Illinois - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Pritzker announces launch of rent, mortgage aid programs

Illinois Daily Herald - 8/10/2020

Pritzker defends proposed changes to mask rules as state sees 1,382 new COVID-19 cases, 8 more deaths

Chicago Sun-Times - 8/9/2020

Aid for struggling small businesses to start flowing

Illinois Daily Herald - 8/7/2020

Illinois is extending unemployment benefits by 20 weeks. Meanwhile, some gig workers are learning theyve been overpaid.

Chicago Tribune - 8/6/2020

Illinois leaders project budget cuts, layoffs without federal aid

WGEM – 8/6/2020

State investing $40 million in hopes of making Cairo port a shipping hub

Illinois Daily Herald - 8/4/2020

State House GOP leader says Pritzker overextending his executive authority in dealing with pandemic

Chicago Tribune - 8/4/2020

July cannabis sales set record at nearly $61 million

Illinois Daily Herald - 8/3/2020

Without federal relief, state faces big budget cuts, Pritzker warns

Illinois Daily Herald - 8/3/2020


State budget cuts hit disabled services; 36 out of work at Opportunity Enterprises, 260 statewide

Chicago Tribune - 7/31/2020

Gov. J.B. Pritzker warns of a possible ‘reversal’ as COVID-19 numbers rise in Illinois: ‘Things are not headed in the right direction’

Chicago Tribune – 7/29/2020

Pritzker signs orders allowing prison transfers, extending disaster proclamation

Associated Press – 7/28/2020

Illinois rolls out $3 billion transportation plan

State Journal Register – 7/21/2020

State increases apprenticeship funding amid tough job market

Associated Press – 7/19/2020

Illinois Gov. Announces New 3-Part COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Telegraph – 7/17/2020

Governor hits road to push census

Illinois Daily Herald - 7/17/2020

Recreational pot sales create $52 million in Illinois revenue in first six months

Illinois Daily Herald - 7/14/2020

20-29 now largest COVID-19 age group; Pritzker 'will not hesitate' to tighten restrictions

Illinois Daily Herald - 7/14/2020

Illinois revenues drop $1.1B in fiscal 2020 due to pandemic

Illinois Daily Herald - 7/11/2020

Pritzker calls for national mask mandate | Lightfoot ignores Trumps call to fully reopen schools | Illinois National Guard coronavirus testing mission to wind down

Chicago Tribune - 7/8/2020

State revenues down $1.1 billion in last fiscal year

Springfield State Journal-Register - 7/6/2020

Mendoza: New fiscal year will be even more challenging than height of budget impasse

Illinois Daily Herald - 7/1/2020

Illinois to open more small-business development centers, including 5 in Chicago, to help COVID-19 recovery

Chicago Tribune - 7/1/2020

June May

Area lawmakers weigh in on what was right, wrong with session

Springfield State Journal-Register - 5/29/2020

Sens. Durbin and Duckworth defend House Democrats $3 trillion pandemic stimulus package, urge end to Senate GOP opposition

Chicago Tribune - 5/28/2020

Illinois comptroller says legislators won't get pay raise

Illinois Daily Herald - 5/27/2020

Illinois to become 1st state to provide Medicaid regardless of immigration status

Springfield State Journal-Register - 5/27/2020

Pritzker says lawmakers took 'significant action' to help state

Springfield State Journal-Register - 5/24/2020

Notable bills passed on last day of abbreviated legislative session

Springfield State Journal-Register - 5/24/2020

Illinois lawmakers pass $40B budget, Chicago casino measure

Illinois Daily Herald - 5/24/2020

Illinois Senate approves $42.8 billion budget that relies heavily on borrowing

Illinois Daily Herald - 5/24/2020

Some highlights from the state spending plan

Springfield State Journal-Register - 5/23/2020

Illinois budget plan needs $6B in federal aid to balance

Associated Press – 5/22/2020

Bars and restaurants can offer outdoor service May 29; other restrictions set to ease

Illinois Daily Herald - 5/20/2020

State legislators convene spaced apart, force each other to wear masks

Illinois Daily Herald - 5/20/2020

Illinois lawmakers, 6 feet apart, catch up on delayed work

Associated Press – 5/20/2020

Rent relief in Illinois could be on its way, as state legislators rush to pass bills during three-day session

Chicago Tribune - 5/19/2020

Gov. J.B. Pritzker preaches patience, expresses optimism as Illinois coronavirus metrics improve

Chicago Tribune - 5/19/2020

What to expect when legislature returns Wednesday

Springfield State Journal-Register - 5/18/2020

Illinois GOP seeks to remove graduated tax measure from ballot

Capitol News Illinois – 5/18/2020

Durbin defends Pritzker, says more federal COVID-19 funds needed

Springfield State Journal-Register - 5/17/2020

5 GOP House members want Congress to block Pritzker from withholding federal aid to municipalities that disobey his stay-at-home order

Chicago Tribune - 5/15/2020

Pritzker wants state COVID-19 relief package; calls for federal help

Springfield State Journal-Register - 5/13/2020

General Assembly headed back to Springfield

Springfield State Journal-Register - 5/13/2020

From meh to ‘must?’ With budget deadline looming, Pritkzer now says General Assembly needs to get back to work

Chicago Sun-Times - 5/12/2020

Pritzker says hes going it alone to ramp up COVID-19 testing, state wont reopen without standards met

Chicago Sun-Times - 5/10/2020

Report: Gas tax revenue drop could delay road, rail projects

Illinois Daily Herald - 5/9/2020

Illinois high times keep rolling amid coronavirus pandemic as recreational pot sales top $37 million in April

