Ohio - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

University of Akron trustees approve budget with $44 million in cuts

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 8/12/2020

Ohio lawmaker introduces bill that would repeal coronavirus commuter tax changes

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 8/11/2020

Ohio accepts plan for $300 in federal unemployment aid

Dayton Daily News - 8/10/2020

Ohio won’t require schools to match broadband grant

Columbus Dispatch - 8/9/2020

Parents, students protest virtual back-to-school plans

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 8/4/2020


DeWine proposes rule stopping alcohol sales at 10 p.m. in bars, restaurants

Dayton Daily News - 7/30/2020

Ohio House votes to remove Larry Householder as Ohio Speaker following corruption arrest

Cleveland.com – 7/30/2020

Ohio Medicaid rolls climbing toward 3 million again

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 7/28/2020

Facing Poll Worker Shortage, One State Offers Credit Hours to Lawyers Who Volunteer

Route Fifty – 7/27/2020

Medicaid requesting bids for new PBM

Columbus Dispatch - 7/25/2020

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine reverses course, now supports HB6 repeal

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 7/24/2020

The Nation's Marquee 'Smart City' Program Continues to Evolve

Route Fifty – 7/17/2020

Youth sports groups, day-care centers challenge state COVID-19 orders

Dayton Daily News - 7/16/2020

Ohio sees uptick in continued unemployment claims after 10 weeks of decline during coronavirus pandemic

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 7/16/2020

Ohio K-12 schools to get another $100M in federal aid

Dayton Daily News - 7/16/2020

Gov. Mike DeWine signs mini-capital bill providing $555M for state construction, conservation projects

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 7/14/2020

CARES Act to pay restaurants for free, delivered senior meals
Dayton Daily News – 7/13/2020

Ohio to face another school-funding lawsuit

Columbus Dispatch - 7/12/2020

Ohio AG Yost battles online wine and liquor retailers

Columbus Dispatch - 7/10/2020

Coronavirus: Schools, homeless in line for state assistance

Dayton Daily News - 7/9/2020

Ohio colleges, K-12 schools could receive $300 million total in additional federal money to deal with costs of reopening

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 7/9/2020

Scratch-off Ohio Lottery games took off during coronavirus closings

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 7/8/2020

DeWine expects to drain Ohio's rainy day fund to balance budget

Columbus Dispatch - 7/8/2020

DeWine makes masks mandatory in 7 Ohio counties: Capitol Letter

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 7/8/2020

Medicaid's inaction on pharmacy middlemen angers Ohio lawmakers who mandated changes

Columbus Dispatch - 7/6/2020

Coronavirus: How will local governments spend $142M in federal stimulus money?

Dayton Daily News - 7/5/2020

Teachers, staff to wear masks when schools reopen this fall

Columbus Dispatch - 7/3/2020

Gov. Mike DeWine says after May cuts to education, he wants to keep schools at new baseline

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 7/2/2020

Bad year in the books, worse one awaits Ohio's virus-slammed state budget

Columbus Dispatch - 7/1/2020


Ohio merges dueling state websites that detail government spending

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/30/2020

Medicaid begins to pay smaller pharmacies for coronavirus testing

Columbus Dispatch - 6/29/2020

Hundreds of Ohioans seek workers comp for COVID-19

Dayton Daily News - 6/29/2020

Householder threatens Columbus over control of Statehouse

Columbus Dispatch - 6/25/2020

Coronavirus: $13.2M in aid on way to area cities, townships

Dayton Daily News - 6/24/2020

DeWine encourages testing as Ohio coronavirus cases increase

Columbus Dispatch - 6/24/2020

Expect a great deal of flexibility in Ohio coronavirus school reopening guidelines, Gov. Mike DeWine says

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/23/2020

Ohio sees highest coronavirus increase in more than a month

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/23/2020

Governor should use $4 million CARES Act discretionary funds to boost internet access for families, education leaders say

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/22/2020

Gov. Mike DeWine signs religious freedom bill that restores state K-12 funding cuts for some districts

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/19/2020

Gov. Mike DeWine signs bills to provide coronavirus aid to locals, extend Medicaid services for pregnant women

