Maine - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Federal aid limits COVID-19 damage to Maine state budget

Central Maine - 8/11/2020

UMaine System expands plans for coronavirus testing on campuses

Central Maine - 8/11/2020

Maines cities, towns seek to offset revenue lost to coronavirus

Bangor Daily News - 8/11/2020

Gov. Mills says Trump executive action on jobless aid vague, insufficient

Central Maine - 8/10/2020

Maine labor department unsure about next steps after Trump unemployment order

Bangor Daily News - 8/10/2020

Jobless claims continue to fall in Maine; colleges get aid

Associated Press – 8/7/2020

Mills asks state departments to trim spending by 10 percent

Central Maine - 8/6/2020

Maine goes into austerity mode as coronavirus takes steep budget toll

Bangor Daily News - 8/6/2020

Janet Mills extends Maines state of emergency for 30 more days

Bangor Daily News - 8/5/2020

Maine cities and towns could lose $146M in revenue by 2020s end due to virus

Bangor Daily News - 8/3/2020

Maine state pension fund dodges worst of coronavirus-induced recession for now

Bangor Daily News - 8/3/2020

Facing coronavirus and an uncertain fall, some Maine families consider homeschooling

Central Maine - 8/2/2020


Families argue in appeal that Maine should pay tuition at religious schools

Central Maine - 7/30/2020

Mills investing $1 million to address racial disparities in Maine coronavirus infections

Bangor Daily News - 7/30/2020

Maine state budget facing COVID-19 shortfalls of $1.4 billion over next three years

Central Maine - 7/29/2020

Maine faces budget shortfall above $500M by mid-2021 due to coronavirus

Bangor Daily News - 7/29/2020

Maine cities and towns hopeful for federal relief

Central Maine - 7/27/2020

Maine schools chief: COVID-19 tests for students could offer false sense of security

Bangor Daily News - 7/25/2020

Maine to launch rapid response team to combat opioid crisis

Central Maine - 7/23/2020

Maine employers could be taxed on federal emergency loans

Central Maine - 7/22/2020

Bond measure approval will fuel states goal of expanding rural broadband

Central Maine - 7/20/2020

Heres what Maine officials will have to consider about COVID-19 when reopening schools

Bangor Daily News - 7/20/2020

State announces up to $165M in funding for COVID-19 precautions at Maine schools

Bangor Daily News - 7/17/2020

Maine child care facilities to get $8.4 million in federal COVID-19 relief

Central Maine - 7/17/2020

Republican demands leave Legislature in limbo

Central Maine - 7/16/2020

Around the state, educators and parents wonder how best to reopen schools

Bangor Daily News - 7/15/2020

Mills economic recovery committee urges $1.1 billion investment

Central Maine - 7/15/2020

Maine voters overwhelmingly pass $120M in transportation, broadband borrowing

Bangor Daily News - 7/14/2020

Maine legislature may return for special session

Central Maine - 7/14/2020

Untapped federal funds could help fill gap in Maine virus economic plan

Bangor Daily News - 7/14/2020

MaineDOT commissioner: Vote yes on Question 2 for jobs, transportation projects

Central Maine - 7/8/2020

State adopts reopening plan for casinos; no word when Oxford will open

Central Maine - 7/8/2020

Maine casinos to reopen after state agrees to coronavirus safety plan

Bangor Daily News - 7/7/2020

Tourism, hospitality groups ask for $800 million to save Maines industry

Central Maine - 7/4/2020UMaine students will return to campuses for fall semester

Central Maine - 7/1/2020


Maine hospitality revenue could drop by one-third in 2020, economists report

Central Maine - 6/30/2020

Maine Legislature could return by August to stamp virus response

Bangor Daily News - 6/30/2020

Maine voting in July on $120M in borrowing for stressed transportation, broadband systems

Bangor Daily News - 6/27/2020

Mills economic recovery committee urges school reopenings, broadband expansion

Central Maine - 6/26/2020

Maine gives nearly $9M to cities and towns for health campaigns on coronavirus

Bangor Daily News - 6/26/2020

Maine hospitals seek $120 million relief package

Central Maine - 6/25/2020

UMaine System budget, tuition increase advance to full board

Central Maine - 6/24/2020

State helps towns and tribes qualify for COVID-19 disaster relief

Central Maine - 6/24/2020

Maine sets aside $35M in federal virus aid to cities, towns and tribes

Bangor Daily News - 6/23/2020

UMaine System trustees to consider tuition increase in new $559 million budget

Central Maine - 6/22/2020

Maine health agencies say virus causing financial crises as they seek stimulus money

