Nevada - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Sisolak signs COVID-19 business liability protection bill

Las vegas review journal - 8/12/2020

Lawmakers urge federal funds to promote tourist hotspots like Vegas

Las vegas review journal - 8/10/2020

Small businesses and nonprofits in Nevada can apply for rent relief from the state beginning Au ...

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 8/10/2020

Business liability, election reforms highlight 32nd special session

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 8/10/2020

School districts denied coronavirus liability protections

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 8/5/2020

Senate resolution calls racism public health crisis.

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 8/5/2020

Republicans threaten lawsuits over new mail-voting law

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 8/4/2020

Sisolak announces targeted coronavirus response

Las vegas review journal - 8/3/2020

Nevada to mail all voters ballots; Trump promises lawsuit

Las Vegas Sun - 8/3/2020

Legislature OKs major mining tax hike proposals

Reno Gazette-Journal - 8/3/2020

Nevada Democrats shift tactics, revisit mining tax battle

Las Vegas Sun - 8/2/2020

Assembly approves bill to address Nevada voters' coronavirus safety

Las Vegas Sun - 8/1/2020


Nevada Legislature begins 2nd special session of summer

Las Vegas Sun - 7/31/2020

Nevada Legislature special session won’t start until Friday, at earliest

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 7/29/2020

State OKs $108M in coronavirus funds

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 7/29/2020

Reopened Nevada casinos report winnings down 45.5% in June

Las Vegas Sun - 7/29/2020

Some gig workers still waiting for PUA payments despite court order

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 7/28/2020

Clark County bars to remain closed due to COVID-19, Sisolak says

Las vegas review journal - 7/27/2020

Nevada OKs $200M in bonds for Vegas-to-SoCal high-speed train

Las vegas review journal - 7/24/2020

Small Nevada communities have not received US relief funds

Las Vegas Sun - 7/22/2020

Scorecard for the Nevada Legislature’s special session shows no winners

Las Vegas Sun - 7/22/2020

Sisolak signs budget bills, ending Nevada special session

Las Vegas Sun - 7/20/2020

Nevadas unemployment fund is running out. What you need to know.