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/19/2020

Coronavirus in Ohio: State wants vendors to take voluntary 15% cut on contracts, services

Columbus Dispatch - 6/19/2020

Gov. Mike DeWine, LG Jon Husted to return part of their salaries after ordering pay cuts for state workers

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/18/2020

Gov. Mike DeWine calls for sweeping police reforms

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/17/2020

Legislature limits governors budget cuts for 36 Greater Cleveland, Akron school districts

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/16/2020

State guidelines for reopening Ohio schools will be unveiled within days, Gov. Mike DeWine says

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/16/2020

State of Ohio asks feds for nearly $4 billion loan to fund unemployment claims

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/16/2020

Funding approved to send each registered Ohio voter an absentee ballot request form

Dayton Daily News - 6/16/2020

Ohio says General Motors may have to repay $60 million in subsidies

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/15/2020

Lawmaker thinks Ohio could raise more education funding through state lottery

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/15/2020

Ohio House approves mini-capital bill that would put $555M toward state construction projects

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/12/2020

Ohio facing $2.4 billion budget shortfall as coronavirus cases tick up

Columbus Dispatch – 6/11/2020

How much did coronavirus closings sink sales tax collections for Ohio, the counties and transit agencies?

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/10/2020

Tens of thousands of Ohioans are being told to repay unemployment benefits

Cincinnati Enquirer & Cincinnati.com - 6/10/2020

Ohio says new budget hole covered as coronavirus undercuts Ohio tax take

Columbus Dispatch - 6/9/2020

Ohio GOP senators push for more local control over school reopenings: Capitol Letter

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/9/2020

Legislators seek $100B in federal money for schools, propose bill on furloughs

Dayton Daily News - 6/9/2020

Gov. DeWine: it would be irresponsible to immediately lift Ohios remaining coronavirus restrictions

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/5/2020

Ohios casinos, racinos can reopen in 2 weeks, Gov. Mike DeWine announces

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/5/2020

Ohio Considers Muni Bonds to Bolster Unemployment Trust Fund

Bloomberg – 6/5/2020

CARES cash to start flowing to Ohio cities; state capital projects given OK

Dayton Daily News - 6/4/2020

Ohio lawmakers agree to fund hundreds of millions in planned state construction projects

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/4/2020

Ohio Medicaid undermines governor's plan to expand coronavirus testing to local pharmacies

Columbus Dispatch - 6/4/2020

Ohio lawmakers want to make to-go alcoholic drinks permanent

Cincinnati Enquirer & Cincinnati.com - 6/4/2020

Local, state law enforcement get federal funding from community policing program

Dayton Daily News - 6/4/2020

Gov. Mike DeWine told Kristina M. Johnson, next OSU president, he hopes to work even closer with school

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/3/2020

While Ohio waits on sports gambling, Pennsylvania, Michigan head into sports and more online

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/3/2020

Ohio State President Michael Drake projects $300 million revenue loss due to COVID-19 pandemic

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/2/2020

DeWine administration announces employee pay cuts to help fill $2.5 billion Ohio budget hole

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/1/2020

Coronavirus: Ohio cutting pay for supervisors, seeking trims for union workers, too

Columbus Dispatch - 6/1/2020

Ohio lawmakers have a new plan to help the states near-insolvent unemployment benefits system

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 6/1/2020


Ohio House takes step to legalize sports betting but key hurdle remains

Columbus Dispatch - 5/29/2020

Unemployment claims remain high, so do complaints

Columbus Dispatch - 5/28/2020

Lawmakers may cancel $600M in capital funds for colleges, communities

Dayton Daily News - 5/28/2020

Ohio's unemployment system overwhelmed by COVID-19 closures

Columbus Dispatch - 5/27/2020

Five Ohio congressional members ask White House to guarantee benefits to National Guard members for coronavirus response

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 5/27/2020

Coronavirus spreads through privately run Ohio prison as testing questions persist

