Minnesota - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Minnesota Management and Budget head Myron Frans to depart for UMN after a decade with state

TwinCities.com - 8/12/2020

Trump's stimulus order prompts confusion, concern. Minnesota leaders worry about matching requirements

TwinCities.com - 8/11/2020

Minnesota cities, counties scramble to keep businesses afloat by dishing out CARES Act grants

TwinCities.com - 8/9/2020

Walz calls special session to address emergency powers, COVID-19

Grand Forks Herald – 8/7/2020

Minnesota will put $3 million of Volkswagen settlement fund in electric school buses

Associated Press – 8/6/2020

Minnesota officials adjust as Census moves count deadline up a month

TwinCities.com - 8/4/2020

With bonding bill still out of reach, Democrats pivot to 2020 election

Grand Forks Herald – 8/3/2020

Minnesota faces potential $4.7B deficit due to pandemic

Associated Press – 8/3/2020

Minnesota will close 2 prisons to prepare for budget shortfall. Other agencies face holes, too.

TwinCities.com - 8/3/2020


Coronavirus impact on Minnesota finances quantified: $7 billion deficit over next 3 years

TwinCities.com - 7/31/2020

As Congress debates additional pandemic relief money, Minnesota debates how to spend the last of what it got in March

MinnPost – 7/29/2020

Minnesota disability services still in limbo after state lawmakers fail to reach a funding deal

KSTP – 7/29/2020

Half of Minnesota educators want distance learning over in-person classes this fall, union survey finds

TwinCities.com - 7/23/2020

Minnesota lawmakers pass police accountability package

Associated Press – 7/21/2020

House committee advances bill to assist Twin Cities businesses damaged in George Floyd unrest

TwinCities.com - 7/17/2020

Gov. Walz predicts bonding deal and says face mask mandate still possible

$100M housing assistance program coming for low-income Minnesotans, Walz announces

TwinCities.com - 7/14/2020

What would $1.8B bonding bill cover? $52M for Third St/Kellogg Bridge, $55 for bus rapid transit lines, more

TwinCities.com - 7/13/2020

Legislative leaders agree to $1.8 billion infrastructure deal, but minority parties could block it

TwinCities.com - 7/13/2020

Extension of Walzs executive powers expected to get the OK from Minnesota Legislature

TwinCities.com - 7/13/2020

Second special session starts without deal on to-do list

Minnesota Public Radio - 7/13/2020

Federal government denies Minnesota’s request for aid to clean up, rebuild in Twin Cities
Minnesota Public Radio – 7/11/2020

Special session renews hopes for those seeking state money

TwinCities.com - 7/11/2020

Minn. lawmakers consider bill extending unemployment benefits for ironworkers

TwinCities.com - 7/9/2020

Walz set to call special session for Monday

Minnesota Public Radio – 7/7/2020

Walz's broad executive powers again up for debate at the Minnesota Capitol

Grand Forks Herald – 7/3/2020


With hundreds tied to COVID outbreaks from bars, Walz threatens harsher actions

TwinCities.com - 6/29/2020

Minnesota schools face uncertainty amid a pandemic-related budget crunch
Star Tribune – 6/27/2020

Walz approves $841 million in federal coronavirus funds for local governments

TwinCities.com - 6/25/2020

Gov. Walz releases federal coronavirus funding

Minnesota Public Radio - 6/25/2020

Local government groups urge Gov. Walz to distribute $841 million 'as soon as possible'

The Center Square – 6/23/2020

Five things we learned from the Minnesota Legislature’s special session

Minn Post – 6/22/2020

Train wreck: Minnesota lawmakers adjourn after failing to agree on major issues

TwinCities.com - 6/20/2020

Minnesota Legislature special session ends early Saturday, no major bills passed

KSTP – 6/20/2020

No police accountability deal as Minnesota lawmakers work through the night

Associated Press – 6/19/2020

Minnesota State students get tuition freeze in fall, 3% increase in spring

TwinCities.com - 6/17/2020

Walz pushes again for public works bill

Minnesota Public Radio - 6/16/2020

Minnesota lawmakers unveil $300M plan to rebuild from unrest

Associated Press – 6/15/2020

Lawmakers let Walz keep emergency powers, greenlight aid for small businesses hit by COVID-19