Chicago Sun-Times - 5/4/2020

Pritzker: COVID-19 scam artists will be caught, prosecuted

Springfield State Journal-Register - 5/3/2020

Illinois getting ready for point where we can begin to reopen the economy, Pritzker says

Chicago Sun-Times - 5/3/2020

Illinois hospitals say they're not getting paid, question state's outsourcing of Medicaid

Chicago Tribune - 5/3/2020

How much is the state spending on COVID-19 and what is it for? Search our database

Chicago Tribune - 5/1/2020


State to borrow $1.2B to cover expenses

Springfield State Journal-Register - 4/28/2020

Illinois adding $250 million to small business loan fund for coronavirus relief

Chicago Tribune - 4/27/2020

Gov. Pritzker not on board with Sen. Mitch McConnells support of states declaring bankruptcy to get out of pension debt

Chicago Tribune - 4/22/2020

Wall Street ratings firm: COVID-19 could mean ‘long-term damage’ to already woeful Illinois finances

Chicago Sun-Times - 4/21/2020

Illinois congressional Republicans oppose Democratic state Senate presidents request for $41 billion in federal aid, accuse him of using crisis to try to cover mismanagement

Chicago Tribune - 4/20/2020

Why March was the worst month to lose video gambling revenue

Illinois Daily Herald - 4/20/2020

State lawmakers seek more than $41B in federal coronavirus aid — including $10B pension bailout

Chicago Sun-Times - 4/18/2020

Wall Street agency downgrades Illinois debt after Gov. J.B. Pritzker says coronavirus will blow multibillion hole in state budget

Chicago Tribune - 4/17/2020

Busy, yet struggling: Illinois hospitals lose $1.4 billion a month as coronavirus cancels surgeries

Chicago Tribune - 4/17/2020

COVID-19 numbers crunch packs one-two punch: Pritzker sees $2.7B budget jab now, $6.2B later

Chicago Sun-Times - 4/15/2020

Pritzker estimates $2.7 billion revenue shortfall from COVID-19

Illinois Daily Herald - 4/15/2020

Pritzker: Virus will cost state budget billions

Springfield State Journal-Register - 4/15/2020

State has spent over $174 million to fight COVID-19

Springfield State Journal-Register - 4/14/2020

State unemployment agency makes changes, House GOP wants more

Springfield State Journal-Register - 4/13/2020

Pritzker sounds alarm: Trump administration trying to limit gig worker jobless benefits

Chicago Sun-Times - 4/12/2020

Gambling revenue plummets in March due to virus restrictions

Illinois Daily Herald - 4/10/2020

Illinois government faces revenue losses of billions if not tens of billions due to COVID-19, U. of I. study says

Chicago Tribune - 4/10/2020

Legislature in limbo, lawmakers 'going as fast as we can' to help everybody

Springfield State Journal-Register - 4/7/2020

Pritzker says more needed from federal government to address Illinois’ finances

The Center Square – 4/7/2020

S&P revises outlook on Illinois' credit rating to negative on virus concerns

Reuters – 4/6/2020

Will a graduated income tax help ensure fiscal order in Illinois?

Illinois Daily Herald - 4/4/2020

Illinois borrows to infuse hospitals with cash in March

Associated Press – 4/3/2020

Facing a hit that could be worse than Great Recession, Gov. J.B. Pritzker, lawmakers look to craft a post-pandemic budget

Chicago Tribune - 4/2/2020

Despite economic havoc from coronavirus, state public pension officials say plans in good shape

Chicago Tribune - 4/2/2020

March state revenues spared COVID-19 impact

Springfield State Journal-Register - 4/2/2020


Pritzker urged to reopen Westlake Hospital for COVID-19 response

Chicago Sun-Times - 3/31/2020

Who wins, COVID-19 or road work? Road work, of course.

Illinois Daily Herald - 3/30/2020

Session is canceled, but lawmakers are still working

Springfield State Journal-Register - 3/29/2020

Pritzker hasnt ruled out extending stay-home order

Chicago Tribune - 3/27/2020

Illinois small businesses get a lifeline with grants and loans, but will it be enough to withstand coronavirus?

Chicago Tribune - 3/26/2020

No firm plans yet for restarting legislative session

Springfield State Journal-Register - 3/23/2020

Nearly 300 new cases of COVID-19 reported in Illinois as officials call for volunteers to step up

Chicago Tribune - 3/22/2020

Trump angrily tweets at Pritzker after gov criticizes feds COVID-19 response

Chicago Sun-Times - 3/22/2020

Facing steep ridership drops, transit agencies will ask for state, federal help

Chicago Tribune - 3/20/2020

Assistance available for workers, businesses disrupted by coronavirus

Springfield State Journal-Register - 3/17/2020

Homeless shelters brace for coronavirus outbreak amid closures, larger prevention efforts

Chicago Tribune - 3/17/2020

How coronavirus is complicating 2020 census push

Illinois Daily Herald - 3/16/2020

Pritzker requesting federal waiver to expand Medicaid coverage amid coronavirus outbreak

Chicago Sun-Times - 3/14/2020

Pritzker orders all K-12 schools closed; Illinois confirms 46 coronavirus cases

Springfield State Journal-Register - 3/14/2020

Illinois especially vulnerable to financial fallout from coronavirus, public finance expert says

Chicago Tribune - 3/13/2020

Lawmakers cancel session, Pritzker seeks sick-time relief

Associated Press – 3/11/2020

Pritzker declares state of emergency for COVID-19

Springfield State Journal-Register - 3/9/2020

Spreading coronavirus infects citys economy, mayors budget

Chicago Sun-Times - 3/3/2020