New Jersey - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Supreme Court rules Murphy can borrow nearly $10B

Asbury Park Press - 8/12/2020

N.J. business group calls on Gov. Murphy to restart reopening plan as COVID-19 numbers drop

Jersey City Journal - 8/11/2020

Trumps $400 unemployment expansion could cost N.J. $68M per week. The state cant afford it, Murphy says.

Jersey City Journal - 8/10/2020

NJ unveils benchmarks for nursing homes to reopen for visits

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 8/10/2020

N.J. spends $23.5M, adds 1,200 workers to boost contact-tracing effort

Jersey City Journal - 8/7/2020

Some struggling N.J. tenants could have back rent forgiven under new $25M program Murphy will unveil

Jersey City Journal - 8/7/2020

Trumps cuts in funding for National Guard deployment may cost N.J. $3.5M

Jersey City Journal - 8/6/2020

Murphys coronavirus borrowing defies law, GOP argues

Asbury Park Press - 8/5/2020

Borrowing $9.9B needed to confront a disaster of historic proportions, Murphy officials tell court

Jersey City Journal - 8/5/2020

Murphy partially vetoes bill allowing towns, counties to borrow money amid pandemic

Jersey City Journal - 8/3/2020

NJ's Virus Expenses Nearly Triple to $573M Since May

NBC New York – 8/3/2020


N.J. lottery profits drop, and that could be bad news for public worker pension system

Jersey City Journal - 7/31/2020

If N.J. legalizes recreational weed, feds couldnt stop it under House-passed measure

Jersey City Journal - 7/30/2020

N.J. lawmakers OK bill allowing towns, counties to borrow to avoid layoffs, cuts during pandemic

Jersey City Journal - 7/30/2020

Growing chorus in NJ wants all-remote learning to stay for now

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 7/29/2020

District cancels busing plans citing lack of interest by families amid new coronavirus schedule

Jersey City Journal - 7/29/2020

NJ advocates push for $12M more to fight deportations

Asbury Park Press - 7/29/2020

More grants coming for NJs small businesses

Asbury Park Press - 7/28/2020

Lawmakers advance a tax on health insurers

Asbury Park Press - 7/24/2020

N.J. attorney general opposes call to defund the police.' He says more spending is needed.

Jersey City Journal - 7/23/2020

Heres the latest on how N.J. public-worker pension fund investments are doing

Jersey City Journal - 7/22/2020

The coronavirus has put N.J. in financial trouble. But is legal weed the ticket out?

Jersey City Journal - 7/22/2020

N.J. schools face $1B cut without new federal stimulus aid, Murphy warns as he blasts McConnell

Jersey City Journal - 7/22/2020

NJ to allow for all-remote learning in the fall

Asbury Park Press - 7/20/2020

Restoring property tax break would benefit almost one-third of New Jersey taxpayers, study says

Jersey City Journal - 7/20/2020

N.J. tax collections continue to suffer despite gradual reopening of businesses

Jersey City Journal - 7/17/2020

New office, task force will track how N.J. spends its billions in federal coronavirus funds

Jersey City Journal - 7/17/2020

Black lawmakers ask for oversight role as N.J. legislature sends $9.9B borrowing bill to Murphy

Jersey City Journal - 7/16/2020

Murphy seeks donations to give all students internet

Asbury Park Press - 7/16/2020

Heres how experts assess N.J.s plan to borrow almost $10B

Jersey City Journal - 7/16/2020

NJ ahead of the nation in Census responses

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 7/15/2020

New Jersey governor says state economy will be recovering from virus ‘for years’

CNBC – 7/15/2020

Candidate’s idea for closing New Jersey’s budget gap gains traction — one day after his death

Politico – 7/14/2020

Murphy says legalizing weed is incredibly smart to offset budget woes triggered by coronavirus

Jersey City Journal - 7/14/2020

N.J. Dems agreed to borrow up to $9.9B to avoid state layoffs. Now its time to vote.

Jersey City Journal - 7/14/2020

Murphy hints at tax hikes, schools might not reopen in Sept.;

Jersey City Journal - 7/11/2020

NJ can borrow $9.9B under Murphy, Sweeney deal

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 7/10/2020

N.J. food banks getting $20M to help feed people during coronavirus pandemic

Jersey City Journal - 7/9/2020

CARES Act funding continues to support arts and humanity organizations across New Jersey

Asbury Park Press - 7/8/2020

N.J. courts starting to hear eviction disputes again. Advocates fear many renters will be forced out.

