Rhode Island - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

High-level hires at CCRI raise lawmakers’ eyebrows

Providence Journal - 7/28/2020

Raimondo unveils expanded housing and infrastructure bonding

Associated Press – 7/27/2020

Rhode Island's First-Ever Infrastructure Report Delivers Mixed Marks

Engineering News Record – 7/22/2020

Senate passes firefighter disability-pension bill

Providence Journal - 7/13/2020

R.I. state spending watchdog calls for more borrowing

Providence Journal - 7/13/2020

R.I. healthcare providers alarmed that insurers may not have to cover all telemedicine visits

The Providence Journal - 7/9/2020

Raimondo says R.I. small businesses will get federal aid, but offers no details

Providence Journal - 7/8/2020

R.I. nursing homes warn of mass closures

The Providence Journal - 7/8/2020

2,300 R.I. small business supporters ask governor to release federal coronavirus aid

The Providence Journal - 7/7/2020

R.I. legislators set to vote on extending disability pensions to nearly all firefighters who get cancer

Providence Journal - 7/7/2020

R.I. nursing homes defend coronavirus care after Raimondo challenge

The Providence Journal - 7/3/2020

R.I. Assembly plans brief return to deal with gun background checks, gay parents' rights, and more

The Providence Journal - 7/2/2020

Raimondo 'worried' about July 4th's impact on coronavirus

The Providence Journal - 7/1/2020


R.I. high court tosses decisions that sided with Providence on pension, health insurance for retirees

The Providence Journal - 6/30/2020

Watchdog Report: R.I. quietly hired $1.85-million no-bid consultant for coronavirus response strategy

The Providence Journal - 6/30/2020

New coronavirus relief fund to help those who do not qualify for most programs due to immigration status

The Providence Journal - 6/24/2020

Rhode Island's coronavirus numbers keep improving, but some people's behavior is causing concern

The Providence Journal - 6/22/2020

RI Lawmakers Approve Supplementary Budget

Patch – 6/19/2020

Assembly passes $11.8-billion budget-fix bill

The Providence Journal - 6/18/2020

R.I. General Assembly returns, with $166K worth of plexiglass

The Providence Journal - 6/17/2020

GOP lawmakers object to fast-tracked budget bill

The Providence Journal - 6/16/2020

R.I. withholding names of state workers who have accepted furloughs

Providence Journal - 6/16/2020

R.I. House leaders plan to use most of rainy-day fund to balance budget through June

The Providence Journal - 6/15/2020

Lawmakers resume work on budget, pandemic and police bills

Associated Press – 6/15/2020

$358 million in federal coronavirus aid not yet spent in R.I.

The Providence Journal - 6/9/2020

General Assembly will wait until July to tackle budget

The Providence Journal - 6/5/2020

R.I. governor aims to rebuild health care system

Associated Press – 6/5/2020

Report: R.I. unemployment fund will run dry by Sept., drained by virus-fueled joblessness

The Providence Journal - 6/3/2020

Raimondo administration seeks volunteers to take furlough days

Providence Journal - 6/3/2020

With budget in question, Central Falls warns teachers, staff of possible layoffs

The Providence Journal - 6/1/2020

May April

State has spent $9M, plans another $147M to fight coronavirus

The Providence Journal - 4/30/2020

Economists expect double-digit unemployment, more than $1 billion in lost wages in months ahead

The Providence Journal - 4/29/2020

Lottery writing plan for reopening of Twin River casinos

The Providence Journal - 4/29/2020

November flood destroyed part of R.I. stockpile of PPE

The Providence Journal - 4/28/2020

Raimondo optimistic about lifting stay-at-home order on May 8

The Providence Journal - 4/26/2020

General Assembly could return sooner than later

Providence Journal - 4/26/2020

Governor urges patience amid State House protest

The Providence Journal - 4/25/2020

R.I. learning how it can, and can't, spend $1.25 billion in federal stimulus money

The Providence Journal - 4/23/2020

Assembly Democrats seek dismissal of GOP lawsuit

The Providence Journal - 4/22/2020

RI pension losses mount as coronavirus hits markets

The Providence Journal - 4/22/2020

Political Scene: Retirees called back to ease jobless-benefits backlog

The Providence Journal - 4/19/2020

As risk rises in R.I. group homes, so does call for hazard pay

The Providence Journal - 4/19/2020

Rhode Island sets the stage for an additional $150 million in emergency borrowing

Providence Journal - 4/16/2020

R.I. temporarily hires Judge Richard Licht's son to oversee $1.25 billion in coronavirus aid

The Providence Journal - 4/16/2020

When will it end? R.I. may have an idea on Thursday.

Providence Journal - 4/15/2020

R.I. has spent $95.8 million on coronavirus so far

The Providence Journal - 4/10/2020

Raimondo offers grim outlook on spread of coronavirus

Providence Journal - 4/5/2020

Insurers to provide $5M for fund to help meet behavioral-health needs during coronavirus crisis

The Providence Journal - 4/3/2020

Rhode Islanders give $1 million to nonprofits in a single day

The Providence Journal - 4/1/2020

R.I. secures $150M line of credit to pay bills as coronavirus pandemic hits

The Providence Journal - 4/1/2020


Trump approves disaster declaration for R.I. allowing federal emergency aid

The Providence Journal - 3/31/2020

R.I. House, Senate GOP want remote Assembly meetings during coronavirus; Dems show no enthusiasm

Providence Journal - 3/30/2020

Political Scene: R.I. lawmakers help constituents from home during coronavirus crisis

Providence Journal - 3/29/2020

R.I. emergency funding board approves $300 million in borrowing, amid dire warnings from state budget office

The Providence Journal - 3/26/2020

Raimondo addresses child-care; state may borrow $300 million

The Providence Journal - 3/24/2020

General Assembly leaders to meet to discuss borrowing $300 million

Providence Journal - 3/24/2020

Ruggerio, Mattiello warn RI lawmakers of enormity of coronavirus challenge to state finances

The Providence Journal - 3/23/2020

R.I. 'weeks not months' from running out of cash

The Providence Journal - 3/21/2020

R.I. unemployment claims: More than 6,000 on Wednesday

The Providence Journal - 3/19/2020

R.I. Health Dept. shifts staff to fight coronavirus

Providence Journal - 3/18/2020

Nearly 7,000 Rhode Islanders filed for unemployment Monday

Providence Journal - 3/17/2020

Rhode Island: Large gatherings, eating out at restaurants banned

Associated Press – 3/17/2020

23 cases of coronavirus in R.I.; testing limited by national supply shortage

The Providence Journal - 3/17/2020

State ready for virus-related unemployment claims

The Providence Journal - 3/14/2020

R.I. treasurer seeks to shield victim payouts

The Providence Journal - 3/12/2020