North Dakota - Coronavirus Press Clips

North Dakota starts mask campaign 5 months into pandemic

Bismarck Tribune - 8/10/2020

North Dakota to begin accepting applications for Economic Resiliency Grants

Grand Forks Herald - 8/9/2020

Bank of North Dakota asked to further develop concept for 'Phase 2' coronavirus business aid

Bismarck Tribune - 8/9/2020

Coronavirus child care grant program extended through end of year

Bismarck Tribune - 8/7/2020

Higher ed coronavirus testing costs may reach $20M, covered by CARES Act dollars

Grand Forks Herald - 8/4/2020

North Dakota Emergency Commission commits remaining federal coronavirus aid

Bismarck Tribune - 8/3/2020


ND Supreme Court sides with state in $200M mineral rights case

Grand Forks Herald - 7/31/2020

North Dakota to spend $66 million to plug abandoned wells

Reuters – 7/29/2020

North Dakota to spend entire $1.25B in federal COVID-19 aid

Associated Press – 7/24/2020

ND awards hefty bonuses despite $1,500 limit on performance-based incentives

Grand Forks Herald - 7/24/2020

Signature shortfall sets back North Dakota marijuana legalization group

Bismarck Tribune - 7/22/2020

Tribal businesses face hurdles for aid in North Dakota as they struggle to survive pandemic

Grand Forks Herald - 7/20/2020

Federal loans for North Dakota college students have taken a nosedive

Grand Forks Herald - 7/19/2020

'Fast, simple, easy': Bank of North Dakota boosts coronavirus business aid

Bismarck Tribune - 7/19/2020

Bonuses for North Dakota state employees hit record high despite governor's call for belt tightening

Grand Forks Herald - 7/18/2020

Sweeping measures against coronavirus deployed in North Dakota prisons

Bismarck Tribune - 7/15/2020

North Dakota infrastructure funds rely on oil and gas tax revenue, cut sharply by pandemic

Grand Forks Herald - 7/15/2020

North Dakota charities see reduced revenue as they face looming bills

Grand Forks Herald - 7/15/2020

North Dakota University System aims to hold 34 mass testing events in August

Grand Forks Herald - 7/15/2020

North Dakota Democrats propose COVID-19 sick leave fund; top Republican says he doesn't see need

Grand Forks Herald - 7/14/2020

Report: ND program to support tribal youth is sustainable

Bismarck Tribune - 7/13/2020

Trump declares spring flooding disaster in North Dakota, unlocking federal aid

Grand Forks Herald - 7/10/2020

State expects to begin accepting business grants by the end of July

Grand Forks Herald - 7/9/2020

North Dakota lawmakers discuss concerns in bill draft for Legacy Fund earnings

Bismarck Tribune - 7/8/2020

North Dakota companies got more than $1.7 billion in PPP loans during pandemic

Grand Forks Herald - 7/8/2020

CARES Act funding helps carry North Dakota hospitals

Grand Forks Herald - 7/7/2020

Pandemic takes financial toll on long-term care facilities in North Dakota, Minnesota

Grand Forks Herald - 7/3/2020


North Dakota residents called to answer 2020 Census

Grand Forks Herald - 6/30/2020

Ranging reasons account for varied salaries of North Dakota state officials

Bismarck Tribune - 6/28/2020

Burgum's budget guidelines would cause more cuts for North Dakota higher education

Grand Forks Herald - 6/26/2020

Overall revenue 2% ahead of forecast in North Dakota

Bismarck Tribune - 6/24/2020

Pandemic, low oil prices cause massive drop in North Dakota state revenue

Grand Forks Herald - 6/24/2020

North Dakota state revenues plunge in pandemic but remain ahead of forecast

Bismarck Tribune - 6/23/2020

North Dakota tax revenue from online sales skyrockets amid COVID-19 closures

Grand Forks Herald - 6/22/2020

North Dakota commission approves distributing $400 million for COVID-19 response

Grand Forks Herald - 6/19/2020

State divvies up $400M in virus aid, including dollars for businesses' protective gear

Bismarck Tribune - 6/18/2020

Legacy Fund rebounds after losing value in March and April

Bismarck Tribune - 6/18/2020

North Dakota Dem-NPL calls for special session; GOP leader says there's no need

Grand Forks Herald - 6/17/2020

North Dakota sees largest oil production drop on record; expected to go below 1 million barrels per day