Jersey City Journal - 7/5/2020

Gov. Murphy signs bill to furlough workers

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 7/3/2020

N.J. coronavirus public-health emergency extended by 30 days. State of emergency stays in effect.

Jersey City Journal - 7/2/2020

New unemployment claims dip as N.J. continues reopening

Jersey City Journal - 7/2/2020

N.J. educators get long-awaited relief for high contributions to health care

Press of Atlantic City - 7/1/2020

Murphy wants to borrow billions to dig N.J. out of huge budget hole. Is that really a good idea?

Jersey City Journal - 7/1/2020


Cuts and uncertainty.' Murphy signs bare bones $7.7B N.J. budget paying for next 3 months

Jersey City Journal - 6/30/2020

Gov. Murphy defends canceling N.J. indoor dining reopening. Were trying to stay one step ahead of this virus.'

Jersey City Journal - 6/30/2020

Gov. Murphy signs 3-month budget into law

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 6/30/2020

N.J. Legislature passes $7.7B stopgap budget to cover next three months

Jersey City Journal - 6/29/2020

Whats in, whats out of NJ $7.7B spending plan

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 6/29/2020

N.J. schools will reopen with masks, social distancing and sweeping new rules under just-released plan

Jersey City Journal - 6/26/2020

NJ Transit receives $13M from feds to help riders in 14 rural counties

Jersey City Journal - 6/24/2020

N.J.'s waning virus crisis casts $10.1 billion gap as new menace

Bloomberg – 6/24/2020

Towns anticipate deep COVID-19 revenue losses in coming months

Press of Atlantic City - 6/23/2020

N.J. state workers union, Murphy strike deal on furloughs, postponed raises to avert layoffs

Jersey City Journal - 6/23/2020

N.J. budget talks ramp up. Theres going to be a lot of cutting,' Sweeney says.

Jersey City Journal - 6/23/2020

NJ TRANSIT and Rutgers studying use of ultraviolet-c to disinfect bus fleet

Press of Atlantic City - 6/22/2020

N.J. faces draconian cuts to services without new federal aid, nations top economists warn

Jersey City Journal - 6/20/2020

NJ on track to contain coronavirus, analysis shows

Asbury Park Press - 6/19/2020

How NJ spent $300 million during coronavirus response

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 6/18/2020

Rutgers approves tuition and fee freeze for 2020-21 academic year

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 6/16/2020

N.J. to borrow $1.7B from feds to pay unemployment benefits

Jersey City Journal - 6/16/2020

N.J. Senate OKs tax breaks for casinos hit by coronavirus

Jersey City Journal - 6/15/2020

Households affected by COVID19-related job or income loss can apply for state and federal program to offset cost of home energy bills

Press of Atlantic City - 6/15/2020

State spent nearly $11M to save $11M

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 6/15/2020

After dining with Murphy, Trump announces key N.J. rail project can proceed

Jersey City Journal - 6/13/2020

N.J. casinos could be allowed to skip or lower tax payments that fund programs for seniors

Jersey City Journal - 6/11/2020

HUD allocates $450M for homeless in NJ, NY

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 6/9/2020

Reopening NJ: Courts to be phased in; trials on hold

Asbury Park Press - 6/9/2020

NJ Transit's longer-term plans focus on infrastructure

Press of Atlantic City - 6/8/2020

Transit workers support Gov. Murphys plan to borrow money

Jersey City Journal - 6/8/2020

Agreement will save hundreds of workers jobs at Rutgers, union says

Jersey City Journal - 6/5/2020

Murphy plan for billions in borrowing to avert historic public worker layoffs clears Assembly

Jersey City Journal - 6/4/2020

N.J. needs tougher oversight to rein in troubled nursing homes, according to $500K report

Jersey City Journal - 6/3/2020

N.J.'s largest teachers union pushing hard for vote on health care overhaul

Jersey City Journal - 6/3/2020

Feds say N.J. paid out $721M in Medicaid benefits but did not properly monitor how the money was spent

Jersey City Journal - 6/3/2020

N.J. is one step closer to borrowing billions of dollars to make up for stunning loss in tax revenues

Jersey City Journal - 6/1/2020


NJ cuts $336M for schools. Here are the districts that hurts.