Reno Gazette-Journal - 7/20/2020

Medicaid, health, education bear brunt of Nevada lawmakers' cuts

Las Vegas Sun - 7/20/2020

Special session finishes budget-cutting bill in bipartisan vote

Las vegas review journal - 7/19/2020

Sisolak: Second special session of 2020 wont immediately follow first

Las Vegas Sun - 7/19/2020

Money for Nevada teachers to buy pencils, crayons on chopping block

Las Vegas Sun - 7/18/2020

Facing deficit, Nevada moves to collect mining taxes early

Las Vegas Sun - 7/16/2020

Nevada legislators pick up the pace of special session

Las Vegas Sun - 7/16/2020

Lawmakers delay vote on bulk of budget cuts sought by Sisolak

Reno Gazette-Journal - 7/15/2020

Legislators getting down to business of major budget cuts

Reno Gazette-Journal - 7/15/2020

Nevada Legislature passes assistance resolution, credit bill

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 7/14/2020

Governor, top education official accuse CCSD superintendent of dishonesty

Las Vegas Sun - 7/14/2020

Lawmakers OK first two bills of special session

Reno Gazette-Journal - 7/14/2020

State worker: Furloughs could put Nevadans in danger

Las Vegas Sun - 7/12/2020

Nevada Legislature pumps brakes after COVID-19 case reported

Las Vegas Sun - 7/11/2020

Lawmakers poised to approve monthly furloughs

Reno Gazette-Journal - 7/11/2020

Sisolak: Protecting the health, safety of Nevadans my top priority

Las Vegas Sun - 7/9/2020

Sisolak: Taxes, spending cuts up to Nevada Legislature now

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 7/8/2020

Nevada lawmakers weigh deep cuts to Medicaid spending

Reno Gazette-Journal - 7/8/2020

Nevada special session to focus solely on budget, not social reform

Las Vegas Sun - 7/7/2020

Deep cuts but no new taxes in Nevada governor's budget

Las Vegas Sun - 7/6/2020

Deep cuts, possible tax increases on tap for special session

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 7/6/2020

Nevada legislators face enormous task of balancing budget amid pandemic

Las Vegas Sun - 7/5/2020

Nevada stepping up its fight against coronavirus

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 7/1/2020

Sisolak calls special legislative session for July 8

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 7/1/2020


Nevada economist: People likely filing fraudulent PUA claims

Reno Gazette-Journal - 6/27/2020

Nevada state workers sue governor over coronavirus furloughs

Reno Gazette-Journal - 6/26/2020

Nevada lawmakers pass budget cuts, draw from relief funds

Las Vegas Sun - 6/25/2020

Nevada to require masks after rise in new virus cases

Las Vegas Sun - 6/24/2020

Sisolak agrees to delay legislative special session to July

Las Vegas Sun - 6/22/2020

Lawmakers delay special session amid COVID fears

Reno Gazette-Journal - 6/22/2020

Nevada to have 4th-worst tax revenue from hotels

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 6/18/2020

Experts fear tsunami of new coronavirus cases in Nevada

Las vegas review journal - 6/17/2020

Nevada hospitals treating Medicaid patients during pandemic get $61M grant

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 6/12/2020

Sisolak asks Nevada colleges, universities to plan for more cuts

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 6/12/2020

Legislators approve $116 million in budget cuts

Reno Gazette-Journal - 6/12/2020

Nevada to disburse $148 million in coronavirus funds, Sisolak says

Las Vegas Sun - 6/11/2020

Sisolak announces furloughs, salary freeze for state workers

Reno Gazette-Journal - 6/11/2020

Sisolak likely to call special session over budget shortfall

Las Vegas Sun - 6/11/2020

Sisolak plans furloughs, freezes and few layoffs to patch budget hole

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 6/11/2020

Sisolak announces proposed budget cuts to fill $812M shortfall

Las Vegas Sun - 6/10/2020

K-12 schools, UNLV med school suffer in budget cuts caused by pandemic

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 6/9/2020

Nevada transportation department board told it must cut $143 million

Nevada Appeal – 6/8/2020

Sisolak hints at special session, promises protestors reform

Associated Press – 6/5/2020

Nevada to hire 500 more COVID contact tracers

Reno Gazette-Journal - 6/3/2020


Nevada faces even larger budget cuts

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 5/29/2020

A socially distant Las Vegas? What are the odds?

Las Vegas Sun - 5/28/2020

Nevada lawmakers form stimulus funds oversight committee

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 5/22/2020

Nevada's shuttered casinos could reopen June 4

Las Vegas Sun - 5/22/2020

Nevada's 28.2% jobless rate worst in US; worst state hi

Las Vegas Sun - 5/22/2020

Coronavirus: UNR, TMCC staff face possible furloughs

Reno Gazette-Journal - 5/22/2020

Nevadas budget woes to persist even after rainy day fund is drained

Las Vegas Sun - 5/20/2020

Sisolak: Trumps threat to withhold funding outrageous

Reno Gazette-Journal - 5/20/2020

CCSD staring at $38M shortfall because of coronavirus pandemic

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 5/19/2020

Sisolak names Caleb Cage as coronavirus response director

Las vegas review journal - 5/18/2020

State drains rainy day fund to deal with coronavirus

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 5/18/2020

Sisolak says reopening Phase 2 is weeks away, urges vigilance

Reno Gazette-Journal - 5/15/2020

Nevada pulls $400 million from rainy day fund to plug budget hole

Reno Gazette-Journal - 5/14/2020

Nevada gig workers sue state for promised U.S. jobless funds

Las Vegas Sun - 5/14/2020

Federal funds kick in to extend Nevada jobless payments

Las Vegas Sun - 5/14/2020

Nevada lawmakers declare fiscal emergency due to coronavirus

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 5/13/2020

Federal funds kick in to extend Nevada jobless payments

Las Vegas Sun - 5/13/2020

Sisolak among governors to ask Congress for $1T in aid to states

Las Vegas Sun - 5/11/2020

Nevada fast-tracking jobless office hiring to process claims

Associated Press – 5/11/2020

Nevada governor declares fiscal emergency

Las Vegas Sun - 5/11/2020

Sisolak declares fiscal state of emergency

Reno Gazette-Journal - 5/11/2020

Sisolak: Pandemics pain is only starting for Nevadans, state

Las Vegas Sun - 5/4/2020

Gaming Control Board details casino requirements for reopening

Las vegas review journal - 5/2/2020


Nevadas elected officials refuse to let small gaming businesses be spurned

Las Vegas Sun - 4/29/2020

Nevadas elected officials refuse to let small gaming businesses be spurned

Las Vegas Sun - 4/29/2020

States D.C. delegation hopes Nevada sees more money in new round of stimulus money

Las Vegas Sun - 4/28/2020

As a public health crisis rages, a fiscal dilemma looms for Southern Nevada cities

Las Vegas Sun - 4/26/2020

Nevadas prison medical staff grapple with coronavirus outbreak

Las vegas review journal - 4/24/2020

Sisolak outlines steps to reopening business in Nevada

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 4/22/2020

Nevada lawmakers want loan aid for small gaming outfits

Las Vegas Sun - 4/22/2020

Las Vegas Sands reports 51% revenue drop in first quarter

Las vegas review journal - 4/22/2020

No firm date to start reopening Nevada, governor says

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 4/21/2020

Sisolak says schools will not reopen this academic year

Las vegas review journal - 4/21/2020

COVID-19 will affect school, university budgets; how badly remains to be seen

Reno Gazette-Journal - 4/17/2020

Nevadas congressional delegation pushes bill to help small casinos

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 4/17/2020

Sisolak vows to protect jobless benefits, says claims will be backdated

Las vegas review journal - 4/14/2020

Nevada inmates making hand sanitizer for health workers, police

Las vegas review journal - 4/12/2020

Nevada colleges, universities outline potential $124M in budget cuts

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 4/10/2020

Nevada health centers getting $6.25 million to fight coronavirus

Las Vegas Sun - 4/10/2020

For regents, pending budget cuts are deja vu of Great Recession

Las Vegas Sun - 4/7/2020

Nevada gets parts of coronavirus test kits but more needed

Las Vegas Sun - 4/7/2020

Nevada allocates millions for coronavirus relief

Las Vegas Sun - 4/7/2020

Nevada Restaurant Association seeks state assistance

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 4/7/2020

Sisolak: State needs to make hard, thoughtful decisions on budget cuts

Las Vegas Sun - 4/4/2020

Nevada unemployment payments make $14M dent in state fund in 1 week

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 4/3/2020

FEMA approves Nevada’s request for major disaster declaration

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 4/3/2020

Nevada jobless claims pile up, governor concedes problems

Las Vegas Sun - 4/2/2020

Gov. Steve Sisolak is asking President Donald Trump to declare a major disaster in Nevada due t ...

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 4/1/2020