Missouri - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Missouri leaders brief panel about COVID-19 response efforts

Missouri Net - 8/12/2020

Missouri House GOP leaders will handle crime bills as single-subject bills; full House to return August 24

Missouri Net - 8/11/2020

Missouri has little clarity on plans for extra unemployment under Trump order

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 8/11/2020

Parson offers little clarity on the state's plans for extra unemployment under Trump order

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 8/10/2020

Three Missouri mayors ask Trump to send federal COVID-19 aid directly to their cities

Missouri Net - 8/10/2020

Missouri designates $7.5 million to help schools cover costs of PPE and cleaning

Missouri Net - 8/9/2020

Despite looming cost, Missouri Senate approves election-year crime package

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 8/7/2020

Governor calls on Missouri counties to send CARES Act funding to health departments

Missouri Net - 8/6/2020

Missouri voters approved Medicaid expansion, but roll-out talks just getting started

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 8/5/2020

Senate panel signs off on crime package pushed by Parson

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 8/5/2020

Missouri becomes 38th state to expand Medicaid

Missouri Net - 8/5/2020

Missouri voters narrowly approve Medicaid expansion

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 8/5/2020

50 Missouri health agencies have yet to receive federal aid, including in Boone County

Columbia Missourian - 8/3/2020


After years of big payouts, Missouri reduces the cost of lawsuits against the state

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 7/31/2020

Analysis: Parsons crime package will cost millions at a time when hes cutting spending

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 7/30/2020

Missouri, overwhelmed by unemployment claims, hires Ernst and Young to review its system

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 7/28/2020

Part of Parson police push includes threat of sending Missouri juveniles to adult prisons

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 7/28/2020

The COVID-19 downturn triggers jump in Medicaid enrollment

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 7/28/2020

Missouri s state treasurer is warning against Medicaid expansion; both sides cite different numbers

Missouri Net - 7/26/2020

Battle over Medicaid expansion in Missouri pits uninsured against concerns about cost

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 7/24/2020

Missouri continues to have spike in crisis calls and requests for services during COVID-19

Missouri Net - 7/24/2020

$20 million in grant funding heading to Missouris smaller meat and poultry processors

Missouri Net - 7/23/2020

Lawmakers deny Missouri governor quick action on crime package

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 7/22/2020

Governor unveils new virus mitigation framework

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 7/22/2020

CARES Act is funding new Missouri PPE retooling program

Missouri Net - 7/21/2020

Pandemic straining Missouri's underfunded public health system

Columbia Missourian - 7/19/2020

96 Missouri Childrens Division positions getting eliminated August 3

Missouri Net - 7/18/2020

MU lays off eight, furloughs 671 employees this week

Columbia Missourian - 7/17/2020

Missouri tax assistance offices to close after Parson cuts budget

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 7/17/2020

Missouri receives $15 million in CARES Act funding to help rebuild tourism industry

Missouri Net - 7/17/2020

Missouri social services see most job cuts due to pandemic

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 7/16/2020

Missouris governor calls special session on violent crime

Missouri Net - 7/15/2020

Missouri accepting applications for $50,000 small business grants

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 7/15/2020

Parson vetoes effort to rein in rogue taxing districts in Missouri

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 7/14/2020

Major Missouri bills awaiting governors action

Missouri Net - 7/13/2020

MU lays off 17, but furloughs decreases over two week period

Columbia Missourian - 7/10/2020

Missouris workforce development and higher education efforts get $125 million boost

Missouri Net - 7/10/2020

Missouri again breaks record for most COVID-19 cases reported in single day

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 7/9/2020

Governor pushes CARES money toward Higher education, workforce development

Columbia Missourian - 7/9/2020

Missouri last in nation for school safety spending after Parsons budget cuts gut program

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 7/9/2020

Missouris governor to call special legislative session about violent crime

Missouri Net - 7/7/2020

Parson to sign massive public safety bill to address violent crime

Columbia Missourian - 7/6/2020

Missouri to spend $50 million in pandemic funds to boost internet access

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 7/5/2020


KSIS – 7/3/2020

Hundreds of Missouri s state workers are getting laid off

Missouri Net - 7/1/2020


Missouri governor cuts $450M from new budget

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 6/30/2020

Parson signs Missouri budget, slashes planned spending amid lagging tax collections