Grand Forks Herald - 6/13/2020

North Dakota commission to vote on distribution of $400 million for COVID-19 response

Grand Forks Herald - 6/13/2020

Legacy Fund to post lowest deposit in its history

Bismarck Tribune - 6/12/2020

With COVID-19 raging, North Dakota, Minnesota renters feel economic pinch

Grand Forks Herald - 6/6/2020

North Dakota tribes to fight ruling giving minerals to state

Associated Press – 6/3/2020

Program to plug abandoned wells to kick in as stimulus money runs out for oil patch companies

Bismarck Tribune - 6/1/2020


North Dakota prison officials seek $2.5 million in virus aid

Bismarck Tribune - 5/30/2020

State mineral royalties expected to take a hit

Bismarck Tribune - 5/28/2020


AM1100 – 5/27/2020

Agency: Legislative session at Capitol may be impossible

Bismarck Tribune - 5/19/2020

North Dakota to use coronavirus aid to livestream hearings

Associated Press – 5/18/2020

North Dakota businesses dominated PPP. Their secret weapon? A century-old bank founded by radical progressives

Grand Forks Herald - 5/15/2020

N.D. Emergency Commission approves half billion in federal relief funds

Grand Forks Herald - 5/15/2020

North Dakota state revenues see some 'good news' amid pandemic

Bismarck Tribune - 5/15/2020

North Dakota aims to use COVID-19 aid to plug oil wells

Associated Press – 5/14/2020

ND Emergency Commission approves distribution of $524 million for COVID-19 response

Grand Forks Herald - 5/13/2020

North Dakota COVID-19 death total rises to 38; state OKs using federal funds

Bismarck Tribune - 5/12/2020

North Dakota tourism industry watches, waits amid pandemic

Associated Press – 5/8/2020 

Agencies aim to aid oil industry through new 'Bakken Restart Task Force'

Bismarck Tribune - 5/6/2020

With planning still to be done, university presidents supportive of move to return to campus this fall

Grand Forks Herald - 5/2/2020

Burgum to North Dakota agencies: Slash budget requests by 5-15%

Grand Forks Herald - 5/1/2020

Burgum urges caution with businesses set to reopen May 1

Grand Forks Herald - 5/1/2020

Gov. Burgum directs North Dakota agencies to identify cuts

Associated Press – 5/1/2020


New standards for North Dakota businesses clarified, expanded

Bismarck Tribune - 4/29/2020

Help available for home heating bills

Bismarck Tribune - 4/27/2020

North Dakota tourism industry watches and waits amid pandemic

Bismarck Tribune - 4/26/2020

Burgum declares flood emergency for North Dakota

Grand Forks Herald - 4/25/2020

Federal dollars to bolster North Dakota unemployment fund

Bismarck Tribune - 4/23/2020

Senators weigh rural broadband expansion in light of pandemic

Grand Forks Herald - 4/23/2020

Game and Fish gets $12.8 million for conservation programs

Bismarck Tribune - 4/23/2020

North Dakota's rural hospitals could see CARES Act dollars administered through UND

Grand Forks Herald - 4/23/2020

Budget outlook for North Dakota University System remains unclear amid pandemic

Grand Forks Herald - 4/22/2020

North Dakota COVID-19 cases climb by 46; state looks to ramp up testing, tracing

Bismarck Tribune - 4/17/2020

Burgum extends business closures as North Dakota hits new single-day high in coronavirus cases

Grand Forks Herald - 4/16/2020

New tax deadline slows filing rate, won't affect North Dakota budget, commissioner says

Bismarck Tribune - 4/15/2020

Budget Section approves federal aid

Bismarck Tribune - 4/7/2020

Even as federal aid comes, unknowns remain about how COVID-19 could impact UND financially

Grand Forks Herald - 4/5/2020

Federal COVID-19 funding starts falling into place in ND; total cases rise to 159

Bismarck Tribune - 4/2/2020

North Dakota business closures extended as coronavirus cases rise

Grand Forks Herald - 4/2/2020

Trump declares major disaster for North Dakota, unlocking funds for coronavirus response

Grand Forks Herald - 4/1/2020

No changes to school calendar due to lost instruction days after Burgum's North Dakota closure order

Grand Forks Herald - 4/1/2020