Vermont - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Are more Vermonters seeking food assistance?

Burlington Free Press - 8/11/2020

Scott weighs funding $400 unemployment relief

Burlington Free Press - 8/10/2020

Court: VT religious students merit state funds

Burlington Free Press - 8/6/2020

As schools announce reopening plans, many parents opt to homeschool

VT - 8/3/2020

Amid Covids uncertainties, Vermonts free clinics are ready for whatever comes

VT - 8/2/2020

July June

Scott says Covid-19 bills short on business support; grant guidelines coming this week

VT - 6/30/2020

Vermont Gov. Scott thanks lawmakers for passing virus money
Associated Press – 6/29/2020

Property tax rates set for average 3-cent rise as lawmakers pass ed funding bill

VT - 6/28/2020

Lawmakers send $600 million Covid-19 aid bills to Scotts desk

VT - 6/26/2020

Vermont House Passes First Quarter 2021 Budget

WAMC – 6/26/2020

House debates lawmaker and state employee raises

VT - 6/25/2020

Senate mandates state police body cameras, bans chokeholds

VT - 6/23/2020

Vermont hopes to pass 1st quarter budget, return in August

Associated Press – 6/22/2020

Pandemic school meal services set to scale down over summer

VT - 6/21/2020

House approves $121 million in additional Covid-19 aid for businesses

VT - 6/20/2020

House passes another $95 million Covid-19 aid package

VT - 6/19/2020

House approves $300 million health care package; Senate approves budget

VT - 6/17/2020

Otto D. Trautz, one of Vermonts longest-tenured and best-loved public servants

VT - 6/17/2020

Highest-ever incentives help Vermonters save money on home heating, energy costs

VT - 6/15/2020

Legislative leaders signal unwillingness to consider defunding state police

VT - 6/12/2020

Senate approves committee to study legal sports betting in Vermont

VT - 6/12/2020

Legislature approves $70M relief bill as Scott says aid isnt moving fast enough

VT - 6/12/2020

Vermont mayors call for funding, mail-in voting in response to pandemic

VT - 6/12/2020

Vermont House prepares $600 million Covid-19 spending package

VT - 6/11/2020

Reports: State colleges will need $30 million “ or more “ to get through next year

