New York - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Cuomo aide: NY state wont consider slashing budget until election

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 9/16/2020

Bloated Apple: Cuomo tells de Blasio to cut the fat

New York Post - 9/16/2020

Teachers union sues Cuomo over school aid cuts, claim governors spending power is unconstitutional

New York Daily News - 9/16/2020

New York budget director: School districts 'premature' in making cuts

Albany Times-Union - 9/16/2020

New York extends special uninsured enrollment through 2020

New York Daily News - 9/16/2020

New York lawmakers call on Cuomo to release $4 billion in federal coronavirus funds

New York Daily News - 9/15/2020

New York Tax On Opioid Drug Makers Revived By Federal Appeals Court

Route Fifty – 9/15/2020

Take a hike: Cuomo walks back threat of tax increases

New York Post - 9/15/2020

Board of Regents leader: NY, feds cant expect schools do to more with less funding

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 9/15/2020

State-imposed mandates pile up on localities in Covid era: 'Next year is even worse'

Buffalo News - 9/13/2020

Cuomo dedicates $88M to aid child care

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 9/11/2020

New York to pay out new $300 in federal unemployment benefits starting next week

New York Daily News - 9/10/2020

Groups ask Cuomo for pre-paid absentee ballot postage

Albany Times-Union - 9/10/2020

Late-summer teacher retirements skyrocketed in NY amid pandemic

Buffalo News - 9/10/2020

Cuomo urged to release $50 million to prevent COVID-19 election chaos

New York Post - 9/10/2020

Unlike malls, New York schools don't require heavy duty air filters for COVID-19

Albany Times-Union - 9/9/2020

New York mental health providers warn lawmakers cuts will be 'devastating'

Albany Times-Union - 9/8/2020

Is Taxing the Rich the Answer to N.Y.s Budget Deficit?

The New York Times - 9/8/2020

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is hailing continued progress - 9/8/2020

New York mum on dispersement of $100M in rent relief

Albany Times-Union - 9/7/2020

Tax the Ultrarich? Cuomo Resists, Even With a $14 Billion Budget Gap

The New York Times - 9/7/2020

FEMA change pulls funds for disinfecting school, NY leaders say

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 9/4/2020

DiNapoli: Governments will have to pay more into public pensions - 9/4/2020

Trump fires back at Gov. Cuomo as two spar over NYC defunding threat

New York Post - 9/3/2020

Trump fires back at Gov. Cuomo as two spar over NYC defunding threat

New York Post - 9/3/2020

Lawmakers push stock transfer tax to avoid cuts - 9/2/2020

Cuomo, labor leaders call on Congress to provide aid

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 9/1/2020

New NY law requires employers to give sick leave to all workers; heres what you need to know

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 9/1/2020


Unemployed casino workers wait, worry and juggle their bills

Albany Times-Union - 8/27/2020

Schools trim offerings in remote learning, pre-K

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 8/26/2020

MTA chief: We need $12 billion in federal aid to avoid 'draconian' cuts - 8/26/2020

Amid lawsuits, NY State Liquor Authority defends its music restrictions

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 8/26/2020

New York approved for $300 a week unemployment money. Whats next

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 8/25/2020

The clock is ticking on resolving New York State's sky-high deficit

Buffalo News - 8/25/2020

N.Y.s most vulnerable will suffer if the state cancels funding: disability advocates

New York Daily News - 8/24/2020

DiNapoli: State economic agency flunked Buffalo Billion oversight

Buffalo News - 8/21/2020

New York casinos are still closed. Why workers are going bust

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 8/20/2020

NY Big 5 schools chart own COVID reopening

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 8/20/2020

State trimming some aid payments by 20% - 8/20/2020

Bail reform: Lawmakers to add more bail-eligible crimes, discovery funding

Albany Times-Union - 8/19/2020

Weeks from start of year, NY schools face sharp aid cuts

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 8/19/2020

Despite deficit, New York's environmental fund intact

Albany Times-Union - 8/18/2020

Election officials call for more funds, resources ahead of general election

Albany Times-Union - 8/11/2020

Cuomo taunts McConnell to pass bill allowing states to file for bankruptcy

New York Post - 8/10/2020

Lawmakers told NY nursing homes could close if funding is cut during pandemic

Buffalo News - 8/10/2020

Cuomo criticizes Trump's use of executive orders to address crisis

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 8/9/2020

Gov. Andrew Cuomo clears New York schools statewide to open, carefully

Associated Press – 8/7/2020

N.Y. lawmakers call on Cuomo to use federal funds for struggling child care centers