Bangor Daily News - 6/19/2020

Trump tweets about $38.1 million in funding for Maine bridges

Central Maine - 6/19/2020

Virus restrictions could cost $65.9M in 2020 lodging tax revenue

Bangor Daily News - 6/19/2020

Advocates ask Janet Mills for specific interventions to address racial disparities

Bangor Daily News - 6/18/2020

State CDC rewriting coronavirus testing guidelines for out-of-state visitors

Bangor Daily News - 6/17/2020

Maine lags neighbors in allocating $1B in federal virus aid, but millions more are being spent

Bangor Daily News - 6/17/2020

Pandemic takes staggering financial toll on Maine hospitals

Central Maine - 6/14/2020

New state report: Maine has received $3.7 billion in coronavirus aid so far

Bangor Daily News - 6/12/2020

Towns across Maine looking at budgets crunched by coronavirus

Central Maine - 6/10/2020

Maine organizations dedicated to childrens oral health distribute more than 44,000 oral health kits to children in need

Bangor Daily News - 6/8/2020

Maine proposes tourists show negative coronavirus test to skip 14-day quarantine

Bangor Daily News - 6/3/2020

Theres no plan yet for Maine schools to reopen, but they wont go back to normal this fall

Bangor Daily News - 6/3/2020

A remote part of Maine may have found a way to save access to 24/7 health care

Bangor Daily News - 6/1/2020


Mills administration may steer COVID-19 funds to schools, public health

Central Maine - 5/29/2020

Lawmakers push for bigger virus response role as Maine projects $525M shortfall

Bangor Daily News - 5/29/2020

Key committees of Legislature to return to work during COVID-19 pandemic

Central Maine - 5/28/2020

Credit agencies affirm Maines high-grade bond ratings amid pandemic

Central Maine - 5/28/2020

Maine jobless claims hit record 37,000 last week, but officials say many are fraudulent

Central Maine - 5/28/2020

Susan Collins pushes state and local aid, postal service relief in stimulus talks

Bangor Daily News - 5/27/2020

Legislature to get update on COVID-19 impact from state finance commissioner

Central Maine - 5/27/2020

Maine schools cautiously plan for what a return to classes will look like in the fall

Central Maine - 5/24/2020

Maine mayors push Mills to share federal dollars with cities

Central Maine - 5/23/2020

Feds give Maine $52.7 million to boost COVID-19 testing ability

Bangor Daily News - 5/21/2020

Maine corrections department will limit testing to prison in Windham

Central Maine - 5/20/2020

Maine nonprofits receive $1.2 million for COVID-19 relief efforts

Central Maine - 5/20/2020

Maine rejects federal guidance that would give private schools more relief funds

Central Maine - 5/20/2020

State tax revenues drop as COVID-19 tightens grip on Maine economy

Central Maine - 5/19/2020

Governor orders end to prisoners receiving unemployment pay

Central Maine - 5/19/2020

Maine sees half of expected April revenue, saying recession will be one for the record books

Bangor Daily News - 5/19/2020

Janet Mills estimates pandemics impact on state government at $3B and thats a low-ball estimate