VT - 6/9/2020

School districts hold pandemic-delayed budget votes

VT - 6/9/2020

UVM cuts salaries for non-unionized staff and faculty, hints at furloughs

VT - 6/5/2020

Vermont House approves budget for first quarter of FY21

VT - 6/5/2020

Lawmakers plan to expedite grants for businesses hurt by Covid-19

VT - 6/4/2020

House lawmakers move to reverse Scott budget cuts

VT - 6/3/2020


Administration freezes pay for some state workers, suspends paid leave program

VT Digger – 5/31/2020

Vermont blowing through its $1.25 billion check

VT - 5/30/2020

Scott administration plans $300M relief package for health care organizations

VT - 5/27/2020

$176 million deficit in Vermont Education Fund

Burlington Free Press - 5/27/2020

Essential worker hazard pay bill stalls in the House

VT - 5/25/2020

Scott administration outlines $400M economic relief plan

VT - 5/20/2020

Scott calls for 8% spending cuts in skinny budget bill

VT - 5/20/2020

Lawmakers prepare to work on pre-pandemic priorities

VT - 5/17/2020

House passes 2020 budget adjustment bill

VT - 5/15/2020

Scott pitches plan requiring school districts to re-vote budgets

VT - 5/14/2020

Final Reading: Scotts unease for Covid-19 voting plan spurs legislative action

VT - 5/13/2020

State stepping up broadband efforts as feds mull the same

VT - 5/12/2020

State revenues take a dive in April due to Covid-19

VT - 5/12/2020

University of Vermont considers layoffs amid Covid-19 budget issues

VT - 5/11/2020

Statehouse leaders on board with Scotts budget plan

VT - 5/8/2020

Scott administration proposes plan to fill $200 million budget gap

VT - 5/5/2020

How Vermont is deciding to spend the largest federal grant its ever received

VT - 5/4/2020

Fishing, hunting license sales up during coronavirus crisis

VT - 5/2/2020

Lawmakers pass hazard pay plan, eviction moratorium

VT - 5/1/2020

Childcare programs say issues getting state funds

Burlington Free Press - 5/1/2020


State emergency plan would expand broadband to all Vermonters

VT - 4/30/2020

Vermont could lose $430 million in revenue next fiscal year, economist says

VT - 4/29/2020

Faculty cuts, pay reductions considered as UVM tightens budget

VT - 4/29/2020

VSC Chancellor Spaulding to resign after campus closure backlash

VT - 4/29/2020

Scott seeks more control over $1.25 billion federal Covid-19 package

VT - 4/27/2020

Senate passes Covid-19 workers compensation and property tax measures

VT - 4/27/2020

Vermont House approves remote voting

VT - 4/23/2020

Vermonts finances more prepared for Covid-19 than most states, Moodys finds

VT - 4/22/2020

Spaulding withdraws proposal to close three state college campuses

VT - 4/22/2020

Lawmakers look to federal Covid-19 dollars to keep state colleges open

VT - 4/21/2020

Top lawmakers, Scott urge state colleges to press pause on closures

VT - 4/19/2020

Lawmakers hone plan to boost pay for essential workers

VT - 4/17/2020

State of Vermont, hospitals, EMT crews scramble for ventilators, N95s and P

Already rocky college finances hit hard by coronavirus

VT - 4/15/2020

Scott orders insurance companies to cover full cost of Covid-19 treatment

VT - 4/15/2020

Vermont to join multi-state effort to coordinate coronavirus recovery

VT - 4/15/2020

Vermont small businesses see more than $600 million in federal aid, mental health concerns raised about students

VT - 4/15/2020

Vermont Arts Council provides COVID-19 emergency relief funding to artists

VT - 4/14/2020

Front-line state employees see pay bump; lawmakers ponder private sector raise

VT - 4/10/2020

School budgets vulnerable as state revenues plummet

VT - 4/10/2020

The Senate becomes officially virtual, foster parent visit restrictions taken up by House lawmakers

VT - 4/10/2020


VT - 4/5/2020

How Vermont will enforce the stay home order

Burlington Free Press - 4/4/2020

Poor internet poses challenge for remote learning during pandemic

VT - 4/1/2020


Non-coronavirus legislation on pause, but still in play this session, lawmakers say

VT - 3/29/2020

Lawmakers begin dissecting the federal COVID-19 package

VT - 3/28/2020

To save child care sector during crisis, Vermont promises to cover tuition

VT - 3/27/2020

Lawmakers mull unemployment compensation for self-employed

VT - 3/27/2020

Coronavirus fallout hits education funding

VT - 3/26/2020

Leahy: Vermont to get nearly $2B in virus relief package

Associated Press – 3/26/2020

VT expected to get $2B in corornavirus relief

Burlington Free Press - 3/26/2020

Vermont jobless claims spike, smashing Great Recession high

VT - 3/26/2020

Senate reconvenes to pass emergency COVID-19 measures

VT - 3/24/2020

Is Vermont ready? Hospitals scramble to prepare for COVID-19

VT - 3/23/2020

Lawmakers brace for coronavirus tax revenue fall

VT - 3/21/2020

Vermonts tax coffers could take $200 million hit from COVID-19 in next 3 months

VT - 3/19/2020

Vermont Senate considers COVID-19 emergency response package

VT - 3/18/2020

Bars and restaurants in Vermont will be ordered closed at 2 p.m. Tuesday: Scott admin

VT - 3/17/2020

Scott orders schools to close

VT - 3/15/2020

Legislature to temporarily adjourn due to coronavirus concerns

VT - 3/13/2020

Lawmakers work on emergency coronavirus response package

VT - 3/12/2020

Statehouse leaders forming COVID-19 response plan as lawmakers return to work

VT - 3/10/2020

Leahy releases bipartisan coronavirus supplemental appropriations bill

VT - 3/4/2020