Columbus Dispatch - 5/24/2020

Ohio Senate blocks attempt to curb Dr. Amy Actons authority: Capitol Letter

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 5/21/2020

Ohio House tackles surprise medical billing, domestic violence and late taxes

Columbus Dispatch - 5/20/2020

Ohio Secretary of State talks potential changes in November election

Cincinnati Enquirer & Cincinnati.com - 5/18/2020

Schools get federal stimulus; formula has clear winners, losers

Dayton Daily News - 5/18/2020

School systems respond to state budget cuts

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 5/17/2020

Group that won Ohio school-funding suit now challenging vouchers for private schools

Columbus Dispatch - 5/14/2020

Coronavirus crisis throws into limbo billions in state funding for capital projects

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 5/14/2020

Draft plan lays out possible regulations for Ohio schools to reopen

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 5/14/2020

Ohios strategy to fight coronavirus at nursing homes: deploying testing, strike teams

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 5/12/2020

Ohioans rush to Medicaid due to coronavirus; 1 of 4 now getting benefits

Columbus Dispatch - 5/12/2020

Top Ohio officials trimming spending to help deal with coronavirus revenue crunch

Columbus Dispatch - 5/12/2020

Ohio's schools face another challenge during coronavirus pandemic: balancing the budget

Columbus Dispatch - 5/8/2020

Coronavirus: The last time Ohio needed this large of an unemployment bailout, it was a recession

Columbus Dispatch - 5/6/2020

Ohio K-12 students could go to school two days a week in fall, with online learning

Cleveland.com – 5/6/2020

Ohio schools, colleges pay the price in budget cuts as coronavirus slashes tax revenue

Columbus Dispatch - 5/6/2020

Heres how much money area colleges will lose in state budget cuts

Dayton Daily News - 5/6/2020

Ohio Senate OKs $350 million from feds to local governments for coronavirus response

Columbus Dispatch - 5/6/2020

See how much each Ohio school district will lose under Gov. Mike DeWines coronavirus-related budget cut

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 5/6/2020

Ohio tax revenues plummeted in April during first full month of coronavirus closures, new numbers show

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 5/6/2020

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announces $775m in budget cuts: Capitol Letter

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 5/6/2020

Coronavirus in Ohio: $775 million in budget cuts due to pandemic include $300 million reduction to schools

Columbus Dispatch - 5/5/2020

Highlights of Gov. Mike DeWine's state budget cuts

Columbus Dispatch - 5/5/2020

Plunge in fuel sales from stay-at-home order threatens Ohio road projects

Columbus Dispatch - 5/4/2020

University of Cincinnati leaders adopt furlough policy

Cincinnati Enquirer & Cincinnati.com - 5/2/2020

Education funding cuts seen as likely as Gov. Mike DeWine considers how to balance state budget

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 4/30/2020


Ohio unemployment fund going from insolvent to broke. What happens next?

Dayton Daily News - 4/28/2020

Federal judge signs off on long-running lawsuit over housing for disabled

Columbus Dispatch - 4/27/2020

Evictions could surge because of coronavirus impact on Ohio economy

Columbus Dispatch - 4/27/2020

COVID-19 pandemic costing Ohio colleges millions

Columbus Dispatch - 4/26/2020

Ohio will provide funding to extend foster care for children set to turn 18 amid coronavirus crisis

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 4/24/2020

Coronavirus in Ohio: DeWine builds economic case for reopening, health case a work in progress

Columbus Dispatch - 4/22/2020

Bob Taft and Dick Celeste make a comeback for coronavirus fight: Capitol Letter

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 4/22/2020

State law says Ohioans must pay municipal income taxes as if working at office, even while at home: The Wake Up for Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 4/22/2020

Gov. Mike DeWine keeps schools closed for the rest of the school year: Capitol Letter

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 4/21/2020

Some Ohio communities see 90-percent drop in traffic tickets after Gov. Mike DeWine issued stay-at-home coronavirus order

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 4/18/2020

Ohioans describe common glitches, frustrations with state unemployment filing system

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 4/17/2020

Coronavirus: Ohio mayors say they’ll have to cut police, fire if they don’t get federal help

Columbus Dispatch - 4/16/2020

Hundreds of inmates to be freed early as virus sweeps through state prisons

Columbus Dispatch - 4/15/2020

State creates office to help small businesses connect with programs

Columbus Dispatch - 4/15/2020

Coronavirus in Ohio: DeWine announces nursing home transparency

Columbus Dispatch - 4/14/2020

Ohio panel OKs using federal coronavirus funds on tests, ventilators, masks

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 4/13/2020

Quarter billion dollars in coronavirus aid for Ohio approved by state spending panel

Columbus Dispatch - 4/13/2020

Ohio legislative leaders already looking to a post-coronavirus agenda

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 4/12/2020

Ohio near the bottom for public health spending per person. Should we spend more?

