South Dakota - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

State to build $400,000 security fence with guardhouse around Gov. Noem's residence

Rapid City Journal - 8/12/2020

South Dakotas July tax revenue comes in $14.7 million higher than expected

Sioux Falls Argus Leader - 8/11/2020

South Dakota received $47 million to help schools during the pandemic. Heres where its going.

Sioux Falls Argus Leader - 8/10/2020

South Dakotans have received $267 million in unemployment benefits

Sioux Falls Argus Leader - 8/6/2020

South Dakota Is Asking Congress For Flexibility In Spending Relief Aid

NPR – 8/3/2020

July June May

Rapid City legislator balks at Noem's plan to use funds

Rapid City Journal - 5/27/2020

Coronavirus impact on South Dakotas budget wont be known for months

Sioux Falls Argus Leader - 5/27/2020

Noem previews plan to spend $1.25 billion coronavirus relief
Associated Press – 5/26/2020

$68 million in CARES Act funding going toward South Dakota education

Rapid City Journal - 5/26/2020

Noem: Special session not likely needed in June

Sioux Falls Argus Leader - 5/26/2020

South Dakotas unemployment rate triples to 10.2% in April

Sioux Falls Argus Leader - 5/23/2020

South Dakotas $1.25 billion will go to cities, counties and mass testing, Noem says

Rapid City Journal - 5/19/2020

South Dakota among states sharing COVID-19 patient data with law enforcement

Rapid City Journal - 5/19/2020

S.D. colleges face vast logistical / financial unknowns next academic year

Capital Journal (Pierre) - 5/15/2020

Noemonomics :Governor doesnt want to grow government to support economy

Capital Journal (Pierre) - 5/15/2020

Noem says she wants to use federal funds to preserve programs, help local governments

Rapid City Journal - 5/14/2020

State provides $10.5 million in small business loans

Rapid City Journal - 5/12/2020

Sen. Mike Rounds proposes flexibility for states using federal coronavirus funds

Sioux Falls Argus Leader - 5/12/2020

South Dakota's Noem asks tribes again to talk on checkpoints

Associated Press – 5/12/2020

Noem says remdesivir will be sent to state for COVID-19 treatment

Rapid City Journal - 5/11/2020

Deadwood casinos open and already seeing customers

Rapid City Journal - 5/9/2020

Noem: Legislative session for short budget may not be needed

Associated Press – 5/7/2020

COVID causing S.D. budget problems; Fort Pierre delaying street and utility projects

Capital Journal (Pierre) - 5/4/2020

State expects budget shortfall; mass testing implemented for Smithfield

Rapid City Journal - 5/4/2020


Laid off workers will lose benefits if they don't return to work as state reopens, official says

Rapid City Journal - 4/30/2020

Groups ask to meet with Noem to discuss safety of meat plant workers

Rapid City Journal - 4/30/2020

Federal government sends millions in coronavirus aid to state

Rapid City Journal - 4/30/2020

Minority groups hit hardest by COVID-19 in South Dakota

Rapid City Journal - 4/29/2020

Noem releases 'back to normal' plan seven weeks after first COVID-19 cases in the state

Rapid City Journal - 4/28/2020

DSS: Child support payments can be made online

Rapid City Journal - 4/27/2020

I dont want to blow more than a billion dollars growing government

Capital Journal (Pierre) - 4/24/2020

Noem criticizes Congress for attaching strings to $1.25 billion in federal relief aid

Rapid City Journal - 4/23/2020

South Dakota governor bemoans Congress' restrictions on coronavirus relief

CNN – 4/23/2020

S.D. to get $1.6 billion in federal money as COVID-19 cases hit 1,685

Sioux Falls Argus Leader - 4/20/2020

South Dakota state government will get large amount of federal COVID-19 aid, legislators told

Kelo – 4/20/2020

South Dakota to run clinical trial for hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 treatment

Rapid City Journal - 4/13/2020

‘Historical’ job loss in S.D.; Noem hopes to avoid tax hikes

Associated Press – 4/9/2020

Noem closes schools for remainder of semester; updates executive order to businesses

Rapid City Journal - 4/6/2020

COVID crushing tourism industry

Capital Journal (Pierre) - 4/2/2020

Coronavirus: S.D. businesses and governments brace for almost non-existent 2020 tourism season

Sioux Falls Argus Leader - 4/2/2020

Noem signs 9 emergency bills that address coronavirus

Rapid City Journal - 4/1/2020

Federal acts will bring more unemployment assistance to South Dakota

Sioux Falls Argus Leader - 4/1/2020