South Carolina - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

SC passes 2,000 coronavirus deaths as leaders plan to fund more tests

Charleston Post & Courier - 8/11/2020

Trump plans to send federal unemployment aid to states. But it could cost SC millions.

Charleston Post & Courier - 8/11/2020

Plan to reopen SC nursing homes to visitors hinges on federal stimulus, McMaster says

Charleston Post & Courier - 8/10/2020

SC private schools seeing increased interest from parents unhappy with reopening plans

Charleston Post & Courier - 8/10/2020

Many SC schools may be dealing with coronavirus pandemic without a full-time nurse

Charleston Post & Courier - 8/6/2020

COVID-19 upended SC schools. $15 million in new federal aid aims to help.

Charleston Post & Courier - 8/4/2020

Lawyers want SC Supreme Court to take up case over Gov. McMaster's private school grants

Charleston Post & Courier - 8/4/2020


Three years later: The fallout from SC's $9B nuclear fiasco continues

Charleston Post & Courier - 7/31/2020

No ruling yet in lawsuit over Gov. McMaster's private-school grant program

Charleston Post & Courier - 7/29/2020

McMaster withholds HBCU funds as voucher lawsuit proceeds

Associated Press – 7/29/2020

SC’s budget was full of millions to help teachers, state prisons. Then COVID-19 hit.

The State – 7/26/2020

SC charter schools received millions in federal aid other public schools couldn't access

Charleston Post & Courier - 7/26/2020

SC students who receive free or reduced-price lunch qualify for special SNAP benefits

Charleston Post & Courier - 7/23/2020

SC judge temporarily blocks Gov. McMaster's decision to fund private school vouchers

Charleston Post & Courier - 7/22/2020

McMaster to spend $32M of federal COVID-19 aid on private school vouchers

Charleston Post & Courier - 7/20/2020

Governor directs $2.4 million to improve tech so SC's HBCUs can offer remote classes

Charleston Post & Courier - 7/20/2020

What to know: Gov. McMaster's power to force a full school reopening - 7/16/2020

SC law firms, churches, builders, sports teams received major federal COVID-19 lifelines

Charleston Post & Courier - 7/11/2020

As SC emerges as global coronavirus hotspot, Taiwan donates masks

Charleston Post & Courier - 7/8/2020

More than 194,000 people seek unemployment as SC leaders warn of 'economic stall'

Charleston Post & Courier - 7/2/2020

State Gas Tax increase is funding more road projects, increases by 2 cents

Post and Courier – 7/2/2020

Young people are spreading COVID-19 to more vulnerable groups in SC - 7/1/2020


Audit of SC Aging finds thousands of SC seniors on waiting lists, chronically low morale

Charleston Post & Courier - 6/29/2020

Facing serious COVID-19 costs, end of federal loans, SC restaurants still struggling

Charleston Post & Courier - 6/26/2020

Assuring Broadband Statewide Could Cost South Carolina $800M

The State – 6/25/2020

SC sets new COVID-19 case record; $1.2B federal money spent
Associated Press – 6/24/2020

SC Dems prep more lawsuits as Legislature punts on absentee voting expansion amid pandemic

Charleston Post & Courier - 6/24/2020

SC Legislature allocates $1.2 billion in federal coronavirus aid

Charleston Post & Courier - 6/24/2020

SC schools could start later this fall, following guidance from coronavirus task force

Charleston Post & Courier - 6/19/2020

Coronavirus, protest pressures prompt renewed call for regional SC police academies

Charleston Post & Courier - 6/18/2020

As colleges brace for enrollment drops, some of SC's largest schools remain optimistic

Charleston Post & Courier - 6/17/2020

Coronavirus continues to hammer South Carolinas tax collections

Greenville Online - 6/12/2020

For the first time in nearly 10 years, CofC will freeze student tuition in the fall

Charleston Post & Courier - 6/9/2020

SC gas tax is going up one way, but down in others

Charleston Post & Courier - 6/8/2020

Despite pandemic, Clemson University is on track to increase fall enrollment

Greenville Online - 6/5/2020

SC hospitals lost $208.6M by May due to COVID-19, with more strain expected

Charleston Post & Courier - 6/5/2020

SC tourism officials seek safe ways to draw visitors amid health crisis

Charleston Post & Courier - 6/2/2020

SC congressmen united in call for more rural broadband funding during coronavirus pandemic

