Louisiana - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Louisiana uncertain about Trump's unemployment aid order

Associated Press – 8/11/2020

Trump renews federal unemployment benefits, but can Louisiana afford to pay it?

Nola.com - 8/10/2020

In first meeting, task force on police practices announces subcommittees

Baton Rouge Advocate - 8/6/2020

Louisiana contact tracing stymied as 73 percent of people who answer dont share contacts

Nola.com - 8/1/2020


Louisiana getting $17 million in federal dollars to assist students during pandemic

Baton Rouge Advocate - 7/29/2020

John Bel Edwards said Louisiana coronavirus cases may be plateauing -- but at a 'really high number'

Baton Rouge Advocate - 7/28/2020

Louisiana's local governments likely to exhaust $525 million in coronavirus aid soon, official says

Baton Rouge Advocate - 7/27/2020

Louisiana businesses brace for worst as unemployment benefits lapse: 'We're afraid'

Nola.com - 7/25/2020

Update on $250 frontline worker rebate: Limit might be reached Tuesday, but don't stop applying

Baton Rouge Advocate - 7/20/2020

Child care centers getting $11 million in federal aid amid pandemic

Baton Rouge Advocate - 7/16/2020

John Bel Edwards signs business tax breaks passed in special session

Baton Rouge Advocate - 7/15/2020

Applications for $250 rebate to frontline workers are being taken Wednesday

Baton Rouge Advocate - 7/14/2020

La. governor signs budget, directs state agency heads to be ready for possible mid-year cuts

WAFB – 7/8/2020

Edwards rejects pay raise delay for Louisiana state workers

Associated Press – 7/8/2020

Republicans hold a majority in the Legislature. John Bel Edwards holds the veto pen. The result? Compromises

Baton Rouge Advocate - 7/5/2020

Why Louisiana is facing troubling financial prospects even after billions in federal aid

Baton Rouge Advocate - 7/4/2020

In sudden turnaround, Legislature approves aid to tackle dismal reading rates

Baton Rouge Advocate - 7/3/2020


Legislature finishes work on $35B budget, tax breaks, other issues on final day of session

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/30/2020

Louisiana lawmakers end session with budget deal, tax breaks
Associated Press – 6/30/2020

Louisiana Lawmakers Pass Tax Breaks as Virus Recovery Effort
Associated Press – 6/30/2020

Computers, internet access key targets of federal aid under governor's control

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/29/2020

Plan to send $250 checks to front-line Louisiana workers is nearly official; see who's eligible

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/29/2020

Louisiana Senate passes budget that freezes state workers' pay; next up: the House

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/26/2020

In Louisiana's senate, a move to halt raises for state workers and use a pot of money for tax breaks

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/24/2020

Louisiana burns through half of $1B unemployment fund, could deplete in 14 weeks, requiring borrowing, business taxes next year

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/24/2020

Louisiana House votes to protect school systems, colleges from coronavirus lawsuits

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/23/2020

Louisiana Senate approves big tax break, with smaller tax breaks still to come

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/23/2020

Louisiana tax break bills pared down as near final passage

Associated Press – 6/22/2020

Opening for a new school year will be 'very, very tricky', top Louisiana teacher says

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/21/2020

Local governments in Louisiana apply for $165 million in first round of coronavirus aid

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/19/2020

Bill that would send $250 to front-line workers passes Louisiana House; here are the next steps

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/18/2020

LSU, Louisiana schools refunding $24 million to students because of coronavirus shutdown

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/17/2020

Tax breaks sought by businesses hit resistance from governor, Democratic lawmakers

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/16/2020

Louisiana Senate panels advances tax break for casinos

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/16/2020

Republican-led bill to send $300 million in aid to Louisiana businesses wins governor's signature

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/15/2020

State construction bill heads to John Bel Edwards' desk

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/11/2020

Louisiana House backs $34B budget, with worries about future

Associated Press – 6/11/2020

Louisiana lawmakers socking away much of surplus in savings

Associated Press – 6/11/2020

Bills to cut business taxes, expand tax breaks start moving through Legislature

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/9/2020

Bill spending Gulf oil revenue on national parks must devote money to coastal restoration, protection: Sen Cassidy, state