Bangor Daily News - 5/18/2020

Legal aid organizations expect pandemic to increase demand in Maine

Central Maine - 5/18/2020

Maine college leaders collaborating on framework to reopen campuses

Central Maine - 5/15/2020

Mills extends coronavirus state of emergency for another month

Bangor Daily News - 5/13/2020

Government and union officials plead for financial aid for local governments

Central Maine - 5/12/2020

Maine Department of Transportation braces for big revenue loss

Central Maine - 5/11/2020

University of Maine System sending $8.9M in emergency aid to students

Bangor Daily News - 5/8/2020

Maine awarded $4.7 million to expand COVID-19 testing

Central Maine - 5/8/2020

Maine nets $20 million in federal bailout of U.S. fishing industry

Central Maine - 5/7/2020

Lawmakers grill Maine labor commissioner over problems with unemployment system

Bangor Daily News - 5/6/2020

Maines two-week quarantine a deal-breaker for some seasonal residents

Central Maine - 5/5/2020

Maine is using $9M to help 24,000 students connect to the internet

Bangor Daily News - 5/5/2020

UMaine loses $150K in NCAA basketball revenue, but is weathering COVID-19 storm

Bangor Daily News - 5/2/2020

Maine fishermen promised coronavirus bailout bucks are still awaiting the cash

Bangor Daily News - 5/1/2020


DHHS seeks to boost pay for workers who care for disabled Mainers

Central Maine - 4/30/2020

Some medical marijuana stores report boost in sales under virus

Central Maine - 4/29/2020

Maine colleges grapple with how to reopen as coronavirus ravages budgets

Bangor Daily News - 4/29/2020

2 bankrupt Maine hospitals warn they could close in June, sue to receive stimulus funds

Bangor Daily News - 4/29/2020

Mills says virus reopening plan will rely on case data, but specifics are unclear

Central Maine - 4/28/2020

Maine schools expect almost $44 million in CARES Act relief

Central Maine - 4/28/2020

Janet Mills spending freeze could free $250M to balance pandemic-ravaged budget

Bangor Daily News - 4/28/2020

Maine may struggle to claim federal pandemic election funding

Central Maine - 4/27/2020

State budget crisis looms in Maine as pandemic rages

Central Maine - 4/27/2020

Republicans urge Mills to share coronavirus info, ease restrictions

Central Maine - 4/20/2020

Maine plans to double its coronavirus tracking staff

Central Maine - 4/17/2020

Maine could lose $1B by next year due to coronavirus

Bangor Daily News - 4/17/2020

Maine gets $625M to cover pandemic costs, but its unclear who decides how to spend it

Bangor Daily News - 4/17/2020

Mills pauses some evictions as pandemic makes it harder for tenants to pay rent

Bangor Daily News - 4/16/2020

As Maine responds to a pandemic, a key public health workforce remains understaffed

Bangor Daily News - 4/16/2020

Maine colleges plan for how coronavirus could affect fall semester

Central Maine - 4/15/2020

Gov. Mills extends state of emergency until May 15

Bangor Daily News - 4/14/2020

Federal loan program a Catch-22 for some Maine small businesses

Central Maine - 4/13/2020

Pandemic puts Maine recreational marijuana market on hold

Central Maine - 4/10/2020

Mills officially pushes back June elections to July 14

Bangor Daily News - 4/10/2020

Confirmed coronavirus cases hit 470 as disaster declaration arrives

Central Maine - 4/5/2020

For thousands of students without home internet access, remote learning is an extra challenge

Central Maine - 4/5/2020

Trump approves federal disaster declaration for Maine

Bangor Daily News - 4/4/2020

COVID-19 reaction boosts state governments role

Bangor Daily News - 4/1/2020


Gov. Mills to increase pay for direct care workers 3 months early

Central Maine - 3/30/2020

State Treasurer: Maine is ready to meet COVID-19s economic challenge

Central Maine - 3/30/2020

Maine officials offer dire warnings but few specifics on coronavirus revenue fallout

Bangor Daily News - 3/24/2020

Coronavirus could impact Maine state assessment, college entrance exams

Central Maine - 3/19/2020

How Maines home care workers for elderly are handling the coronavirus

Bangor Daily News - 3/19/2020

Maine CDC plans to keep hiring while stretching to fight the coronavirus

Bangor Daily News - 3/18/2020

Coronavirus hits as Maine struggles to rebuild public health system

Central Maine - 3/18/2020

In rapid sequence, Legislature approves $76 million budget package geared toward pandemic

Central Maine - 3/18/2020

As paralysis grips Maines small businesses, policymakers pursue major relief

Central Maine - 3/17/2020

Maine lawmakers set to pass coronavirus response bill allowing town meeting delays

Bangor Daily News - 3/17/2020

Janet Mills and Maine lawmakers reach tentative spending deal prompted by coronavirus

Bangor Daily News - 3/16/2020

Internet use could jump 50 percent as more Mainers work from home amid virus outbreak

Bangor Daily News - 3/16/2020

Janet Mills wants to allow Maine workers affected by coronavirus to collect unemployment

Bangor Daily News - 3/15/2020

Janet Mills declares state of emergency after Maine announces new coronavirus cases

Bangor Daily News - 3/15/2020

Maine Legislature to adjourn for 2020 on Tuesday because of coronavirus

Bangor Daily News - 3/13/2020