New York Daily News - 8/6/2020

State health, education officials speak of hurdles to reopening schools - 8/6/2020

Cuomo takes over as chair of National Governors Association

Albany Times-Union - 8/5/2020

NY rolls back legal immunity for hospitals, nursing homes

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 8/4/2020

New York lawmakers call on Cuomo to embrace wealth tax as governor warns of billionaire exodus

New York Daily News - 8/3/2020

Reopening colleges will be university by university decision, Cuomo says

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 8/1/2020


Cuomo: New York casinos are nonessential

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 8/1/2020

NY spent millions on medical equipment that was never used

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 7/31/2020

DiNapoli: State pension fund value drops $16B because of virus - 7/31/2020

Cuomo postpones planned environmental bond act - 7/31/2020

As state funds Covid-19 contact tracing, Cuomo warns of upcoming flu season

Buffalo News - 7/30/2020

Tax the rich? Lawmakers say yes, Cuomo says no

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 7/30/2020

Cuomo pledges $30 million to N.Y. counties for coronavirus tracing

New York Daily News - 7/30/2020

Cuomo dismisses calls to raise taxes on New York's wealthiest residents

Buffalo News - 7/29/2020

Cuomo pushes for state aid: There are no more tomorrows'

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 7/29/2020

Online sports betting industry sees potential opening in New York

Buffalo News - 7/29/2020

Cuomo warns of MTA fare and toll hikes if Congress doesnt approve federal funds

New York Daily News - 7/28/2020

Cuomo: 'Devastating news' that states could be left out of latest stimulus

Buffalo News - 7/27/2020

Covid response expenses soar to $4 billion statewide “ and counting

Buffalo News - 7/27/2020

Will free SUNY tuition be cut this fall?

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 7/27/2020

State lawmakers move to limit nursing home immunity during pandemic

Buffalo News - 7/25/2020

Cuomo raps feds for false statements about Trusted Travelers ban

Albany Times-Union - 7/24/2020

Move to get NY lawmakers more budget power unlikely to advance

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 7/24/2020

Albany lawmakers return to pass Juneteenth, COVID-19 liability measures

New York Post - 7/23/2020

Cuomo: NY keeping coronavirus down, but needs federal aid - 7/23/2020

On the table in Albany this week: Tax loopholes, spotty broadband

Buffalo News - 7/22/2020

Cuomo renews call for federal coronavirus relief for states, slams Republicans over lack of aid

New York Daily News - 7/22/2020

Rare mid-summer session for NY lawmakers begins

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 7/22/2020

NY bill would rollback COVID-19 liability protection for hospitals, nursing homes

New York Post - 7/21/2020

Cuomo may slash Excelsior Scholarship program amid COVID-19

New York Post - 7/21/2020

NY providers say pandemic is fueling opioid use

Albany Times-Union - 7/20/2020

New York's legislators reckon with systemic racism in housing

Albany Times-Union - 7/19/2020

McCoy: Small municipalities need to be included in federal stimulus...

Albany Times-Union - 7/17/2020

New York's tax receipts for June show major decline

New York Post - 7/16/2020

What NY schools have to do to reopen this fall

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 7/15/2020

'Uncertainties upon uncertainties' remain about reopening schools

Buffalo News - 7/15/2020

Lawmakers slam Cuomo decision to cut substance abuse treatment

Buffalo News - 7/15/2020

NY's 'cash out' policy has survived a lot. Can it outlast the pandemic? - 7/12/2020

NY lawmakers to pursue further rent, mortgage relief

Albany Times-Union - 7/10/2020

State lawmakers plan 'robust' agenda for rare July session

Buffalo News - 7/8/2020

Gov. Cuomo to decide on school reopening date in August

New York Post - 7/8/2020

Cuomo: Only states have authority to reopen schools

Albany Times-Union - 7/8/2020

New York State Fair canceled over COVID-19 concerns

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 7/6/2020

Reformer groups call for end to Cuomo's executive power

Albany Times-Union - 7/2/2020

For New York's public schools large and small, debt is a constant reality

Albany Times-Union - 7/2/2020

New York City will not allow indoor dining

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 7/1/2020

Cuts could hit New Yorkers with disabilities

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 7/1/2020


Cuomo and N.Y. lawmakers still skeptical of de Blasio plan to borrow billions for city budget

