Maryland - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Maryland Gov. Hogan still reviewing Trumps plan for states to help with extra unemployment benefits

Baltimore Sun - 8/10/2020

In 2020, many Marylanders still lack high-speed internet. And thats a problem for work and school.

Baltimore Sun - 8/7/2020

Cashless tolling is now permanent at all Maryland bridges, tunnels, express lanes

Baltimore Sun - 8/6/2020

Maryland casinos bring $139 million in July, first full month open since coronavirus pandemic

Baltimore Sun - 8/5/2020

Franchot calls on Gov. Hogan to tap Rainy Day fund to help small businesses survive pandemic

Baltimore Sun - 8/5/2020

Maryland Gov. Hogan ends tenure as head of nations governors

Baltimore Sun - 8/5/2020

Public defenders announce effort to join Marylands largest public-service union

Baltimore Sun - 8/4/2020


Maryland plans to stop paying for coronavirus testing for nursing home staff after Aug. 15

Baltimore Sun - 7/29/2020

Maryland Gov. Hogan tightens mask restrictions, requiring face coverings in all public indoor places

Baltimore Sun - 7/29/2020

Maryland prisons distributing more protective equipment to staff, inmates, but demand remains high

Baltimore Sun - 7/25/2020

Maryland election chief: state needs $20M more to pull off Nov. 3 election in a pandemic

Baltimore Sun - 7/21/2020

Maryland uncovers identity theft scheme involving $501M in fraudulent unemployment claims, Hogan says

Baltimore Sun – 7/15/2020

Deadline approaches for those who lost health insurance to enroll through Marylands exchange

Baltimore Sun - 7/13/2020

Facing $550 million shortfall, the MTA could miss out on the next round of federal stimulus funding

Baltimore Sun - 7/13/2020

Lawmakers call on Hogan to extend Marylands eviction moratorium until Jan. 31

Baltimore Sun - 7/11/2020

Coronavirus 'wreaking havoc' on Maryland state budget, analysts say

WBAL – 7/8/2020

Maryland budget cuts to higher education could mean staff shortages, financial aid reductions

Baltimore Sun - 7/7/2020

With budget cuts, state board scraps contested plan for AGs office to take on street crime in Baltimore

Baltimore Sun - 7/2/2020

Maryland families fear tsunami of evictions when courts reopen and federal aid dries up at the end of July

Baltimore Sun - 7/2/2020

Hogan defers some cuts to state budget, but board approves $413 million in reductions due to coronavirus economic crisis

Baltimore Sun - 7/1/2020


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Faces Pushback To Proposed $1.45B Budget Cuts

WAMU – 6/30/2020

Hogan outlines $1.45 billion in budget cuts to grapple with economic downturn

Washington Post – 6/29/2020

Maryland Gov. Hogan proposes $1.45B in state budget cuts, cites economic downturn from coronavirus pandemic

Baltimore Sun - 6/27/2020

Unions: Hogan administration seeking layoffs, pay cuts for state workers to address economic impact of COVID-19

Baltimore Sun - 6/25/2020

How Congress passed a farm bill and left Maryland police labs unable to test for marijuana

Baltimore Sun - 6/24/2020

Maryland lawmakers take first steps toward policing reform after George Floyd’s death during arrest

Baltimore Sun – 6/23/2020

Maryland senators recommend ways to avoid election problems

Associated Press – 6/23/2020

State cuts highway-user revenues to local governments

Herald Mail – 6/22/2020

Maryland to reimburse prison health care provider for coronavirus-related expenses, estimated at $3M per month

Baltimore Sun - 6/17/2020

Despite primary day lines, Maryland election board defends limited voting sites amid legislators questions

Baltimore Sun - 6/16/2020

Maryland likely to be on the hook for millions if it wants to save the Purple Line project, analysts say

Baltimore Sun - 6/15/2020

The leaders of Marylands 7 largest counties call on Hogan for subsidies for child care centers, extended eviction prevention plan

Baltimore Sun - 6/12/2020

Tens of thousands of Maryland unemployment claims are stuck in the system, state labor officials say

Baltimore Sun - 6/11/2020

Maryland Gov. Hogan opposes movement to defund police

Baltimore Sun - 6/11/2020

Maryland moves into Phase 2 of COVID-19 reopening plan

Fox 5 – 6/5/2020

Legislature to Trim $4.8 Million From Its Internal Budget

Maryland Matters – 6/2/2020


Maryland child care providers say they cant afford to stay open with state restrictions

Baltimore Sun - 5/28/2020

Maryland budget panel approves $120M in spending cuts, with more to come

Baltimore Sun - 5/20/2020

Maryland's Transportation Trust Fund faces up to $560 million shortfall

Baltimore Business Journal – 5/20/2020

Maryland to test all detainees, staff at prisons and juvenile facilities for coronavirus

Baltimore Sun - 5/20/2020

Coronavirus 'economic calamity could cost Maryland up to $4 billion a year in revenue, budget cuts likely

Baltimore Sun - 5/14/2020

Md. gives ‘staggering’ forecast of economic damage; Va. reports large monthly loss

Washington Post – 5/14/2020

Hogan, Cuomo press for financial aid for state governments

Baltimore Sun – 5/13/2020

Hundreds to testify at Senate hearing about Md. unemployment system woes

WTOP – 5/11/2020

Hogan vetoes education plan, HBCU money, citing coronavirus economic downturn

Washington Post – 5/7/2020

Here are key bills that Maryland Gov. Hogan vetoed

Baltimore Sun - 5/7/2020

Citing economic hit from coronavirus, Gov. Hogan weighing vetoes on legislation to improve schools, save the Preakness race

