Georgia - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

After David Ralston asks for help, Kelly Loeffler condemns ‘blue state bailouts’

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 8/10/2020

Gov. Kemp says he will call special session over hurricane relief bill

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 8/5/2020

Georgia House speaker asks U.S. Senate for $500 billion aid package for states

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 8/5/2020

States could see years of money woes, job losses from the COVID-19...

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 8/2/2020


Athens, Tifton hospitals run out of beds for critical patients

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 7/29/2020

Georgia, Atlanta head for mediation over virus

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 7/24/2020

Market gains mean huge comeback for Georgia teacher pension system

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 7/22/2020

State of Georgia: COVID-19 cost $880 million during first months of...

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 7/21/2020

Kemp health insurance proposal drops big changes to Georgia Obamacare

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 7/16/2020

Kemp’s ban of mask mandates puts Georgia on collision course with its cities – 7/16/2020

Georgia inks deal with Piedmont Healthcare for expanded bed capacity

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 7/14/2020

Georgia ends fiscal year with $1 billion drop in tax collections

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 7/10/2020

State spent about $2.3 million on law enforcement costs during racial justice protests

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 7/10/2020

Kemp seeks federal funds and expanded COVID-19 testing in Gwinnett

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 7/8/2020

Kemp issues statewide emergency order amid Atlanta violence

Athens Banner-Herald - 7/6/2020

Some Georgia parents to get one-time food payment during pandemic

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 7/6/2020

Cut in part-time pay for Georgia legislators becomes political test

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 7/2/2020

Furloughs for UGA employees? None planned in 2020-21 budget

Athens Banner-Herald - 7/1/2020

Georgia spending at least $5 million more on internet-related schooling for the fall

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 7/1/2020


Kemp signs $26 billion budget as Georgia faces uncertain fiscal future

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/30/2020

What bills from the 2020 session will Brian Kemp sign into law?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/29/2020

Hate crimes, budget cuts dominate interrupted General Assembly session

Athens Banner-Herald - 6/27/2020

Ga. House gives final OK to budget with no furloughs but school cuts

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/26/2020

Georgia General Assembly approves raising age to buy cigarettes, passes vaping tax

Athens Banner-Herald - 6/26/2020

Georgia lawmakers agree to school cuts, say no to employee furloughs

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/25/2020

Georgia Legislature votes to cut salary of members, lieutenant governor

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/25/2020

Georgia House, Senate agree to budget with $950 million in school cuts but no employee furloughs

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/25/2020

Facing revenue shortfall, Georgia Tech implementing furloughs

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/24/2020

Legislature passes maternal mortality plan

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/24/2020

Planned cuts for public defenders could bring lawsuit against state

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/24/2020

Georgia Senate advances bill to slash paychecks for legislators

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/23/2020

Kemp says Georgia lawmakers can spend savings to ease cuts

Associated Press – 6/23/2020

Senate Approves $2.6B In Cuts To State Budget

GPB – 6/23/2020

Governor appoints Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency executive director

McDuffie Progress – 6/22/2020

Georgia Sits On Over $1 Billion In COVID Funds As Local Governments Slash Budgets

GPB – 6/22/2020

Georgia panel makes another attempt to get gambling on November ballot

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/22/2020

Kemps releases new revenue estimate, seeks reduction in school cuts

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/22/2020

Georgia Senate panel OKs film tax credit audits, but no spending caps or expansion

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/22/2020

Georgia Senate panel moves to hike taxes on cigarettes to $1.35 a pack

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/19/2020

Senate panel votes to legalize sports betting in Georgia

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/19/2020

Georgia Senate backs $2.6 billion in spending cuts on party-line vote

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/19/2020

Ga. senators aim to cut $200 million in special-interest tax breaks

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/18/2020

Uber tax bill clears Georgia Senate

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/18/2020

Georgia seeks waiver of public school tests again next school year

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/18/2020

Georgia Senate plan cuts school funding, limits furloughs

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/17/2020

Georgia Senate spending plan for 2021 sets billions in cuts

Associated Press – 6/17/2020

Georgia senators considering nixing or limiting Delta, yacht, other tax breaks

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/16/2020

Georgia Legislature reopens with bi-partisan call for hate crimes bill

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/15/2020

Georgia House releases health safety guidelines for remainder of session

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/12/2020

Groups ask Kemp, lawmakers to back tobacco tax hike to limit budget cuts

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/11/2020

School budget cuts coming; the impact will vary by community

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/8/2020

Georgia Budget Gap Passes $850 Million as Revenues Again Lag

Associated Press – 6/8/2020

Pandemic could have lasting impact on how state government works

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/7/2020

Georgia unemployment claims continue declining

Athens Banner-Herald - 6/4/2020

Budget cuts could mean more litter, weeds along Georgia highways

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/4/2020

Kemp to scale back Georgia budget cuts

Athens Banner-Herald - 6/3/2020

Kemp: Georgia tax collections - and spending will drop 11% in coming year

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/3/2020

Georgia lawmakers will return June 15 to complete legislative sessionÂ

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/3/2020

Georgia courts predict avalanche of cases while state cuts budgets

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/1/2020

State releases guidance for how Georgia schools should open in the fall

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/1/2020


Georgia businesses seeking protections from coronavirus lawsuits

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/29/2020

Georgia Senate leader: teachers wont face working same hours for less pay

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/28/2020

UGA plan would cut 500 jobs to meet Kemp's order

Athens Banner-Herald - 5/28/2020

Georgia senators worried about law enforcement furloughs

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/27/2020

Georgias public universities propose cuts to meet state budget gap

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/27/2020

Georgia State University president plans for employee, student return

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/27/2020

Georgia senators suggest state staffers work same hours for less pay

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/26/2020

UGA enrollment could be up this summer, down in fall

Athens Banner-Herald - 5/22/2020

Georgia public health agency among those proposing to furlough staff

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/21/2020

Georgia budget proposals would cut workers, reduce services
Associated Press – 5/21/2020