New York Daily News - 6/29/2020

Fiscal watchdogs caution lawmakers on raising taxes on wealthy

Albany Times-Union - 6/28/2020

De Blasio: layoffs of 22,000 NYC workers by October 1 without federal or state help to close $1 billion budget gap

New York Daily News - 6/26/2020

Cuomo offers help to spiking states after slamming 'rushed' reopenings

Buffalo News - 6/26/2020

Lawmakers urge Cuomo to overhaul nursing home oversight amid coronavirus mess

New York Post - 6/25/2020

Albany withholds state aid to Buffalo, other municipalities due to Covid-19

Buffalo News - 6/24/2020

State bill would ban ATM fees for unemployed New Yorkers collecting benefits

New York Post - 6/21/2020

Cuomo clears NYC for phase 2 reopening

New York Daily News - 6/19/2020

NY lawmakers want to avoid spending cuts by taxing the rich

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 6/19/2020

New York lawmakers embrace tax the rich plan to avoid spending cuts post-coronavirus

New York Daily News - 6/18/2020

Cuomo signs rent relief, other NY coronavirus measures

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 6/18/2020

More than 100 school budgets pass; three fail - 6/18/2020

Cuomo signs rent relief and other coronavirus-related measures passed by N.Y. Legislature

New York Daily News - 6/17/2020

State contract freeze hits thousands of charities

Albany Times-Union - 6/17/2020

DiNapoli: NYS tax revenues dropped 9% — or $767M — in May - 6/17/2020

Dozens of districts pass budgets, most by lopsided margins - 6/17/2020

NY state tax revenue falls 20% in May

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 6/16/2020

Cuomo will soon distribute a billion in Medicaid funding to counties

Albany Times-Union - 6/16/2020

Cuomo signs more police bills: Courts must report new data on race

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 6/15/2020

Pandemic economic fallout hits NY, creates uncertain future for CNY health org

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 6/15/2020

Conservation budget, $3B environmental bond act at risk during pandemic

Albany Times-Union - 6/15/2020

Public schools, including charter schools, have been closed for months because of the pandemic.

The New York Times - 6/15/2020

Cuomo says local govts could lose all NY money without police reforms

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 6/13/2020

NY lawmakers want to strip hospitals, nursing homes of coronavirus lawsuit immunity

New York Post - 6/12/2020

Cuomo extends deadline for mailing in school budget ballots

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 6/8/2020

New York gives property tax extensions to residents in a few villages including 2 in Central NY

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 6/2/2020

Can 8 Million Daily Riders Be Lured Back to N.Y. Mass Transit?

The New York Times - 6/1/2020


Lawmakers pass property tax relief option, allowing installment or late...

Albany Times-Union - 5/29/2020

GOP lawmakers want to curtail Cuomo's emergency powers - 5/29/2020

New York legislators pass dozens of coronavirus-related bills

Albany Times-Union - 5/28/2020

Cuomo: No current plans for state layoffs, furloughs

Albany Times-Union - 5/28/2020

Legislature declines to authorize de Blasio's $7B COVID-19 loan for NYC

New York Post - 5/28/2020

Cuomo promotes New York City infrastructure projects at Trump meeting

Buffalo News - 5/27/2020

In D.C., Cuomo blasts federal lawmakers for stalling aid for local governments

Albany Times-Union - 5/27/2020

As Legislature returns, Cuomo says theres little spending room

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 5/27/2020

State and NYC will provide death benefits for frontline workers who die from coronavirus, Cuomo says

New York Daily News - 5/26/2020

New York State lawmakers to reconvene to OK Covid-19 bills

Buffalo News - 5/26/2020

Cuomo throws cold water on de Blasio-backed plan to let NYC borrow billions

New York Daily News - 5/26/2020

State launches $100 million loan fund for small businesses.  