Nola.com - 6/9/2020

Republican legislative leadership in Louisiana ousts independent budget analyst

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/9/2020

Push to ensure students can read dies in Legislature, 'This is fundamental'

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/7/2020

Lawmakers resume work on state budget, using hundreds of millions in coronavirus aid

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/5/2020

Louisiana lawmakers start moving $33B budget for next year
Associated Press – 6/5/2020

Medicaid rolls swell in Louisiana amid the coronavirus, federal directive to keep people insured

Baton Rouge Advocate - 6/3/2020

Louisiana lawmakers mulling business tax breaks in session

Associated Press – 6/2/2020


Regular session ends Monday, to be followed by special session to tackle state budget and business initiatives

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/31/2020

Virtual first day of school? Staggered schedules? Officials ponder start of 2020-21 school year

Nola.com - 5/30/2020

Governor, lawmakers battle over how to spend $811 million in federal coronavirus aid

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/28/2020

Medical marijuana expansion nears final passage in Louisiana

Associated Press – 5/28/2020

Louisiana House agrees to use $1 billion in federal aid to fill holes in state budget

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/26/2020

Louisiana hospitals got massive payouts for coronavirus -- but it might not be enough

Nola.com - 5/26/2020

Special legislative session could cost about $1.7 million additional

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/23/2020

Dispute erupts over virus aid for Louisiana local government

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/22/2020

Governor, lawmakers find common ground in proposal to use $1B in federal funds to balance budget

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/21/2020

Louisiana ramps up coronavirus contact tracing as part of reopening plan

Nola.com - 5/20/2020

Cut in state unemployment benefits would have triggered big loss in federal dollars; here's why

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/20/2020

Louisiana lawmakers back reentry bills for people convicted

Associated Press – 5/19/2020

Inside Louisiana's first day of reopened casinos amid coronavirus recovery

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/18/2020

John Bel Edwards slams tax cuts sought by GOP lawmakers, business groups

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/18/2020

Louisiana governor, lawmakers at odds over surplus spending

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/18/2020

Edwards' budget proposal uses federal aid to avoid deep cuts

Associated Press – 5/16/2020

Louisiana House okays not spending all the money that's available

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/15/2020

Senate panel turns back casino request for tax breaks

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/15/2020

Louisiana House agrees to let colleges continue to set fees

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/15/2020

Louisiana legislators uneasy about contact tracing

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/13/2020

Will Louisiana pass budget by June 1?: ‘Odds are 50-50’

Gannett Louisiana – 5/13/2020

Amid pandemic, public school leaders now hope for standstill budget

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/12/2020

Louisiana Spotlight: Legislature is back, and moving bills with a vengeance, despite virus

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/11/2020

University of Louisiana System announces plans to resume in-person instruction this fall

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/11/2020

A 'Katrina-sized' $1 billion hit from coronavirus for Louisiana's budget, early estimates show

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/11/2020

Louisiana conservatives make bid to restrain state spending amid coronavirus. Will it pass?

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/10/2020

Amid coronavirus closures, Louisiana's public defense leaders consider drastic budget cuts

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/10/2020

How much CARES Act money will Louisiana college students receive? See details

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/9/2020

Facing a 'great unknown,' Louisiana universities ask state committee to prevent more budget cuts

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/8/2020

Louisiana shows a 43% decline in tax collections

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/7/2020

As state, local leaders seek more aid, Sen. Kennedy pitches loosening rules on existing cash

Nola.com - 5/6/2020

Louisiana's post-coronavirus economic downturn might be worse than one after Hurricane Katrina

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/4/2020

Louisiana lawmakers return to virus-related budget problems

Associated Press – 5/4/2020

Louisiana Legislature convenes but has a lot work to do in the next 28 days

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/3/2020

'The system has failed me': Frustrations persist with Louisiana jobless agency even as it makes improvements

