Nebraska - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Nebraska lawmakers pass tax cut for military retirees

Lincoln Journal Star - 8/12/2020

Legislature's tax and growth bargain heads toward finish line

Lincoln Journal Star - 8/11/2020

Tax package protects current state programs, according to Appropriations chair

Lincoln Journal Star - 8/8/2020

Nebraska governor signs budget, Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center reforms

Lincoln Journal Star - 8/6/2020

New property tax reduction plan sails ahead toward enactment

Lincoln Journal Star - 8/5/2020

Nebraska property tax, incentives packages wins initial OK

Associated Press – 8/5/2020

Prison reform parole bill is filibustered, advanced amid acrimony

Lincoln Journal Star - 8/4/2020

Ricketts says new business incentives package vital for Nebraska

Lincoln Journal Star - 8/3/2020

Seeking a grand bargain, senators approach the finish line

Lincoln Journal Star - 8/2/2020


Legislature passes state budget, YRTC bills in clearing slate of 30-plus measures

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/31/2020

Senators block legislative hearing for meatpacking workers amid pandemic

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/29/2020

State budget bills moved to final reading after two days of debate

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/28/2020

COVID-19 restrictions eased in more Nebraska counties

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/28/2020

Briese bill to protect state revenue from CARES Act hits business roadblock

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/27/2020

Governor talks coronavirus, legislative priorities with senators; restrictions lifted in more counties

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/24/2020

Nebraska economic forecast down, but not as much as expected

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/23/2020

Legislature deadlocks on property taxes, business incentives

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/22/2020

Sen. Hunt calls for audit of Test Nebraska

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/20/2020

Briese proposes state decouple from federal income tax

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/20/2020

Nebraska lawmakers resume session with virus in mind

Associated Press – 7/20/2020

Taxes still top focus as Nebraska lawmakers resume session
Associated Press – 7/19/2020

Changes in Nebraska's juvenile centers rankle senators, advocates

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/17/2020

New Nebraska coronavirus response website unveiled

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/15/2020

Nebraska tax receipts for fiscal year finish even with forecast despite pandemic

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/15/2020

Senators back again, but nothing's quite the same

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/15/2020

Ricketts says social distancing key now in keeping virus under control

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/10/2020

New state prison could cost up to $750M over 30 years, companies say

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/10/2020

Nebraska's initial unemployment claims jump 45%

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/9/2020

State senators consider remote meeting, voting options for this month's session

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/8/2020

Linehan says property tax relief depends on package deal

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/8/2020

Nebraska, two other states renew COVID-19 contracts, despite slow ramp-up

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/7/2020

Nebraska may lose $250 million unless it decouples from CARES Act

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/6/2020

Ricketts keeps coronavirus options open as he eyes other outbreaks

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/2/2020

Latinos in Nebraska hit disproportionately hard by COVID-19, DHHS data show

Lincoln Journal Star - 7/1/2020

June May

UNL to begin semester early, online before transitioning to face-to-face classes

Lincoln Journal Star - 5/29/2020

Ricketts outlines plans to manage $10 billion in federal coronavirus aid

Lincoln Journal Star - 5/27/2020

Nebraska could lose $27 million in gameday revenue by cutting number of fans

Omaha World-Herald - 5/26/2020
Ricketts outlines plans to manage $10 billion in federal coronavirus aid

Lincoln Journal Star - 5/27/2020

Nebraska could lose $27 million in gameday revenue by cutting number of fans

Omaha World-Herald - 5/26/2020

Ricketts doesn't expect Nebraska to see spike in coronavirus cases after restrictions loosen

Omaha World-Herald - 5/22/2020

Ricketts doesn't expect Nebraska to see spike in coronavirus cases after restrictions loosen

Omaha World-Herald - 5/22/2020

Gov. Ricketts: Virus will force belt-tightening in state budget

Associated Press – 5/18/2020

Ricketts says coronavirus spike won't prevent relaxed restrictions

Lincoln Journal Star - 5/18/2020

Coronavirus recess to end for Nebraska Legislature; session to resume July 20

Omaha World-Herald - 5/18/2020

State of Nebraska tax receipts down sharply in April

Lincoln Journal Star - 5/15/2020

NU eliminates 20 positions amid budget challenges; NWU furloughs 50 full-time employees