Buffalo News - 5/23/2020

Health care faces another Medicaid cut during pandemic - 5/22/2020

NY lawmakers push to legalize pot, sports betting to fill coronavirus budget gaps

New York Post - 5/21/2020

Cuomo: NY at 'pivot point' in curtailing the coronavirus amid reopening - 5/21/2020

Cuomo defends nursing home policies as long-term care deaths top 5,800

Albany Times-Union - 5/20/2020

When to expect online sports betting in New York

New York Daily News - 5/19/2020

Cuomo urges major sports teams to play without fans in stands

Buffalo News - 5/18/2020

NYC halts hundreds of millions in payments for idle school buses

New York Post - 5/16/2020

Thousands of state workers are home, but no whisper of furloughs

Albany Times-Union - 5/16/2020

State revenue plunges 68% in April, comptroller says

Albany Times-Union - 5/16/2020

Some CUNY colleges prepare to lay off adjuncts as budget cuts loom

New York Daily News - 5/15/2020

Cuomo says North Country among four regions ready to reopen Friday

Albany Times-Union - 5/13/2020

New York will get $1.5 billion for coronavirus testing

Albany Times-Union - 5/13/2020

Cuomo: NY faces school, hospital cuts without $61 billion in aid

New York Post - 5/12/2020

N.Y. needs $61B bailout in next coronavirus stimulus or devastating cuts will ensue, Gov. Cuomo says

New York Daily News - 5/12/2020

Cuomo proposes law refusing bailouts for companies that dont rehire

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 5/11/2020

Cuomo: Rent relief 'a deep breath' for families amid COVID-19 crisis - 5/8/2020

Andrew Cuomo's $25M plan to bring upstate farm food to NYC pantries

New York Post - 5/7/2020

Cuomo extends moratorium on rental evictions in N.Y. through August amid coronavirus crisis

New York Daily News - 5/7/2020

Cuomo encourages voters use absentee ballots as judge reinstates New York Democratic presidential primary

New York Daily News - 5/6/2020

Critics slam Cuomo plan to reimagine schools with Bill Gates

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 5/6/2020

Analysis: States barely hit by coronavirus get more aid per victim than NY, NJ

New York Daily News - 5/5/2020

New York hospitals get $5 billion in "hot spot" funding

Albany Times-Union - 5/5/2020

1 out of 5 working New Yorkers to lose jobs by end of June due to coronavirus, NYC comptroller says

New York Daily News - 5/5/2020

Understanding NYs restart plan: What we know about Cuomos 4 phases

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 5/5/2020

NY lawmakers pitch coronavirus bills, hold hearings

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 5/4/2020

Cuomo changed 262 NY laws in 55 days of coronavirus crisis

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 5/4/2020

New York, six northeast states partner to buy medical supplies

Albany Times-Union - 5/3/2020

New York hospitals to get $5B in federal coronavirus funds - 5/3/2020

Cuomo closes K-12 schools, colleges through June; calls for reopening plans

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 5/1/2020

New York, hit hard by coronavirus, lags behind other states in Census counting

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 5/1/2020


Waiting for aid, upstate hospitals are losing over $250,000 a day

Albany Times-Union - 4/29/2020

Coronavirus antibody testing in Boston, Massachusetts has Baker, Walsh in opposite corners

Albany Times-Union - 4/29/2020

NY offers to pay for child care for some essential workers through May 15

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 4/29/2020

Gov. Cuomo says New York may need federal help to pay unemployment benefits

New York Post - 4/27/2020

Were Seeing a Tremendous Demand, Cuomo Says of Food Banks

The New York Times - 4/27/2020

Gov. Cuomo on reopening schools, summer school, remote learning

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 4/26/2020

State consultant's report sees dire economic effects of pandemic

Albany Times-Union - 4/25/2020

Cuomo: Coronavirus blew $13.3B hole in New York tax projections

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 4/24/2020

Cuomo: I dare you to let states declare coronavirus bankruptcy in scathing new attack on GOP

New York Daily News - 4/24/2020

What did Trump administration give New York for coronvirus? Here's a breakdown

Albany Times-Union - 4/24/2020

NYC advocates back MTAs $3.9B request for more federal coronavirus relief

New York Daily News - 4/23/2020

Cuomo on McConnells state bankruptcy idea: Really dumb

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 4/23/2020

Revenue shortfalls in NY could last years due to coronavirus

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 4/23/2020

Cuomo: Coronavirus fight 'not going to be over any time soon' for NY - 4/23/2020

Coronavirus economic impact will last years, says report by New York Comptroller DiNapoli

New York Daily News - 4/22/2020

Larger budget gaps likely as New York recovers from pandemic

Albany Times-Union - 4/22/2020

Cuomo on reopening: 'This is no time to act stupidly'