Associated Press – 6/12/2020

MN House passes $60M bill to help small businesses hit hard by coronavirus pandemic

TwinCities.com - 6/12/2020

Gov. Tim Walzs authority, coronavirus aid, policing laws all on the table for MN special session

TwinCities.com - 6/11/2020

MN students can get $325 for groceries to make up for lost school meals

TwinCities.com - 6/8/2020

Gov. Tim Walz is spending Minnesota’s federal COVID-19 money his way, whether the Legislature likes it or not

MinnPost – 6/5/2020

Lawmakers call for state aid for Twin Cities properties damaged in riots

TwinCities.com - 6/1/2020


Odds are good for these public works projects -- if a bonding bill happens

TwinCities.com - 5/24/2020

Minnesota State plans 3 percent tuition hike amid sluggish college enrollment

TwinCities.com - 5/20/2020

Gov. Tim Walz will go ahead with raises for state workers over Senate Republicans objections

TwinCities.com - 5/20/2020

After last-minute gridlock, Minnesota Legislature looks toward June special session

TwinCities.com - 5/18/2020

Gov. Walz signs bills as MN Legislature tries to finish its work

TwinCities.com - 5/16/2020

Walz to let stay-at-home order expire, keep key restrictions

Associated Press – 5/13/2020

House DFL moving ahead on $2B construction bill. Heres what you wont get if it doesnt pass.

TwinCities.com - 5/12/2020

Minnesota House approves public employee pay raises, Senate could pose hurdle

TwinCities.com - 5/11/2020

Minnesota Legislature: The biggest questions for final week of session

TwinCities.com - 5/10/2020

MN approves $6.9M to buy warehouse to store bodies 'with dignity' during coronavirus pandemic

TwinCities.com - 5/8/2020

House passes $208M bill to help Minnesotans with rent, small business loans, PCA pay

TwinCities.com - 5/7/2020

Walz expands coronavirus testing for nursing homes. Thats part of a 5-point plan for long-term care centers.

TwinCities.com - 5/7/2020

COVID-19 turns Minnesota's budget surplus into $2.4B deficit

Associated Press – 5/5/2020

Coronavirus pandemic, efforts to curb it spur a $2.4 billion projected deficit in Minnesota

Grand Forks Herald – 5/5/2020

Gov. Walz bans debt collectors from intercepting coronavirus relief funds

TwinCities.com - 5/4/2020

Lawmakers set up conflicting plans to relieve pain of coronavirus in 2020 sessions final two weeks

TwinCities.com - 5/4/2020

Pandemic aggravates Minnesota care center staffing shortages

Minnesota Public Radio - 5/1/2020


Minn. Tax Bill With COVID-19 Relief Passes Senate

Law 360 – 4/30/2020

Minnesota Legislature considers competing housing assistance bills for coronavirus relief

TwinCities.com - 4/27/2020

Coronavirus outbreaks in food plants devastating Upper Midwest agriculture

TwinCities.com - 4/27/2020

MN makes plans for in-person instruction, home visits despite school-closure order

TwinCities.com - 4/24/2020

Gov. Walz closes schools through summer, distance learning to continue

TwinCities.com - 4/23/2020

MN House committee advances $100M proposal to help low-income renters, landlords pay bills

TwinCities.com - 4/22/2020

University of Minnesota freezes tuition for 2020-2021 year amid coronavirus crisis

TwinCities.com - 4/21/2020

Minnesota joins coalition of Midwest states deciding when to reopen economy

TwinCities.com - 4/16/2020

Minnesota lawmakers to vote on plan for beer and wine to go

TwinCities.com - 4/16/2020

MN Legislature: Bonding bill touted as way to boost jobs during coronavirus crisis

