Kentucky - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Kentucky to expand health coverage for uninsured

Louisville Courier-Journal - 8/11/2020

Gov. Andy Beshear: Kentucky schools should wait to start in-person classes until Sept. 28

Courier Journal – 8/11/2020

Leaders say Kentucky needs New Deal for internet access for students

Louisville Courier-Journal - 8/3/2020


How the Debate over State Aid Is Playing Out in Mitch McConnell's Backyard

States of Crisis – 7/31/2020

Kentucky faces wave of evictions if Beshears protections go away, advocates warn

Louisville Courier-Journal - 7/30/2020

It will soon cost more to smoke e-cigarettes in Kentucky. New tax starts Aug. 1.

Lexington Herald Leader – 7/28/2020

Kentucky’s General Fund receipts increase 1.5 percent in FY20; Road Fund receipts fall 4.8 percent

Northern Kentucky Tribune – 7/30/2020

700 more Kentucky inmates may get early release amid COVID-19

Louisville Courier-Journal - 7/29/2020

Kentucky leading among states in Medicaid enrollment as it works to sign up those eligible

Louisville Courier-Journal - 7/29/2020

Most claims in unemployment backlog 95% complete, but final step remains

Louisville Courier-Journal - 7/27/2020

Gov. Beshear recommends schools postpone in-person instruction

Louisville Courier-Journal - 7/27/2020

Beshear: State ends budget year in black but outlook is grim for next fiscal year

Louisville Courier-Journal - 7/22/2020

Kentucky high court blocks efforts to suspend COVID-19 rules

Associated Press – 7/17/2020

Beshear: Restoring Kynect will save state more than expected

Louisville Courier-Journal - 7/13/2020

Twists and Turns in the State Budget
Lane Report – 7/13/2020

Case over pension systems hedge fund deals axed by supreme court

Louisville Courier-Journal - 7/10/2020

Coronavirus Hits Kentucky University Budgets, Enrollment

WFPL – 7/8/2020

'This could be like letting Kentucky go bankrupt': Governor warns on budget for next year

WLKY – 7/1/2020

June May April

COVID-19 to cause huge budget shortfall in Kentucky

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/30/2020

‘Otherworldly.’ Kentucky faces shortfall of up to $500 million unless Congress helps

Lexington Herald Leader – 4/30/2020

What resources is Kentucky getting from the White House? Here's a list of the federal relief Kentucky is receiving.

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/29/2020

Andrew Cuomo praises Beshear for opposing McConnell on state bankruptcies

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/27/2020

McConnell: 46 rural Kentucky hospitals get $3.8 million from CARES Act

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/25/2020

Patience wearing thin for Kentuckians still awaiting unemployment checks

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/24/2020

UK to furlough 1,700 workers due to coronavirus-spurred revenue losses

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/23/2020

U of L athletics announces furloughs, eliminations

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/22/2020

McConnell: Let states use the bankruptcy route instead of federal blank check

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/22/2020

In worst case scenario, state budget loses $352M to coronavirus pandemic, report says

Louisville Business First – 4/21/2020

Kentuckys rural hospitals at high financial risk without elective surgeries

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/20/2020

COVID-19 bills pass on last day of legislative session

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/16/2020

Kentucky legislature kicks off sessions final day with overrides of vetoes

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/15/2020

Gov. Beshear warns against large crowds at fall sports

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/14/2020

Beshear issues line-item vetoes for budget, revenue bills

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/13/2020

Gov. Andy Beshear moves forward with mail-in voting plans

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/10/2020

Rising coronavirus cases, deaths push Kentucky to protect nursing homes and inmates

Courier Journal – 4/7/2020

Poison control gets extra funds to handle flood of COVID-19 calls

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/3/2020

Kentucky legislature passes one-year state budget

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/1/2020

Kentucky lawmakers pass a scaled-back budget amid pandemic

Associated Press – 4/1/2020

Unemployment during coronavirus: How Kentuckys unemployment system works

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/1/2020

Kentucky House allows members to vote remotely

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/1/2020

Coronavirus creates many issues for Kentuckys undocumented immigrants

Louisville Courier-Journal - 4/1/2020