Buffalo News - 4/22/2020

Cuomo seeking federal help for NY with coronavirus testing; looking to reopen economy by region - 4/22/2020

Trump pledged to help New York with coronavirus testing, Cuomo says

New York Post - 4/21/2020

Cuomo and Trump talk coronavirus testing during Oval Office meeting, N.Y. no longer needs Navy ship

New York Daily News - 4/21/2020

New York seeks $4B loan from US to cover unemployment tab

New York Post - 4/21/2020

Cuomo backs 'hazard pay' for workers on coronavirus front lines - 4/21/2020

Cuomo: 20% funding cuts may be coming for schools, hospitals

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 4/20/2020

Cuomo: NY must enact a statewide plan to reopen

Albany Times-Union - 4/20/2020

Cuomo: Statewide antibody tests to give 'snapshot' to assess reopening - 4/20/2020

N.Y. lawmakers want to give Legislature greater control over state budget

New York Daily News - 4/17/2020

New York lawmakers demand bigger share of hospital coronavirus stimulus aid

New York Daily News - 4/15/2020

N.Y. lawmakers want next federal coronavirus stimulus package to cover rent

New York Daily News - 4/15/2020

Local government leaders call on feds for direct funding amid pandemic

Albany Times-Union - 4/14/2020

NY lawmakers not on board with idea of de Blasio borrowing for budget

New York Daily News - 4/13/2020

Cuomo will discuss with NJ, Conn when states should reopen

Albany Times-Union - 4/12/2020

NY deferring workforce pay raises: 'We, frankly, don't have the money' - 4/11/2020

When does coronavirus shutdown end? 'No idea,' Cuomo says

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 4/10/2020

Unions up in arms over Cuomo pay freeze for essential state workers

New York Daily News - 4/10/2020

NYS announces new graduation rules after cancelling Regents due to coronavirus

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 4/7/2020

NY lawmakers pledge to reconvene as coronavirus upends session

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 4/6/2020

New state budget tries to balance numbers, virus uncertainty - 4/5/2020

Cuomo says 2020 state legislative session effectively over

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 4/4/2020

10 things to know about New Yorks new $177B budget deal

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 4/3/2020

Deep NY budget cuts hinge on federal aid, economic recovery

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 4/3/2020

Budget gives Cuomo sweeping powers to control NY spending

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 4/3/2020

Education aid remains flat, but experts warn of future cuts in budget

Albany Times-Union - 4/3/2020

New York State passed a $177 billion budget that was laden with uncertainties.

The New York Times - 4/3/2020

State lawmakers OK coronavirus-wracked $177 billion budget

New York Post - 4/2/2020

N.Y. budget gives Cuomo spending and borrowing control as coronavirus clouds states fiscal future

New York Daily News - 4/2/2020

New York's planned Medicaid changes risk $6B in federal aid

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 4/2/2020

Cuomo, Legislature reach 'conceptual agreement' on budget

Albany Times-Union - 4/1/2020


Medicaid fight takes central stage in Albany budget battle

New York Post - 3/31/2020

NY counties face potential $2B loss in sales tax revenue

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 3/31/2020

Cuomo warns of drastic budget cuts

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 3/30/2020

New York state budget: 9 issues to watch for as on-time deadline looms

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 3/30/2020

Cuomo and Schumer spar over federal coronavirus funds

New York Daily News - 3/29/2020

Coronavirus: Cuomo urges federal government to organize purchase of ventilators

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 3/29/2020

New York lawmakers preparing to work and vote remotely amid coronavirus concerns

New York Daily News - 3/28/2020

N.Y. state lawmakers fume over proposed Medicaid cuts amid coronavirus crisis

New York Daily News - 3/27/2020

Cuomo threatens to reject $6.7B in federal aid in favor of Medicaid redesign

Politico – 3/27/2020

Whats in federal coronavirus relief bill for New York?