TwinCities.com - 4/15/2020

Lawmakers OK pandemic measures, but Republicans fail to crimp Walzs emergency authority

TwinCities.com - 4/14/2020

Minnesota Legislature approves insulin affordability bill

Associated Press – 4/14/2020

State: Hiring Freeze, Pay Cuts to Help Balance Budget

WJON – 4/13/2020

MN Gov. Walz and his cabinet take 10 percent pay cut amid coronavirus crisis

TwinCities.com - 4/13/2020

Businesses shuttered by COVID-19 get sales tax extension

Minnesota Public Radio - 4/10/2020

Minnesota Legislature OKs workers compensation for coronavirus first responders

TwinCities.com - 4/7/2020

Trump issues coronavirus-related disaster declaration for Minnesota

TwinCities.com - 4/7/2020

UMN braces for up to $315 million in lost revenue over coronavirus

TwinCities.com - 4/7/2020

Minnesota prepares to take hit on budget as coronavirus produces reverse tsunami of revenue

TwinCities.com - 4/7/2020

State of the State: Walz addresses coronavirus, economy and Minnesotas future

TwinCities.com - 4/5/2020


As coronavirus moves MN schools to distance learning, how will they teach kids with disabilities?

TwinCities.com - 3/26/2020

Minnesota House passes $330 million coronavirus aid bill

TwinCities.com - 3/26/2020

Emergency responders on front line of coronavirus say they need workers comp if sickened

TwinCities.com - 3/26/2020

Minnesota legislators nearing action on COVID-19 relief

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune - 3/24/2020

Timeline: 2 weeks since Minnesota's first coronavirus case

TwinCities.com - 3/21/2020

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz isnt ready to order shelter in place. At least not yet.

TwinCities.com - 3/20/2020

Minnesota foundations contribute $4.4 million to COVID-19 recovery fund

TwinCities.com - 3/19/2020

Unemployment applications spike in Minnesota amid coronavirus pandemic

TwinCities.com - 3/19/2020

Pandemic could broaden telemedicine in Minnesota Medicaid

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune - 3/19/2020

COVID-19 test rationing reality: 1,700 MN samples have been frozen and not tested. Walz calls it frustration.

TwinCities.com - 3/18/2020

Unemployment requests spike as Minnesota businesses close for COVID-19

Star-Tribune – 3/17/2020

Thousands of newly idled Minnesota workers slammed the state with unemployment requests

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune - 3/17/2020

Minnesota House, Senate pass emergency COVID-19 funding bill

Minnesota Public Radio - 3/17/2020

MN Legislature to take up $100 million hospital funding bill over coronavirus

TwinCities.com - 3/16/2020

Walz to close all Minnesota public schools for 8 school days, starting Wednesday, for COVID-19

TwinCities.com - 3/15/2020

States begin widespread school closures to fight coronavirus

Minnesota Public Radio - 3/13/2020

Coronavirus prompts Walz to scale back spending ambitions

TwinCities.com - 3/12/2020

Gov. Tim Walz proposes scaled-back budget because of coronavirus

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune - 3/12/2020

Walz proposes banking most of surplus over COVID-19 fears

Associated Press – 3/12/2020

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signs $21 million coronavirus bill

TwinCities.com - 3/10/2020

Minnesota nursing homes begin to restrict -- and ban -- visitors over coronavirus

TwinCities.com - 3/10/2020

A bad coronavirus outbreak could paralyze the Minnesota Legislature

TwinCities.com - 3/9/2020

Minnesota Legislature speeds $21M in coronavirus money

Minnesota Public Radio - 3/9/2020

Minnesota needs at least $25 million for coronavirus fight

TwinCities.com - 3/5/2020

Minnesota economy ticking steadily ahead, but coronavirus risk looms

TwinCities.com - 2/28/2020

Minnesota Senate bill would set aside $5 million for coronavirus

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune - 2/26/2020