Asbury Park Press - 5/29/2020

Struggling N.J. tenants could get up to 12 months of rent relief from new program, Murphy says

Jersey City Journal - 5/29/2020

Murphy shrinks budget a little, waiting and hoping for US funding

Press of Atlantic City - 5/29/2020

New Jersey may have to fire 200,000 public workers, governor says

Associated Press – 5/29/2020

Reopened New Jersey schools will look much different

Asbury Park Press - 5/28/2020

N.J. public worker pension fund losing money on its investments as coronavirus takes toll

Jersey City Journal - 5/27/2020

NJ Turnpike Authority approves Turnpike, GSP toll hikes

Asbury Park Press - 5/27/2020

Will N.J.'s wealthy private schools receive too much coronavirus aid?

Jersey City Journal - 5/26/2020

New Jersey governor warns of educator, health-care worker layoffs without federal aid
The Hill – 5/24/2020

Emergency fund offers $68.8M more in federal aid to NJ colleges

Press of Atlantic City - 5/23/2020

Murphy slashes $1.3B in spending to fix state budget ravaged by coronavirus crisis

Jersey City Journal - 5/22/2020

New Jersey proposes $5 billion in cuts as revenues fall 'off a cliff'

Press of Atlantic City - 5/22/2020

NJ Treasury proposes $5 billion cuts and delays

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 5/22/2020

N.J. nursing homes decimated by the coronavirus will get $170M in federal funds

Jersey City Journal - 5/22/2020

Murphy OKs furloughs for N.J. public employees to avert layoffs

Jersey City Journal - 5/22/2020

Report: Schools must consider mental health, funding, staffing to reopen

Press of Atlantic City - 5/20/2020

N.J. colleges want immunity if COVID-19 hits students, faculty this fall

Jersey City Journal - 5/19/2020

State highway agencies need a $50B federal cash infusion or construction could halt, group says – 5/19/2020

Big school cuts may be coming. Heres where N.J. districts will slash first.

Jersey City Journal - 5/17/2020

N.J. gets $1.4B from feds to boost NJ Transit during coronavirus pandemic

Jersey City Journal - 5/16/2020

N.J. renters would get emergency aid during coronavirus crisis under bill that just passed

Jersey City Journal - 5/14/2020

Plan to partially furlough 100K N.J. public workers wins big in Legislature. Its up to Murphy.

Jersey City Journal - 5/14/2020

NJ gets first glimpse of budget hole, with tax collections down

Asbury Park Press - 5/13/2020

New Jersey may face $10B budget shortfall through FY 2021

Politico – 5/13/2020

N.J. tax collections tumbled a staggering $3.5B in April due to the coronavirus.

Jersey City Journal - 5/13/2020

Gov. Murphy: Federal aid critical for Atlantic City's recovery

Press of Atlantic City - 5/13/2020

N.J. just got $613M from feds to expand coronavirus testing, which is key to reopening economy

Jersey City Journal - 5/13/2020

N.J.s troubled public pension fund piled up more debt before coronavirus crisis

Jersey City Journal - 5/12/2020

NJ Transit, other agencies request $33B in federal funding

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 5/12/2020

N.J. to double coronavirus testing to 20K by end of month as Gov. Murphy plans reopening of state

Jersey City Journal - 5/12/2020

Sweeney plan to partially furlough 100K N.J. public workers passes committee

Jersey City Journal - 5/11/2020

Could NJ taxes rise because of coronavirus?

Asbury Park Press - 5/11/2020

NJ awarded $310M in CARES Act funds for K-12 education

Press of Atlantic City - 5/8/2020

Coronavirus could mean huge drops in NJ tourism, spending

Asbury Park Press - 5/7/2020

N.J. community college to cut jobs, programming due to coronavirus

Jersey City Journal - 5/6/2020

My plan for federal help for N.J. pensions wouldnt be a bailout, Sweeney says

Jersey City Journal - 5/5/2020

Murphy: Expect dramatic NJ public worker layoffs without federal aid

Asbury Park Press - 5/4/2020

Downgrading NJs Credit Rating or Outlook, Wall Street Firms Highlight Poor Fiscal Hi

Press of Atlantic City - 5/4/2020

Gov. Murphy closes schools for rest of academic year

Press of Atlantic City - 5/4/2020

Can Murphy keep NJ shut down? Experts weigh in

Asbury Park Press - 5/3/2020

N.J. losing billions in epic tax revenue shortfall. These stunning examples show how bad it is. – 5/2/2020

Murphy: 53 NJ hospitals to share $1.7 billion in federal aid

Associated Press – 5/2/2020

N.J. losing billions in epic tax revenue shortfall. These stunning examples show how bad it is.