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 3/26/2020

Medicaid change dropped from federal stimulus, irking Cuomo

Buffalo News - 3/26/2020

Cuomo proposes adjustable budget as New York projected to lose $10-15 billion in tax revenue

New York Daily News - 3/26/2020

Outbreak Ravages N.Y. Budget; Governor Calls Aid Deal ‘Terrible’ for State

New York Times – 3/26/2020

Cuomo: 'Numbers don't work' in 'terrible' Senate stimulus package

The Hill – 3/25/2020

State officials eye emergency loans to keep state open during coronavirus crisis

New York Post - 3/24/2020

Coronavirus Could Cut New York State Revenue by Up to $15 Billion, Cuomo Aide Warns

Wall Street Journal – 3/24/2020

Comptroller DiNapoli has good news and bad news on state finances

Buffalo News - 3/24/2020

Coronavirus may derail New York marijuana legalization

New York Daily News - 3/23/2020

Cuomo asks for masks, more: Wants business 'to get creative'

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 3/20/2020

Medicaid cuts in N.Y. resisted as coronavirus cases surge

Albany Times-Union - 3/20/2020

Cuomo to Congress: New York need more aid in next coronavirus bill

Albany Times-Union - 3/20/2020

Cuomo orders nonessential workers in New York to stay home

The Hill – 3/20/2020

NY state agrees to waive fines for businesses that miss sales tax deadline

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 3/20/2020

N.Y. Medicaid task force proposes billions in savings amid coronavirus economic uncertainty

New York Daily News - 3/19/2020

New York state lawmakers pass emergency coronavirus paid sick leave bill

New York Post - 3/18/2020

Bill with Medicaid money for New York goes to president

Buffalo News - 3/18/2020

New York lawmakers strike deal on paid sick leave

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 3/18/2020

State prepares for hospital surge - 3/18/2020

New York could see $7B hole in state revenue projections: comptroller

New York Post - 3/17/2020

State halts student loan, medical bill collection amid coronavirus

New York Post - 3/17/2020

Coronavirus outbreak blows a huge hole in New Yorks state budget

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 3/17/2020

Cuomo expands statewide shutdown to include all schools

Buffalo News - 3/16/2020

Coronavirus to inflict $3.2B tax revenue loss on NYC, says Comptroller

New York Daily News - 3/16/2020

Cuomo still aiming for New York budget by April 1 deadline

Syracuse Post-Standard & - 3/16/2020

Legislators plan to OK paid leave for quarantined workers - 3/16/2020

Gov. Cuomo to pols: 'Do your job' in Albany despite coronavirus

New York Post - 3/15/2020

New York weighs impact of virus outbreak on state budget

Associated Press – 3/15/2020

Coronavirus concerns accelerate budget talks in Albany

New York Daily News - 3/15/2020

Billions in federal coronavirus bill could help New York patch Medicaid funding gap.  

Buffalo News - 3/14/2020

Experts: Virus fueling fiscal crisis for state and counties - 3/14/2020

Coronavirus bill could direct about $8B to NY for Medicaid

Albany Times-Union - 3/13/2020

Economic hit from SUNY coronavirus plan ripples through upstate

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 3/13/2020

Coronavirus spread causing new review by officials of state's finances

Buffalo News - 3/11/2020

New York leaders grapple with economic impact of coronavirus

New York Daily News - 3/10/2020

Cuomo: NY has 142 coronavirus cases; Port Authority chief tests positive - 3/10/2020

First Coronavirus ‘Containment Zone’ in U.S. Established in New York State

Route Fifty – 3/10/2020

New York State Makes Own Hand Sanitizer to Protect Against Coronavirus

Route Fifty – 3/9/2020

Coronavirus in New York: How local health departments are responding

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 3/9/2020

Virus looms over NY's financial health, budget talks

Albany Times-Union - 3/7/2020

Uptick in coronavirus cases leads to a state of emergency for New York

Buffalo News - 3/7/2020

Coronavirus Outbreak Stymies New York Budget Debate

Wall Street Journal – 3/7/2020

Cuomo declares state of emergency in New York as state coronavirus cases soar to 89

New York Post – 3/7/2020 

N.Y. Gov. Cuomo blasts federal coronavirus funds as insufficient

New York Daily News - 3/5/2020

Cuomo: 'We're dealing with a coronavirus epidemic' - 3/5/2020

Schumer secures $30M in federal coronavirus emergency funding for New York as outbreak worsens

New York Daily News - 3/4/2020

Coronavirus: Cuomo gets $40M, more power to respond

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - 3/3/2020

NY eyes extra revenue but forecasters warn about new virus

Associated Press – 3/2/2020

Gov. Cuomo warns coronavirus will come to New York, state preparing

New York Daily News - 2/26/2020