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 6/30/2020

Republicans press on with concerns about expanding Medicaid in Missouri

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 6/30/2020

Parson restricts $448 million in 2021 budget

Columbia Missourian - 6/30/2020

Fee cut in Missouri MOST plan will help parents saving for college

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 6/30/2020

State: Local officials to make school decisions amid virus

Columbia Missourian - 6/26/2020

As state workers go remote, Missouri officials look to save on office leases

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 6/24/2020

With new budget year around corner, Missouri governor slashes current spending again

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 6/24/2020

Missouri nursing homes to get promised $90 million in relief, not enough says advocate

Missouri Net - 6/24/2020

Missouri lawmakers to hear detailed report about tax credits, which now total $551 million

Missouri Net - 6/18/2020

Following safety should rule out 'second spike' of COVID-19, governor says

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 6/17/2020

MU to virtually 'top off' NextGen as facility continues construction

Columbia Missourian - 6/16/2020

Plan to help cash-strapped small Missouri cities postponed as some question whether its generous enough

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 6/16/2020

Restructured fees, fall tuition hike proposed by UM System for 2021 budget

Columbia Missourian - 6/15/2020

Missouri clamping back down on jobless claim requirements

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 6/15/2020

Missouri Chamber of Commerce endorses Medicaid expansion effort

Missouri Net - 6/12/2020

Parson to lift COVID-19 restrictions, but Missouri will remain under a state of emergency

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 6/11/2020

MoDOT reducing spending due to COVID-19

KMBC – 6/11/2020

Missouri works to avoid K-12 funding decline from coronavirus inflicted attendance drop

Missouri Net - 6/10/2020

Missouri Medicaid expansion effort escapes election ballot removal attempt

Missouri Net - 6/9/2020

Appeals court allows Missouri Medicaid expansion vote to go forward

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 6/8/2020

Coronavirus continues to hit Missouri revenues

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 6/5/2020

Parson signs plan expanding absentee voting during the coronavirus outbreak

Missouri Net - 6/5/2020

Missouri governor announces $210 million in additional budget restrictions

Missouri Net - 6/1/2020

Parson announces more Missouri budget cuts: K-12 education takes a $133 million hit

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 6/1/2020

Education hit hard as Parson makes $209 million in June budget cuts

Columbia Missourian - 6/1/2020


MoDOT facing financial challenge through COVID-19

KRCG – 5/31/2020

Money and virus mean cloudy future for Amtrak service in Missouri

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/29/2020

Continued rise in felony caseload cripples Missouri public defender system

Columbia Missourian - 5/29/2020

Coronavirus cases up nearly 8% in Missouri over the last week

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/25/2020

State officials make recommendations for CARES Act federal aid

Columbia Missourian - 5/24/2020

Missouri to ramp up COVID-19 testing next week but who s paying for it?

Missouri Net - 5/22/2020

Missouri mayors want lawmakers to act on online sales tax
Associated Press – 5/21/2020

Rural Missouri clinics to get $17 million in COVID-19 aid

Columbia Missourian - 5/20/2020

University of Missouri among colleges sued for tuition refunds after coronavirus shutdown

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/20/2020

Missouri Revenue Department chief says no tax return backlog this year

Missouri Net - 5/20/2020

Parson sets COVID-19 testing goal as Missouri lags behind other states

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/19/2020

Tuition increase, more cuts and layoffs expected as UM grapples with COVID

Columbia Missourian - 5/19/2020

Parson: State agencies, including higher ed, face more cuts

Columbia Missourian - 5/19/2020

Missouri households eligible for free or reduced school meals can get pandemic payment

Missouri Net - 5/19/2020

Key bills passed by the Missouri Legislature this coronavirus shortened session

Missouri Net - 5/16/2020

Missouri lawmakers OK mail-in voting on final day of work

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/15/2020

Shortened by COVID-19, legislative session leaves key issues unresolved

Columbia Missourian - 5/15/2020

Missouri s casinos to remain closed through May 31

Missouri Net - 5/13/2020

Long-sought plan to track opioids in Missouri wins House approval

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/13/2020

Federal funding for Missouris opioid epidemic expands to address meth

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/13/2020

Parson shifts focus to Missouri's economic recovery as official warns 'it's going to take years'

