Iowa - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Governor on Trump jobless plan: more info needed

Des Moines Register - 8/11/2020

$26 million available for Iowa student internet connections

Quad-City Times - 8/8/2020

Lack of movement on COVID-19 relief unfortunate, Ernst says

Quad-City Times - 8/6/2020

Iowa governor signs order restoring felon voting rights

Associated Press – 8/6/2020

Some school districts reject Iowa in-class requirements

Quad-City Times - 8/4/2020

Gov. Reynolds warns schools not to defy law

Quad-City Times - 8/4/2020

How will Iowas 2020 sales tax holiday work?

Des Moines Register - 8/3/2020

July June

Iowa tax revenues down more than 20 percent

Quad-City Times - 6/25/2020

Iowa lottery revenue to exceed projections

Quad-City Times - 6/24/2020

Midwest gambling faces long odds as COVID-19 turns tables

Quad-City Times - 6/21/2020

What Iowa lawmakers accomplished this year

Des Moines Register – 6/20/2020

University of Iowa Faces Budget Cuts Due to COVID-19

KCRG – 6/18/2020

Des Moines moves to research decriminalizing marijuana

Des Moines Register - 6/18/2020

Iowa governor confirms plan for felon voting executive order

Sioux City Journal - 6/16/2020

$8M state cut worsens woes of regent schools

Quad-City Times - 6/15/2020


Decorah News – 6/15/2020

Iowa Legislature adjourns after passing budget that includes new voter ID requirements

Des Moines Register – 6/14/2020

What did Iowa lawmakers do (or not) in their 2020 session?

Quad-City Times - 6/14/2020

Iowa Legislature passes budget, adjourns 2020 session

Des Moines Register - 6/14/2020

Iowa Gov. Reynolds signs racial justice bill into law

Quad-City Times - 6/12/2020

Iowa House approves changes to limit secretary of state emergency powers

Quad-City Times - 6/11/2020

Iowa Republican lawmakers consider tax-policy measures

Quad-City Times - 6/11/2020

State House, Senate leaders prepare to tackle budget amid COVID-19 revenue dip

KMA – 6/10/2020

Iowa House proposes status quo budget for new fiscal year

Des Moines Register - 6/9/2020

Iowa lawmakers consider racial justice reforms

Quad-City Times - 6/5/2020

Iowa Legislature returns for brief budget-focused session

Muscatine Journal - 6/3/2020

Iowa Legislature returns to tackle budget, virus response

Des Moines Register - 6/3/2020

Returning Iowa lawmakers face leaner budget

Muscatine Journal - 6/2/2020

Iowa Democrats add racial injustice issues to 2020 legislative agenda

Quad-City Times - 6/1/2020


Coronavirus zaps state tax collections

Muscatine Journal - 5/30/2020

Panel says virus reduced $360M from next year's state budget

Quad-City Times - 5/29/2020

Iowa launching new rent, mortgage assistance program

Des Moines Register - 5/29/2020

Iowa to allow casinos and amusement parks to reopen next week

Des Moines Register - 5/27/2020

Reynolds lets foreclosure and eviction moratorium expire

Quad-City Times - 5/27/2020

Iowa business relief program to hit $94 million

Quad-City Times - 5/20/2020

Reynolds considers allowing more Iowa public activities

Quad-City Times - 5/19/2020

Sen. Garrett: The Iowa Legislature returns June 3

Des Moines Register - 5/18/2020

Regents cut funding to Iowa Public Radio

Quad-City Times - 5/15/2020

Governor, legislators ask Revenue Estimating Conference to meet

Des Moines Register - 5/14/2020

Iowa DOT lays out $3.6 billion five-year transportation plan

Quad-City Times - 5/14/2020

Iowa Legislature set to resume session June 3

Quad-City Times - 5/13/2020

Iowa casinos roll snake eyes in April; With sports bets idle, debate turns to esports