Baltimore Sun - 5/7/2020

Maryland’s long-planned, $4 billion schools overhaul in jeopardy because of pandemic

Washington Post – 5/6/2020

State extends pay bump for key Maryland workers during coronavirus crisis; union seeking return to double pay

Baltimore Sun – 5/5/2020

Maryland congressional delegation: States HBCUs will get more than $44M in additional aid during coronavirus pandemic

Baltimore Sun - 5/5/2020

Maryland takes $60 million revenue hit from closed casinos in April

Baltimore Sun - 5/5/2020

Facing incredible pressure on budgets, Baltimore and Marylands largest counties seek more coronavirus relief from U.S.

Baltimore Sun - 5/4/2020

Baltimore-area governments are weighing big cuts as they brace for a collapse in revenues due to coronavirus

Baltimore Sun - 5/1/2020


Maryland Gov. Hogan orders ‘universal’ coronavirus testing at all nursing homes

WTOP – 4/30/2020

Maryland Health Care Commission emergency certificates show behind-the-scenes surge planning

Baltimore Sun - 4/29/2020

Casinos seek to lower minimum slots payouts

Baltimore Sun - 4/29/2020

Coronavirus in Maryland: 5 takeaways from this week

Baltimore Sun - 4/24/2020

Maryland Gov. Hogan outlines three-stage plan to reopen businesses when coronavirus abates

Baltimore Sun – 4/24/2020

State may face $250 million casino and lottery hit; casinos develop reopening plans

Baltimore Sun - 4/23/2020

Marylanders are voting by mail to fill a House seat. Whats that mean for the outcome ” and future elections?

Baltimore Sun - 4/22/2020

Hogan will announce plan to reopen Maryland on Friday

Fredrick News Post – 4/22/2020

Maryland General Assembly won’t hold special session in May

Associated Press – 4/20/2020

Hogan to Trump administration: Governors need $500B to rescue budgets due to coronavirus pandemic

Baltimore Sun - 4/13/2020

Maryland Gov. Hogan announces state budget freeze as coronavirus hammers economy

Baltimore Sun - 4/10/2020

Maryland comptrollers office eyes possible $2.8 billion drop in revenue in a worst-case coronavirus scenario

Baltimore Sun - 4/10/2020

Hogan freezes non-coronavirus spending, seeks broad cuts as pandemic’s grip on region grows

Washington Post – 4/10/2020

With little federal help, Maryland officials have spent hundreds of millions to buy coronavirus supplies

Baltimore Sun - 4/6/2020

Maryland universities helping students weather financial crisis created by coronavirus

Baltimore Sun - 4/6/2020

Maryland casinos see their revenues plummet in March amid coronavirus

Baltimore Sun - 4/3/2020

Maryland hospitals allowed to raise rates to pay for surge of coronavirus patients

Baltimore Sun - 4/1/2020


Gov. Hogan issues stay-at-home order for Maryland to stop spread of the coronavirus

Baltimore Sun – 3/30/2020

President Trump declares major disaster in Maryland due to coronavirus, releasing funds after request from Gov. Larry Hogan

Baltimore Sun - 3/26/2020

Here is what the $2.2 trillion economic relief package would mean to Maryland during coronavirus pandemic

Baltimore Sun - 3/26/2020

Maryland to end temporary extra pay for state employees working during coronavirus outbreak

Baltimore Sun - 3/22/2020

While Trump dithered, Hogan and nations governors stepped into leadership role in coronavirus pandemic

Baltimore Sun - 3/21/2020

Marylands local governments brace for sharp decline in revenues as they fight coronavirus

Baltimore Sun - 3/20/2020

Maryland lawmakers may meet again in May, but for now they say theres work to do at home

Baltimore Sun - 3/20/2020

Rushed final days of Maryland General Assembly session left some concerned over lack of public input

Baltimore Sun - 3/20/2020

Marylands legislature passed more than 650 bills in a three-day sprint. Here are some of most significant.

Baltimore Sun - 3/18/2020

Maryland Senate passes sweeping schools reform bill with amendments that would halt plan in bad economy

Baltimore Sun - 3/17/2020

Last call as Maryland bars, restaurants shut down to prevent coronavirus spread

Baltimore Sun - 3/16/2020

Maryland school leaders and health experts say coronavirus shutdown could take longer than two weeks

Baltimore Sun - 3/16/2020

Maryland lawmakers pressed to advance legislation with threat of coronavirus looming

Baltimore Sun - 3/15/2020

Top Maryland finance official warns coronavirus could cause prolonged, full-blown recession

Baltimore Sun - 3/12/2020

Marylands U.S. lawmakers say state residents need more guidance on coronavirus tests

Baltimore Sun - 3/10/2020

Maryland governor announces virus response team

Associated Press – 3/9/2020

Planning for coronavirus exposes gaps in Maryland, national health care infrastructure

Baltimore Sun - 3/6/2020

First three cases of coronavirus confirmed in Maryland

Baltimore Sun - 3/5/2020

Governor declares state of emergency after first 3 coronavirus cases found in Maryland

The Hill – 3/5/2020

Maryland Gov. Hogan wants to tap millions in emergency funds to prepare for coronavirus

Baltimore Sun - 3/4/2020