Dayton Daily News - 4/12/2020

Ohio releases graduation guidelines for high school students during coronavirus closure

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 4/8/2020

Ohio lawmakers eye rainy day fund as state budget reels from coronavirus crisis

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 4/7/2020

Gov. Mike DeWine recommends releasing 167 Ohio prison inmates due to coronavirus crisis

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 4/7/2020

Column: How COVID-19 tests Ohio's Unemployment Trust Fund

Columbus Dispatch - 4/7/2020

Ohios tax revenue hit hard by the coronavirus crisis, new numbers show

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 4/6/2020

Coronavirus: Relying on income tax makes Ohio cities vulnerable to economic slowdown

Columbus Dispatch - 4/6/2020

Coronavirus: Cities fighting for share of $2T relief packages

Dayton Daily News - 4/4/2020

Food banks seek emergency funding; inmate release considered

Associated Press – 4/3/2020

Ohio spends less per capita on public health than nearly every other state

Cincinnati Enquirer & Cincinnati.com - 4/2/2020

Coronavirus: President approves disaster declaration, federal funds for Ohio

Dayton Daily News - 4/1/2020


Ohio Supreme Court to decide whether Volkswagen should pay state hundreds of billions for 2015 emissions scandal

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 3/31/2020

A frustrated Gov. Mike DeWine demands swift approval for mask-cleaning technology

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 3/30/2020

New Ohio treasurer program lends financial support to hospitals during coronavirus response

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 3/26/2020

Economic fallout from coronavirus cratering state tax take, prompting budget cuts

Columbus Dispatch - 3/24/2020

Ohio stops daily reporting of new unemployment claims at request of Trump administration

Dispatch – 3/24/2020

Mike DeWine freezes hiring, predicts spending cuts in response to coronavirus

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 3/24/2020

Coronavirus: State preps for tax revenue fall off as Ohioans stay home

Dayton Daily News - 3/24/2020

Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Acton urges hospitals to report coronavirus tests ASAP, but said state doesnt know how many tests have been given

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 3/23/2020

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose proposes pre-paid, statewide mail vote for delayed primary

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 3/22/2020

Ohio seeks relief from work rules to keep benefits flowing during coronavirus crisis

Columbus Dispatch - 3/19/2020

Ohio seeks federal low-interest loans to small businesses hurt by coronavirus

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 3/18/2020

Montgomery, Greene counties declare emergency; Warren votes no

Dayton Daily News - 3/17/2020

Ohio schools shift to online learning, free lunch pickups as coronavirus shutdown begins

Columbus Dispatch - 3/16/2020

Ohio lawmakers have long list of coronavirus legislation

Columbus Dispatch - 3/16/2020

All Ohio bars, restaurants to close 9 p.m. Sunday due to coronavirus

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 3/15/2020

Ohios casinos, racinos must shut down or keep customers, workers below a total of 100

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 3/13/2020

Ohio health official estimates 100,000 people in state have coronavirus

The Hill – 3/12/2020

Gov. Mike DeWine recommends canceling events to stop spread of coronavirus

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 3/11/2020

Ohio confirms three cases of COVID-19 coronavirus

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 3/10/2020

Ohio is under a state of emergency because of the coronavirus. What does that mean?

Cleveland.com – 3/9/2020

Ohio House Dems urge governor to create paid sick leave amid virus fears

Columbus Dispatch - 3/9/2020

Coronavirus testing coming to Ohio Department of Health

Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com - 3/3/2020

Gov. Mike DeWine: How Ohio is preparing for coronavirus

Cleveland.com – 2/27/2020