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/13/2020

Missouri schools prepare for online learning in the fall as coronavirus questions linger

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/12/2020

Missouri to receive almost $18 million from HUD to combat coronavirus

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/11/2020

Missouri lawmakers approve budget, but theyre not done for the year

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/8/2020

Missouri House gives final approval to budget; feral hog debate gets heated

Missouri Net - 5/8/2020

Compromise eliminates state higher ed cuts, restores UM project ” with a catch

Columbia Missourian - 5/7/2020

Missouri budget director: economy 'turned off like a faucet'

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/7/2020

Coronavirus slashes Missouri tax revenues in half in April

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/7/2020

State expands child care assistance through CARES funding

Columbia Missourian - 5/6/2020

Disagreement over federal funding leads to state budget standoff

Columbia Missourian - 5/6/2020

Legislature to reconvene Thursday to work on plans to help small businesses

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/5/2020

Missouri Senate tries to spare colleges from budget cuts

Columbia Missourian - 5/5/2020

Local governments to receive CARES money Wednesday

Columbia Missourian - 5/4/2020

State legislators push to make coronavirus funds available for short-term shortfall

Columbia Missourian - 5/4/2020

Rural hospitals, without coronavirus patients, see empty beds and dark hallways instead

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/2/2020

Missouri senators set aside $20M for meat packing plants

Columbia Missourian - 5/1/2020

Missouri Senate pushing to finish state budget by next week

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/1/2020

Petition seeks to put Medicaid expansion on Missouri ballot

Associated Press – 5/1/2020


Temporary pay cuts, weeklong furloughs for MU Med School faculty, staff

Columbia Missourian - 4/30/2020

Missouri pays out $500 million in unemployment benefits since mid-March

Missouri Net - 4/30/2020

Missouri lawmakers pass pared-down state budget

Columbia Missourian - 4/29/2020

Missouri House approves $34.9 billion budget, following heated debate on Medicaid expansion

Missouri Net - 4/29/2020

Missouri casinos wont reopen before May 15

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/29/2020

State CARES Act team OKs direct relief money to counties next week

Missouri Net - 4/28/2020

Public universities, state workers expected to feel brunt of $700 million cuts in Missouri budget

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/28/2020

Lawmakers speed through discussions over cuts to the state budget

Columbia Missourian - 4/27/2020

Top Missouri lawmaker pitches $700M in state budget cuts

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/27/2020

Food stamp need soars in Missouri as job losses mount during pandemic

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/27/2020

Parson extends state of emergency to June 15

Columbia Missourian - 4/24/2020

Two Democrats added to governors coronavirus funding work group

Missouri Net - 4/23/2020

St. Louis leaders face sobering budget crunch amid coronavirus economic shutdown

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/22/2020

Missouri high court weighs $114M payout to prison guards

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/22/2020

Majority of state businesses can reopen starting May 4

Columbia Missourian - 4/21/2020

Parson directs economic stimulus working group to meet in public

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/20/2020

Gov. Mike Parson freezes $47 million in spending from Missouri budget

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/20/2020

Parson: Unemployment insurance fund cannot help all Missourians seeking benefits

Missouri Net - 4/17/2020

Missouri lawmakers to return to Jefferson City on April 27; theyll practice social distancing

Missouri Net - 4/16/2020

Governor to decide soon on reopening Missouri businesses

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/15/2020

UM president: Families may be 'rethinking their strategy' for fall

Columbia Missourian - 4/15/2020

Missouri says unemployment benefits will soon flow to gig workers, self-employed

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/15/2020

Missouri hospitals losing $32 million daily during coronavirus outbreak

Missouri Net - 4/15/2020

Parson signs supplemental budget, creates working group

Columbia Missourian - 4/10/2020

Gov. Mike Parson signs $6 billion coronavirus relief package

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/10/2020

Some Missouri state workers could get COVID-19 hazard pay

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/10/2020

April 9 Coronavirus Update: Gov. Parson to keep all Missouri schools closed

Columbia Missourian - 4/10/2020

Missouri House expected to approve $5.8 billion supplemental on Wednesday; masks ready for members