Jersey City Journal - 5/1/2020


Murphy says Trump made no promises about coronavirus aid to states, but talks went well

Jersey City Journal - 4/30/2020

NJ Transit revenues hit rock bottom. From $1.5M in daily ticket sales to $41K.

Jersey City Journal - 4/30/2020

Trump says more federal aid for N.J. a tough question during White House meeting with Murphy

Jersey City Journal - 4/30/2020

N.J. could slash or delay public worker pension payment, ratings agency warns

Jersey City Journal - 4/29/2020

Murphy: Unemployment benefits for self-employed on the way

Asbury Park Press - 4/29/2020

Were saving money by not driving, but its costing N.J. $23M in lost toll revenue

Jersey City Journal - 4/28/2020

Murphy extends grace period for 2Q property tax bill

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 4/28/2020

House Democrats say there wont be another coronavirus stimulus bill without state aid sought by Murphy

Jersey City Journal - 4/26/2020

NJs Undocumented Immigrants and COVID-19: Free-Falling Through the Safety Net

Press of Atlantic City - 4/25/2020

You can pay rent with your security deposit during coronavirus pandemic, Murphy orders

Jersey City Journal - 4/24/2020

N.J. towns and schools brace for economic pain that could force layoffs, property taxes hikes

Jersey City Journal - 4/24/2020

N.J. Gov. Murphy shreds Sen. McConnell for utterly irresponsible call for states to go bankrupt over coronavirus costs

Jersey City Journal - 4/22/2020

GOP: Dont let Murphy raise your taxes and borrow billions

Jersey City Journal - 4/22/2020

NJ colleges face COVID-19 as they plan for fall

Asbury Park Press - 4/22/2020

Feds need to help N.J. public worker pension system survive coronavirus crisis, Sweeney says

Jersey City Journal - 4/21/2020

N.J. hit with first credit downgrade since 2017 as coronavirus ravages tax collections

Jersey City Journal - 4/21/2020

100K N.J. public workers could be partially furloughed under plan proposed by state senate

Jersey City Journal - 4/20/2020

NJ could borrow $9B to fill budget holes. If it does, your taxes may go up

Asbury Park Press - 4/20/2020

Historic N.J. public worker layoffs coming if no new coronavirus aid from feds, Murphy says

Jersey City Journal - 4/18/2020

N.J. will receive $80M each year to fight climate change, boost post-coronavirus economy

Jersey City Journal - 4/17/2020

Murphy looking to borrow billions as N.J. tax revenues plummet during coronavirus crisis

Jersey City Journal - 4/16/2020

How has coronavirus impacted sports betting in N.J.? March numbers show stunning losses

Jersey City Journal - 4/15/2020

July 15 tax day is official as Murphy signs extension bill

Jersey City Journal - 4/14/2020

N.J. coronavirus relief fund raises more than $18M in first weeks of operation

Jersey City Journal - 4/13/2020

N.J. Gov. Murphy has issued 24 executive orders to help slow coronavirus outbreak. Heres the timeline.

Jersey City Journal - 4/12/2020

N.J. universities, technical schools and seminaries to get $325M in federal emergency coronavirus funding

Jersey City Journal - 4/12/2020

Hard-hit N.J. hospitals say state was shortchanged on coronavirus stimulus grants

Jersey City Journal - 4/11/2020

Lawmakers want $100M to help N.J. renters

Jersey City Journal - 4/10/2020

Retired N.J. public workers can return to help coronavirus fight without pension implications, Murphy says

Jersey City Journal - 4/6/2020

NJs 40-year-old system increases delay for unemployment checks

Asbury Park Press - 4/4/2020

Some NJ teachers to give lessons on TV

Press of Atlantic City - 4/2/2020

Empty roads, lower gas prices could fuel NJ gas tax hike

Asbury Park Press - 4/2/2020

New Jersey to Move Fiscal Year End to September From June

Bloomberg – 4/1/2020

Pandemic isolation, shift to online gambling set up 'perfect storm,' experts say

Press of Atlantic City - 4/1/2020

N.J. delays college aid deadline as coronavirus cripples economy

Jersey City Journal - 4/1/2020

Murphy not eyeing N.J. state worker layoffs yet

Jersey City Journal - 4/1/2020

Could N.J. be headed for a recession? New analysis says were in for a rough spring.