Georgia senators to hold first live meetings since mid-March pandemic shutdown

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/20/2020

Furloughs likely, again, as part of Georgia agencies budget cut plans

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/19/2020

Federal relief money falls short of covering hospital losses

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/16/2020

Furloughs, layoffs not yet clear for Georgia schools amid budget cuts

Athens Banner-Herald - 5/15/2020

Few details known as Georgia lawmakers prepare for June return

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/13/2020

Economist: Georgia could burn through half of its reserve by June 30

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/13/2020

Georgia Lottery sales booming amid coronavirus pandemic

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/12/2020

Ga. public schools to share more COVID aid with private schools

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/12/2020

Georgia colleges plan furloughs as lawmakers get bad news on economy

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/7/2020

Georgia tax revenue drops $1 billion in April as pandemic takes its toll

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/6/2020

Federal coronavirus aid arrives for Georgia schools

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/5/2020

CDC report suggests Georgias COVID-19 fight is far from over

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/4/2020

Georgias economy is open for business, but normal still a long way off

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/4/2020

Georgia coronavirus costs escalate as revenue plummets

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/3/2020

Georgia university system leader says layoffs may be necessary

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/1/2020

State agencies facing steep budget cuts in Georgia amid COVID-19

Athens Banner-Herald - 5/1/2020

Georgia agencies told to plan billions in spending cuts due to pandemic

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 5/1/2020


Lifting stay-at-home order, Kemp shifts focus to economic recovery

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/30/2020

Georgia House panels can begin in-person meetings May 19

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/30/2020

Georgia sets daily coronavirus testing record

Athens Banner-Herald - 4/28/2020

Food stamp applications soar as Georgia economy struggles amid pandemic

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/28/2020

Georgia applying for nearly half a billion in coronavirus school aid

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/27/2020

Georgia, other states could go through reserve funds quickly

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/26/2020

Judge questions whether Georgia ballot postage is an illegal poll tax

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/24/2020

Deja vu for Georgia agencies: come up with budget cut plans, fast

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/24/2020

Georgia lawmakers eye mid-June date to resume 2020 session

Athens Banner-Herald - 4/23/2020

Georgia may spend election relief money on drop boxes and safety gear

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/23/2020

Metro Atlanta governments expect $600M in coronavirus aid

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/22/2020

Georgia to allow some shuttered businesses to reopen amid pandemic

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/20/2020

Virus impact on state government could be worse than Great Recession

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/19/2020

Georgia lawmakers eye resuming legislative session

Athens Banner-Herald - 4/17/2020

Ballot drop boxes approved for Georgia voters during coronavirus

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/15/2020

Georgia regents OK college tuition freeze amid expected loss of $350M

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/14/2020

Georgia colleges getting stimulus grants for students hurt by COVID-19

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/10/2020

Pre-coronavirus calm: Georgia tax collections were up big in March

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/7/2020

Georgia governor weighs `new options’ amid virus backlash

Associated Press – 4/7/2020

Help delayed for Georgias contract and gig workers

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/6/2020

Georgia Lottery sales down in March, but more people are playing online

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/3/2020

GHSA cancels spring sports, applies for CARES Act loan to cover expenses

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 4/2/2020


Trump approves Georgia disaster declaration, authorizes federal aid

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/29/2020

Georgia schools given more freedom to respond to pandemic

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/27/2020

After town hall, Georgia lawmakers have follow-up coronavirus concerns

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/27/2020

Georgia House leader says teacher pay raise, income tax cut may be gone with coronavirus

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/27/2020

Georgia, like feds, moves Tax Day from April 15 to July 15 because of coronavirus

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/23/2020

Coronavirus prompts Georgias small businesses to reinvent

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/23/2020

Georgias governor, Republican leaders of other struggling states push Congress for aid

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/23/2020

Kemp expands Georgias coronavirus task force as pandemic spreads

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/21/2020

Income tax filing delay could have massive impact on state of Georgia finances

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/20/2020

Kemp rejects statewide shutdown to brace for coronavirus, scrambles for health supplies

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/19/2020

Virus could hit Georgia revenue hard, crippling state government

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/19/2020

Governor Kemp signs mid-year budget with $100 million in coronavirus funding

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/17/2020

Georgia restaurants struggle, businesses and workers on edge

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/16/2020

Kemp warns of rise in virus cases as he declares emergency

Athens Banner-Herald - 3/14/2020

Georgia to declare public health emergency amid coronavirus outbreak

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/13/2020

Coronavirus grounds Georgia legislature to a halt

Athens Banner-Herald - 3/13/2020

Virus forces Georgia Legislature to suspend session

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/12/2020

Georgia lawmakers OK $100 million for virus, other spending

Athens Banner-Herald - 3/12/2020

Georgia House, Senate pass budget with $100 million for coronavirus before possible break

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/12/2020

Kemp: More testing options for coronavirus available in Georgia

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/5/2020

AJC On Campus: Dual enrollment changes; coronavirus impacts colleges

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/5/2020

The state of Georgias risk factor for coronavirus: health gaps

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/4/2020

Georgias U.S. senators say the state is prepared to handle coronavirus

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 3/4/2020

Georgia governor creates coronavirus task force

Associated Press – 3/2/2020