Quad-City Times - 5/10/2020

As Iowa jobless fund shrinks, no plans for federal loan

Des Moines Register - 5/8/2020

Iowa schools can start early, but only if days are extra

Quad-City Times - 5/6/2020

Iowas per capita testing improves, hospitalizations increasing

Quad-City Times - 5/6/2020

Iowa K-12 schools receive $71.6 million from coronavirus stimulus

Des Moines Register - 5/5/2020

Recalled Iowa workers skittish about safety could risk jobless aid

Quad-City Times - 5/2/2020

The reasons behind the drop in Iowa tax collections

Quad-City Times - 5/1/2020

Small business grants get $35 million federal boost

Muscatine Journal - 5/1/2020


Iowas public universities expect $187 million loss from COVID-19 shutdown

Des Moines Register - 4/30/2020

Iowa lawmakers weigh safety, transparency

Quad-City Times - 4/29/2020

Iowa revenue drops by 48% as tax deadlines pushed back

Des Moines Register - 4/28/2020

48 percent drop in Iowa tax revenue not all due to coronavirus pandemic

Quad-City Times - 4/27/2020

Iowa lawmakers wont reconvene until at least May 15

Quad-City Times - 4/27/2020

Reynolds: Staff analyzing when and where to reopen Iowa businesses

Muscatine Journal - 4/23/2020


KNIAKRLS – 4/23/2020

Iowa weekly unemployment claims drop slightly

Des Moines Register - 4/16/2020

Strong Iowa lottery sales slipping

Muscatine Journal - 4/16/2020

Surge in Iowa jobless claims proves frustrating all around

Quad-City Times - 4/15/2020

Iowas unemployed workers to see bonuses this week

Des Moines Register - 4/14/2020

Telemedicine explodes in Iowa amid pandemic

Des Moines Register - 4/13/2020

COVID-19 will have drastic impact on Iowas budget

Des Moines Register - 4/11/2020

Lawmakers add 2 weeks to session break with return April 30

Associated Press – 4/9/2020

With Iowa Legislature idle, tax swap on hold

Quad-City Times - 4/6/2020

Iowa lawmakers wont reconvene until at least April 30

Quad-City Times - 4/2/2020

Iowa tax collections plunge because of faster refunds

Globe Gazette – 4/2/2020

Iowa Gov. Reynolds questions coronavirus fatality projection

Quad-City Times - 4/1/2020

UI says student pay will continue

Des Moines Register - 4/1/2020


Iowa DOT, lawmakers anticipate decline in fuel tax revenue

Quad-City Times - 3/31/2020

US sending Iowa $1.25B for virus recovery

Quad-City Times - 3/31/2020

Justice will not succumb to virus, Iowa Supreme Court chief justice says

Quad-City Times - 3/27/2020

Iowa Gov. Reynolds extends business closures to April 7, adds more to list of closings

Muscatine Journal - 3/27/2020

Iowa sees nearly 40K new unemployment claims for record increase

Des Moines Register - 3/26/2020

Iowa offers $4M in assistance to small businesses

Muscatine Journal - 3/24/2020

Iowa business owners can now apply for disaster relief loans

Des Moines Register - 3/21/2020

Iowa set to handle 18 months of unemployment claims

Des Moines Register - 3/18/2020

Iowa waiting for federal coronavirus help

Des Moines Register - 3/17/2020

Iowa enacts health emergency plan closing bars, restaurants

Associated Press – 3/17/2020

Iowa teachers union calls on schools to pay hourly employees during shutdown

Des Moines Register - 3/17/2020

Coronavirus latest: Iowa Legislature gives Reynolds expanded powers

Des Moines Register - 3/17/2020

Iowa Legislature expands governors power as it suspends session

Des Moines Register - 3/17/2020

Call 211 with mild coronavirus symptoms, health director says

Des Moines Register - 3/16/2020

Iowa to cover coronavirus-related unemployment costs

Des Moines Register - 3/16/2020

Iowa lawmakers say legislative session will continue as planned, despite virus spread

Des Moines Register - 3/13/2020

State budget panel slightly reduces 2021 revenue estimate

Sioux City Journal - 3/12/2020

3 test presumptively positive for novel coronavirus in Iowa, Gov. Reynolds announces

Des Moines Register – 3/8/2020

Reynolds orders 'partial activation' of emergency center to prepare for potential cases of coronavirus in Iowa

Des Moines Register – 3/7/2020