Missouri Net - 4/7/2020

New state budget plan would allocate up to $5 billion over next three months for crisis

Columbia Missourian - 4/7/2020

In sobering return to Capitol, Missouri senators outline massive relief package

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/7/2020

State receives over 900 applications offering extra medical help

Columbia Missourian - 4/6/2020

Missouri Legislature appears headed toward special session to get state budget passed

Missouri Net - 4/6/2020

Missouri budget chief blames huge revenue drop on virus

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/6/2020

Missouri recruiting retired, student health care workers for disaster assistance team

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/4/2020

Governor orders all of Missouri to stay home to help slow spread of virus

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/3/2020

From $33 million to $2.5 billion, cost of COVID-19 fight balloons in Missouri

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/3/2020

While hospitals brace for heavy demand, Missouris community clinics are losing revenue

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/2/2020

Budget chair Smith backs Missouri governors budget withholds

Missouri Net - 4/2/2020

Missouri governor cuts spending as virus hits economy

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/1/2020

$36.5 million budget cut for UM System amid COVID-19 financial concerns

Columbia Missourian - 4/1/2020

Parson puts the brakes on $180 million in state budget spending

Missouri Net - 4/1/2020

Parson freezes $180 million in spending; coronavirus cuts to hit higher ed, other programs

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 4/1/2020


Lawmakers looking to prevent COVID-19 spread at Capitol amid budget talks

Columbia Missourian - 3/31/2020

Gov. Parson deploys Missouri National Guard to aid local communities in testing

Columbia Missourian - 3/31/2020

Outbreak may mean bumpy roads ahead in Missouri with some projects likely delayed

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 3/31/2020

During pandemic, Missouri Department of Revenue workers continue handling tax returns

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 3/28/2020

Missouri governor says state will be fighting coronavirus for 'some time'

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 3/24/2020

Emergency aid package in limbo in Missouri Legislature

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 3/23/2020

Missouri House members spar over coronavirus doomsday talk

Missouri Net - 3/20/2020

How does Missouri's COVID-19 action compare to surrounding states

Columbia Missourian - 3/19/2020

Missouri Senate leader Schatz is optimistic about finishing budget

Missouri Net - 3/19/2020

Missouri Lottery sales drop amid coronavirus response

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 3/19/2020

Lawmakers argue risks, rewards of increased COVID-19 funding

Columbia Missourian - 3/18/2020

Missouri House approves $40 million emergency package to fight coronavirus

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 3/18/2020

Casinos go dark across Missouri

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 3/18/2020

Parson says Missouri will increase COVID-19 testing, leaves many decisions up to local leaders

Columbia Missourian - 3/17/2020

With the coronavirus already hitting state revenues, Missouri House to delay budget vote

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 3/17/2020

Casinos closing across Missouri at midnight Tuesday

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 3/17/2020

Haahr rules out Missouri House remote sessions

Missouri Net - 3/16/2020

As schools consider closure, a Columbia lawmaker aims to protect their state funding

Columbia Missourian - 3/16/2020

Fight against coronavirus could get a $20 million boost from Missouri lawmakers

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 3/16/2020

Missouri to receive federal guidance this week on $13 million in coronavirus funding

Missouri Net - 3/16/2020

Gov. Parson declares emergency for Missouri

Columbia Missourian - 3/15/2020

How will the coronavirus affect Missouri s state budget?

Missouri Net - 3/13/2020

House Democrats submit recommendations for COVID-19 response

Missouri Net - 3/12/2020

Uncertainty surrounds the legislative session amid COVID-19 concerns

Columbia Missourian - 3/12/2020

In Missouri, Senate mothballs session while House scrambles to finish budget

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 3/12/2020

Stay away: Missouri lawmakers urge groups to avoid the Capitol during virus outbreak

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 3/10/2020

Gov. Parson, state officials announce first ‘presumptive positive’ coronavirus case in Missouri

KY3 – 3/7/2020