Jersey City Journal - 4/1/2020

N.J. state tax filing deadline extended from April 15 to July 15

Jersey City Journal - 4/1/2020

N.J. to extend budget year through September because of coronavirus crisis, sources say

Jersey City Journal - 4/1/2020


State tax revenues up, but COVID-19 impact not yet reflected

Press of Atlantic City - 3/31/2020

N.J. to give homeowners mortgage relief during coronavirus outbreak, Murphy says

Jersey City Journal - 3/28/2020

Murphy sets aside $146M for hospitals to prepare for coronavirus surge

Asbury Park Press - 3/28/2020

Heres how much N.J. will get in coronavirus relief funds in big federal stimulus bill

Jersey City Journal - 3/26/2020

Murphy froze $920M in spending because of the coronavirus. See the full list.

Jersey City Journal - 3/26/2020

N.J. just got emergency declaration from Trump for coronavirus. Heres what it means.

Jersey City Journal - 3/26/2020

NJ unemployment filings up 15-fold from week before

Press of Atlantic City - 3/26/2020

Jersey City schools to use cash saved during COVID-19 shutdown to reduce next years tax increase

Jersey City Journal - 3/24/2020

Coronavirus: Thousands use NJ jobs website

Asbury Park Press - 3/24/2020

Murphy close to deciding whether to close N.J. child day care centers amid coronavirus outbreak

Jersey City Journal - 3/24/2020

NJ freezes homestead benefit, other spending amid COVID-19 closures

Press of Atlantic City - 3/24/2020

No moneyball: NJ lacks data to fight coronavirus

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 3/24/2020

How coming coronavirus tax crisis will hit NJs budget

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 3/24/2020

NJ freezes nearly $1 billion in programs to deal with coronavirus

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 3/23/2020

New Jersey Set to Release 1,000 Jail Inmates to Limit Coronavirus Spread

Route Fifty – 3/23/2020

School boards meet to pass budgets under state deadlines

Press of Atlantic City - 3/22/2020

Coronavirus testing fees for uninsured N.J. residents ordered waived by Gov. Murphy

Jersey City Journal - 3/20/2020

Murphy told Trump N.J. needs his help to fight coronavirus. Heres what was said at meeting.

Jersey City Journal - 3/20/2020

N.J. Senate sends Murphy first wave of coronavirus bills boosting aid to workers, businesses

Jersey City Journal - 3/19/2020

NJ Transit asks feds for $1.25 billion bailout as coronavirus decimates ridership

Jersey City Journal - 3/19/2020

State tax revenues up, but COVID-19 impact not yet reflected

Press of Atlantic City - 3/17/2020

Municipal governments, school boards try to meet deadlines despite coronavirus pandemic

Jersey City Journal - 3/16/2020

N.J. Assembly passes bills to confront coronavirus

Press of Atlantic City - 3/16/2020

Gov. Murphy orders indefinite shutdown of Atlantic City casinos to reduce spread of COVID-19

Press of Atlantic City - 3/16/2020

State tax revenues up, but virus impact not yet reflected

Press of Atlantic City - 3/16/2020

What Trumps national emergency and new legislation for coronavirus will mean for N.J.

Jersey City Journal - 3/14/2020

All NJ schools preparing to close for prolonged period of time

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 3/13/2020

NJ sports betting devastated by loss of NCAA Tournament

Asbury Park Press - 3/13/2020

Coronavirus spurs N.J. lawmakers to introduce bills to help residents. Some public hearings closed.

Jersey City Journal - 3/12/2020

NJ schools unite to fight states funding formula

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 3/12/2020

First coronavirus death reported in NJ, cases rise to 15

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 3/10/2020

N.J. coronavirus update: Legislation would ensure Medicaid and insurance coverage

Jersey City Journal - 3/6/2020

NJ schools get state OK to prepare for home instruction in case of coronavirus

North (Bergen County Record & Herald News) - 3/6/2020