Lincoln Journal Star - 5/13/2020

Majority of coronavirus deaths in Nebraska at nursing homes

Lincoln Journal Star - 5/12/2020

University of Nebraska will freeze tuition for two years

Lincoln Journal Star - 5/7/2020

State has spent less than a third of coronavirus emergency funds

Lincoln Journal Star - 5/5/2020

Ricketts acknowledges pressure to ease coronavirus restrictions

Lincoln Journal Star - 5/4/2020

College students to soon see COVID-19 relief, but how much will vary

Lincoln Journal Star - 5/3/2020


Nebraska school district to end classes on Friday

Lincoln Journal Star - 4/29/2020

Ricketts said he'll not ask meatpacking plants to close

Lincoln Journal Star - 4/28/2020

State of Nebraska to pay Nelnet nearly $1.7M to help process unemployment claims

Lincoln Journal Star - 4/28/2020

First 20,000 Nebraskans register in coronavirus testing initiative

Lincoln Journal Star - 4/22/2020

With operating rooms largely dark, revenue down 30% for both Lincoln hospital systems

Lincoln Journal Star - 4/21/2020

Construction projects at NU moving ahead amid economic slowdown

Lincoln Journal Star - 4/21/2020

NU to guarantee free tuition for students from middle-income families

Lincoln Journal Star - 4/17/2020

Ricketts tells Nebraskans not to get their hopes up about relaxation of social distancing rules

Omaha World-Herald - 4/16/2020

Ricketts vows to 'do what's best' for Nebraska in making decisions on relaxing restrictions

Omaha World-Herald - 4/14/2020

Report: Nebraska lost $63 million in March because of COVID-19

Lincoln Journal Star - 4/13/2020

How will Nebraska schools spend $128 million aid package? College students to get help

Omaha World-Herald - 4/11/2020

Dr. Fauci says Nebraska 'on the same page' as states with stay-at-home orders

Omaha World-Herald - 4/7/2020

Nebraska inmates are making hand sanitizer and masks. 'I can give back to others'

Omaha World-Herald - 4/6/2020

Gov. Ricketts expands directed health measures to entire state of Nebraska

Omaha World-Herald - 4/3/2020

Ricketts: Nebraskans appear to be avoiding crowds but need to do better at staying home

Omaha World-Herald - 4/3/2020

Nebraska's education commissioner concerned that some kids can't participate in remote learning

Omaha World-Herald - 4/3/2020

Nebraska jobless claims set another record; 24,572 claims filed as virus wreaks economic havoc

Omaha World-Herald - 4/3/2020


Ricketts says limits on public gatherings, restaurants and bars likely to continue past April 30

Omaha World-Herald - 3/31/2020

'Devastated' Nebraska restaurants, workers buoyed by stimulus talk out of Washington

Omaha World-Herald - 3/31/2020

Gov. Ricketts predicts a 'tough' April as state records 153 coronavirus cases, third death

Omaha World-Herald - 3/31/2020

Ricketts allows takeout sales of alcoholic drinks by the cup - with lids

Omaha World-Herald - 3/26/2020

Nebraskans urged to vote by mail in May 12 primary; state deluged by unemployment claims

Omaha World-Herald - 3/26/2020

Nebraska coronavirus cases involve assisted living facility, additional community spread

Omaha World-Herald - 3/24/2020

Bond projects moving ahead despite uncertainty caused by pandemic

Lincoln Journal Star - 3/24/2020

Nebraska senators advance emergency funding for COVID-19

Lincoln Journal Star - 3/23/2020

Ricketts adds $25 million to emergency appropriations request to help battle coronavirus

Omaha World-Herald - 3/23/2020

Officials say limits on testing mean coronavirus cases have been missed in Nebraska

Omaha World-Herald - 3/21/2020

Ricketts seeks $58.6 million to fight coronavirus emergency

Lincoln Journal Star - 3/20/2020

Ricketts announces tighter restrictions on public gatherings, emergency steps to aid laid-off workers

Omaha World-Herald - 3/17/2020

Nebraska Legislature suspends session because of coronavirus concerns

Omaha World-Herald - 3/16/2020

Nebraska state tax receipts beat expectations in February

Lincoln Journal Star - 3/13/2020

Budget advances in Nebraska Legislature with room for property tax relief, amid coronavirus worries

Omaha World-Herald - 3/12/2020

Nebraska rural-urban issues cause arguments in first round of state budget debate

Lincoln Journal Star - 3/12/2020

State of Nebraska revenue forecast up, but virus impact a question

Lincoln Journal Star - 2/28/2020