’ forecast of economic damage; Va. reports large monthly loss

Washington Post – 5/14/2020

Northam rejects GOP leadership's call to halt early release of inmates with violent records - 5/13/2020

Northam delays Northern Virginia reopening until May 29

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 5/12/2020

Virginia to send $650 million in U.S. aid to local governments, makes testing priority for state's share - 5/12/2020

VCU freezes tuition, eyes cost reductions including furloughs to offset COVID-19 losses - 5/9/2020

Inmates have made half a million face masks during pandemic, now some are raising concerns - 5/9/2020

Gov. Ralph Northam says parts of Virginia may keep restrictions longer

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 5/6/2020

673,000 court cases in Virginia have been postponed during pandemic, state says as justice system begins move back to normal

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 5/6/2020

Virginia counties 'very frustrated' by lack of state plan for federal aid - 5/2/2020

Early prison releases raise concerns - as does COVID-19 in Virginia prisons - 5/2/2020


Virginia has $3.1 billion in federal aid to spend, but state and local needs may demand more - 4/30/2020

State budget cuts driven by COVID-19 nix funds for courts positions across Va. - 4/30/2020

Virginia has $3.1 billion in federal aid to spend, but state and local needs may demand more - 4/30/2020

State budget cuts driven by COVID-19 nix funds for courts positions across Va. - 4/30/2020

Gov. Northam announces lifting of elective procedure ban, talks testing challenges

WHSV – 4/29/2020

Virginians have until June 1 to pay state taxes, until November 1 to file

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 4/29/2020

Virginia Tech projects as much as $300 million in losses in coming months - 4/28/2020

Northam calls on Trump to address supply shortage, open federal coronavirus testing site

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 4/28/2020

It was a landmark year for education funding in Virginia - until COVID-19 - 4/25/2020

Lawmakers vote to delay wage hike, raises because of virus
Associated Press – 4/23/2020

Lawmakers back Northam on key changes to budget and minimum wage during a veto session like no other - 4/23/2020

Virginia lawmakers meet to consider halting millions in new spending and shifting some to coronavirus response

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 4/22/2020

Wearing masks and gloves, Virginia lawmakers gather outdoors in Richmond. Nearby, drivers honk horns to protest the stay-at-home order.

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 4/22/2020

COVID-19 UPDATES: Facing possibility of $50 million in lost revenue, VCU freezes pay raises for all employees - 4/22/2020

As Medicaid providers struggle to survive, Virginia proposes a 'lifeline' - 4/22/2020

Virginia lottery ticket sales dropped 21 percent in March

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 4/21/2020

Northam drops bid to expand power to make spending cuts, as assembly prepares to 'pause' new spending - 4/21/2020

'Not there yet:' Northam outlines future plans for reopening the state - 4/18/2020

Northam's new task force promises action to help long-term care facilities in Virginia battle the coronavirus - 4/17/2020

Northam orders recreational and entertainment businesses in Virginia to remain closed through May 8 - 4/16/2020

March state revenues show growth, before the COVID-19 storm hit Virginia - 4/15/2020

There have now been 45 deaths at one Virginia nursing home: Virus dream

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 4/14/2020

Virginia House plans to convene veto session outdoors on Capitol grounds, wear cloth masks - 4/14/2020

Northam protects nearly $65 million boost in state funds for personal care to elderly and disabled - 4/14/2020

Northam seeks to delay skill games ban, tax profits for COVID-19 fund; put off minimum wage hike - 4/13/2020

Northam wants to put a hold on $2 billion in new state spending and delay minimum wage hike

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 4/12/2020

Northam freezes new spending in the state budget amid coronavirus pandemic

Washington Post – 4/12/2020

Northam pledges additional Medicaid support to cover COVID-19 costs in nursing homes - 4/11/2020

To combat coronavirus in prisons, Northam wants to release many inmates with less than a year to serve

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 4/10/2020

Virginia Dems in Congress ask Trump for flexibility on relief money for state and local governments - 4/8/2020

Governor to call 'timeout' on budget, suspend all new spending, use cash for essential services - 4/7/2020

Northam freezes hiring, directs spending cuts as recession looms - 4/4/2020

Virginia House planning to convene outdoors for veto session on April 22, House Speaker says - 4/4/2020

Northam orders hiring freeze for state employees, tells agency heads to look for cuts

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 4/3/2020

Va. Corrections Department eyeing vacant state prison to house COVID-19 inmates - 4/3/2020

Trump declares major disaster in Virginia, providing federal funding for coronavirus response

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 4/2/2020

Virginia considers delaying raises, minimum wage increase as coronavirus blows huge hole in state budget

Washington Post – 4/2/2020


State budget crunch looms, as Virginia seeks less restriction on federal aid - 3/31/2020

Virginia hopes to release some inmates at risk of complications from COVID-19; more might have been eligible had bills been passed - 3/30/2020

Va. localities to state: Delay minimum wage increase, other unfunded mandates, but protect K-12 funding - 3/28/2020

Northam has changed Virginians lives during coronavirus. Heres what gives him the power.

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 3/26/2020

Virginia may take $1 billion annual revenue hit in new budget because of coronavirus - 3/24/2020

Gov. Northam closes schools for rest of the year, closes some businesses for 30 days

WSET – 3/23/2020

Virginia poised to legalize casinos at unlucky time

Associated Press – 3/22/2020

Virginia issues new guidance on coronavirus for day cares, but many questions remain

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 3/21/2020

Virginia to extend May 1 tax deadline for all individuals and businesses - 3/20/2020

'After today, whos going to pay us': A bleak St. Patricks Day in Richmond as pubs give one last call before shutting down - 3/18/2020

Virginia wants to cancel reading and math SOL tests in light of coronavirus school closures

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 3/17/2020

Some Virginia lawmakers want a special session to address coronavirus, but Northams office says its unlikely

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot/ - 3/16/2020

All Virginia K-12 schools closed for minimum of 2 weeks, ordered by governor

Associated Press – 3/13/2020

Virginia lawmakers pass new budget amid downturn fears

Associated Press – 3/12/2020

Virginia Gov Ralph Northam declares state of emergency as coronavirus cases reach 17

Fox5dc – 3/12/2020

17 coronavirus cases in Virginia; Northam declares state of emergency

Richmond Times Dispatch - 3/12/2020

'I was heartbroken': Coronavirus cancels Virginia college students' study abroad programs - 3/5/2020

Governor: Virginia ready for potential US Coronavirus outbreak

WJLA – 2/27/2020