Delaware - Coronavirus Press Clips Archive

Delaware rolls out aid for missed rent, mortgages

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 8/10/2020

Colleges weigh fiscal impact of virus as fall nears

Delaware State News – 8/9/2020

State of Emergency orders extended by courts, Gov. Carney

Delaware Public Media – 8/6/2020

Delaware Built-Up Savings Over The Past Few Years. COVID-19 Wiped Much Of That Out

NPR – 8/3/2020

July June

Gov. Carney signs Delaware's 2021 spending bills

Delaware Public Media – 6/30/2020

Final Budget Bills Win Approval in Delaware Legislature

Associated Press – 6/29/2020

Delaware Senate passes spending plan with last-minute cuts

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 6/25/2020

Delaware lawmakers given final approval to new budget

Associated Press – 6/25/2020

Delaware House passes $4.5 billion budget

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 6/24/2020

Delaware budget panel restores certain employee pay plans

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 6/23/2020

Senate Republicans stall quick passage of budget bills

Associated Press – 6/23/2020

Capital bond and grant-in-aid bills fail in Senate after GOP abstention

Delaware State News – 6/23/2020

Revenue projections increase as new budget year approaches

Associated Press – 6/17/2020

Delaware to borrow hundreds of millions for jobless benefits

Associated Press – 6/11/2020

State refunds $33 million of debt
Delaware State News – 6/10/2020

Under financial pressure, budget committee kills employee pay raises, with caveat

Delaware State News – 6/4/2020

Delaware governor pares back budget proposal

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 6/2/2020

In the midst of unprecedented challenges, JFC begins unusual budget markup

Delaware State News – 6/2/2020


Will coronavirus change landscape of health care in Delaware?

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 5/28/2020

Delawares budget woes could suspend some pay raises

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 5/28/2020

What will next school year look like? Too soon to tell, say Delaware school leaders

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 5/28/2020

More than 1,000 part-time workers laid off at UD

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 5/23/2020

State officials looking for cut of New Castle Countys relief funds

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 5/22/2020

Delaware hospitals to resume elective procedures

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 5/19/2020

Delaware lawmakers: State budget is top priority before session ends

WMDT – 5/15/2020

Delaware legislature to meet virtually, jobless filings fall

Associated Press – 5/14/2020

General Assembly to reconvene later this month

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 5/14/2020

DSU raises over $500,000 for students affected by pandemic

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 5/13/2020

Two more Delaware inmates with coronavirus die; more positive cases announced
Delaware News Journal – 5/13/2020

State park entry fees, passes required starting Friday

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 5/6/2020

Top UD officials taking pay cut as university grapples with $50 million budget shortfall

Newark Post – 5/4/2020


UD faces budget woes as coronavirus slashes revenue

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 4/27/2020

Delaware revenue losses could mean budget cuts

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 4/21/2020

State revenue estimates severely impacted by coronavirus

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 4/20/2020

Districts await official word from state on school closure

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 4/17/2020

Carney tells nonprofits there may be loss of $500 million to $1 billion in state revenue

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 4/16/2020

Delaware officials: Prisoners won't get masks or release during COVID-19 fight

Delaware News Journal – 4/16/2020

Delaware Economic Loss Could Exceed 10 Percent of Budget

Associated Press - 4/15/2020

Coons: We need clear strategy to distribute medical equipment

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 4/13/2020

Essential business or not? Its not clear how Delaware decided

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 4/13/2020

Beach hotels, rentals offered relief amid closures

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 4/7/2020

Local businesses look to state for survival as coronavirus stifles revenue

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 4/6/2020

White House declares Delaware a major disaster amid coronavirus pandemic

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 4/5/2020

U.S. Justice Department sets aside over $3.5 million for Delawares first responders

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 4/1/2020


Hotel steps up to house Delawares homeless

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 3/31/2020

New state program will pay rent, bills for those hurt by coronavirus fallout

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 3/27/2020

Lawmakers become go-between for coronavirus response

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 3/27/2020

More sacrifices lie ahead for Delawareans as coronavirus spreads

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 3/20/2020

Dogfish Head distillery manufacturing hand sanitizer for the state

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 3/20/2020

General Assembly postpones session indefinitely

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 3/18/2020

Delaware rolls out aid for hospitality industry

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 3/18/2020

Delaware nonprofits join forces during coronavirus crisis

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 3/18/2020

Amidst uncertainty, Delaware revenue projections drop

Delaware State News – 3/17/2020

Delaware panel lowers revenue estimates amid virus spread

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 3/16/2020

General Assembly postpones session amid coronavirus

Wilmington News Journal (Delaware Online) - 3/12/2020

Abundance of caution spurs hospitals, universities, government to react to COVID-19 threat

Delaware State News – 3/11/2020