Nola.com - 5/1/2020

Louisiana public schools getting $260M for coronavirus aid: A look at how it'll be spent

Baton Rouge Advocate - 5/1/2020


The next coronavirus crisis could be Louisiana's government budgets, but leaders hoping for aid

Baton Rouge Advocate - 4/30/2020

John Bel Edwards responds to petition to cancel emergency order: 'Silly is not the right word'

Baton Rouge Advocate - 4/30/2020

Some conservatives seek to overturn Louisiana's coronavirus stay-at-home extension

Baton Rouge Advocate - 4/29/2020

Senate leader: Legislature can resume work Monday amid safety measures; critics favor later date

Baton Rouge Advocate - 4/28/2020

Federal grant of $40 million to support bus transit throughout state

Baton Rouge Advocate - 4/23/2020

Coronavirus closures cause New Orleans casino revenue to drop nearly 60% in March

Nola.com - 4/23/2020

How are Louisiana universities handling financial struggles? Plans underway to cut budgets

Baton Rouge Advocate - 4/22/2020

Schools can expect financial hit from coronavirus-related tax hits, district officials say

Nola.com - 4/21/2020

Sen. Cassidy pushes bipartisan $500 billion relief fund for state, local governments

Nola.com - 4/20/2020

State loan program allocates $30 million across a half-dozen financial institutions for coronavirus relief

Baton Rouge Advocate - 4/19/2020

'An ethical and moral dilemma': Underemployed workers in Louisiana may make more by being unemployed

Nola.com - 4/16/2020

John Bel Edwards: On possible steps, murky outlook for Louisiana transition from coronavirus shutdown

Baton Rouge Advocate - 4/14/2020

As jobless workers in Louisiana continue to complain of benefits issues, state urges patience

Nola.com - 4/14/2020

Federal stimulus bill means nearly $19 million for LSU; $147.1 million statewide

Baton Rouge Advocate - 4/13/2020

Louisiana coronavirus spending balloons to $573 million; it has more than doubled in a week

Baton Rouge Advocate - 4/6/2020

With big federal dollars, come big and so far largely unknown conditions

Baton Rouge Advocate - 4/4/2020

State stands up $50 million loan fund for small businesses in Louisiana

Baton Rouge Advocate - 4/1/2020


Bleak picture for Louisiana's oil and gas industry suffering from coronavirus and price war

Baton Rouge Advocate - 3/30/2020

Gov. Edwards: Louisiana will get $1.8B in federal stimulus package to combat coronavirus

Baton Rouge Advocate - 3/27/2020

Louisiana state government spends $71 million on coronavirus response and counting

Baton Rouge Advocate - 3/24/2020

New Orleans government puts 500 workers on paid leave amid coronavirus closures

Nola.com - 3/23/2020

Louisiana Legislature likely to extend suspension of session until after stay-at-home order, leader says

Baton Rouge Advocate - 3/23/2020

Economic impact of coronavirus in Louisiana may big akin to a hurricane, flood, but with big uncertainties

Baton Rouge Advocate - 3/21/2020

Louisiana coastal authority to meet virtually on web Wednesday because of coronavirus

Nola.com - 3/17/2020

High number of Louisiana cases per capita cause for concern, John Bel Edwards says

Baton Rouge Advocate - 3/14/2020

Despite coronavirus classes can stay open for youngest students: 'We don't need a panic'

Baton Rouge Advocate - 3/13/2020

Amid coronavirus, Louisiana legislative session to continue, at least for the time being

Baton Rouge Advocate - 3/12/2020

Coronavirus cases in Louisiana jump to six; three more positive tests for Orleans residents

Nola.com - 3/11/2020

Oil price crash injects uncertainty into Louisiana budgeting picture

Baton Rouge Advocate - 3/10/2020

Gov. John Bel Edwards provides coronavirus update during 2020 Health Summit

WBRZ – 3/3/2020