Charleston Post & Courier - 6/1/2020


With funding at stake, SC communities struggle to get residents counted in census

Charleston Post & Courier - 5/29/2020

$500 million of federal coronavirus aid could help replenish SC's unemployment account

Charleston Post & Courier - 5/28/2020

Broadband expansion in Midlands county part of statewide connectivity push

Charleston Post & Courier - 5/27/2020

SC education chief Molly Spearman wants more summer school money

Charleston Post & Courier - 5/25/2020

COVID-19 meant less driving in SC and less gas tax collected - 5/25/2020

Lawmakers hit pause on SC teacher pay raise - 5/24/2020

SC public transportation systems receiving $120 million in coronavirus aid

Charleston Post & Courier - 5/22/2020

Tens of thousands of South Carolinians continue to apply for unemployment

Charleston Post & Courier - 5/22/2020

Gov. McMaster reminds MUSC to be transparent as it spends $25M in testing funds

Charleston Post & Courier - 5/20/2020

Here's how SC's coronavirus recovery panel wants to spend $1 billion in federal aid - 5/20/2020

SC colleges begin distributing millions in federal student coronavirus relief funds

Charleston Post & Courier - 5/18/2020

SC students could have extra school days next year: What to know from education task force meeting - 5/15/2020

Tensions rise over who decides how SC spends $1.9B in federal coronavirus aid

Charleston Post & Courier - 5/14/2020

More than $2 billion approved for SC businesses in second round of federal loans

Charleston Post & Courier - 5/14/2020

As South Carolina reopens, tourism companies, organizations scramble to adjust to new normal

Greenville Online - 5/13/2020

SC Senate objects to governor's emergency virus orders

Associated Press – 5/13/2020

SC business groups ask lawmakers to void unemployment-related penalties through 2020

Charleston Post & Courier - 5/12/2020

SC General Assembly passes measure to avert state government shutdown - 5/12/2020

Legislators vote to keep SC government running amid uncertainty, spend $25M on COVID-19 testing

Charleston Post & Courier - 5/12/2020

SC legislators may grab control of $1.9 billion in federal coronavirus aid

Greenville Online - 5/12/2020

Black lawmakers call for more COVID-19 aid for black businesses and rural towns in SC - 5/12/2020

Economists hold steady predicting big revenue loss in SC

Associated Press – 5/8/2020

Let McMaster block Medicaid from abortion providers, SC lawmaker group asks Supreme Court

Charleston Post & Courier - 5/6/2020

SC education leaders met again today, here are some of the biggest challenges theyre facing

Greenville Online - 5/6/2020

SC colleges plan for fall semester, brainstorm ways to resume classes amid pandemic

Charleston Post & Courier - 5/4/2020

SC is considering adding school days in the fall. It could cost nearly $43 million per day - 5/1/2020


SC extends halt on evictions, foreclosures another two weeks amid coronavirus downturn

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/30/2020

SC considering in-person summer school for struggling students in July - 4/30/2020

SC lawmakers set to return to Statehouse next month to fix budget stalemate

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/30/2020

Demand for unemployment declining slightly as coronavirus pandemic drags on

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/30/2020

SC Republicans want a legislative check on McMasters emergency power

Greenville Online - 4/30/2020

Economic numbers show damage of shutdown, but SC could bounce back in 2020, economists say

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/29/2020

SC private schools brace for coronavirus-related revenue loss, enrollment drop

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/29/2020

SC cities, counties may have trouble passing budgets because COVID-19

Greenville Online - 4/27/2020

Gov. McMaster extends state of emergency - 4/27/2020

SC colleges preparing for expected enrollment declines due to coronavirus

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/26/2020

$2 billion in federal coronavirus relief money already flowing into SC

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/24/2020

SC unemployment agency now processing applications for contract, self-employed workers

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/24/2020

SC recovery panel hears that tourism could be cut in half by coronavirus - 4/23/2020

Clemson freezes tuition for students, has laser focus on full reopening in fall semester

Greenville Online - 4/23/2020

SC closing K-12 schools for remainder of academic year amid coronavirus pandemic

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/22/2020

SC colleges had just started to bounce back from the recession. Then, a pandemic happened

Greenville Online - 4/22/2020

Many SC retailers start to reopen after Gov. McMaster relaxes coronavirus closures

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/21/2020

SC health department warned lawmakers for years: Budget cuts 'jeopardized' its pandemic plan

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/19/2020

SC pension fund had a $26 billion deficit, then COVID-19 crashed the market

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/18/2020

Gov. Henry McMaster offers to bring back SC lawmakers after pandemic peak to handle budget

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/16/2020

USC expecting enrollment to drop in the fall as coronavirus pandemic impacts finances

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/15/2020

SC's 4 largest airports to split $76M in federal stimulus funding from CARES Act

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/14/2020

Thousands of SC employees in K-12 schools file for unemployment amid coronavirus closures

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/13/2020

Millions of dollars in new unemployment benefits now flowing to South Carolinians

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/13/2020

SC colleges to receive millions in aid from coronavirus relief package

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/10/2020

COVID-19 closures could shrink SC's budget surplus by $1.2 billion

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/10/2020

Coronavirus pandemic expected to batter SCs economy, new report reveals

Greenville Online - 4/10/2020

South Carolina to get new, lower budget prediction

Associated Press – 4/5/2020

With little relief coming, SC renters still owe their landlords, including the governor

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/3/2020

SC National Guard eyeing vacant rural hospitals to battle 'unknowns' of the coronavirus

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/2/2020

SC lawmakers will return to Columbia for one day next week to extend budget

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/2/2020

SC registered the largest number of unemployment claims in the history of the state last week

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/2/2020

SC colleges to issue on-campus food, housing refunds amid coronavirus campus closures

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/1/2020

SC lawmakers consider brief return next week to handle stalled budget

Charleston Post & Courier - 4/1/2020

Coronavirus in SC: State Legislature could hit long pause on work at Capitol - 4/1/2020

Despite coronavirus, plans to replace Greer bridge move forward

Greenville Online - 4/1/2020


Coronavirus in SC updates: DHEC says more than half of hospital beds in use - 3/31/2020

South Carolina will get billions in stimulus money, but lawmakers have questions

Charleston Post & Courier - 3/31/2020

SC unemployment process frustrates people as additional aid heads to the state

Charleston Post & Courier - 3/31/2020

SC students grapple with more coronavirus-related back-to-school delays as cases grow

Charleston Post & Courier - 3/31/2020

Coronavirus in SC updates: Gov. McMaster closes beaches, boat ramps - 3/30/2020

Coronavirus stymies SC Legislature, leaves education, pay raises hanging in the balance - 3/29/2020

SC to receive $2B in federal help for coronavirus after Congress approves funding bill

Charleston Post & Courier - 3/27/2020

DHEC looking for new employees to work 84 hours a week during coronavirus outbreak

The State – 3/25/2020

Citing budget issues, South Carolina State Parks will reduce the number of days open

Greenville News – 3/23/2020

Tax deadlines, federal checks, debt relief, paid sick leave and more coronavirus measures

Charleston Post & Courier - 3/20/2020

$45M OKed for SC health to fight virus as courts suspended

Associated Press – 3/19/2020

SC Senate OKs $45M to fight coronavirus; McMaster issues sweeping order - 3/18/2020

Gov. McMaster: SC restaurants to end dine-in service starting Wednesday - 3/17/2020

South Carolina records first coronavirus death as state's number of cases rises to 33

Charleston Post & Courier - 3/16/2020

SC Senate to take up coronavirus funding bill in restricted session

Charleston Post & Courier - 3/16/2020

SC gets $9 million from CDC to battle coronavirus - 3/13/2020

Gov. McMaster asks legislators to make $45M available to combat coronavirus

Charleston Post & Courier - 3/12/2020

SC tourism anticipates impact from coronavirus: 'This is kind of like a hurricane'

Charleston Post & Courier - 3/9/2020