Week of September 7

Week of September 7

Odds shrink for a coronavirus relief deal

Politico – 9/9/2020

White House looks at more executive actions as coronavirus-relief talks appear finished

Washington Post – 9/9/2020

Shrinking State and Local Government Office Space

Route Fifty – 9/9/2020

Running an Election in a Pandemic, in 10 Steps

Stateline – 9/9/2020

States Receive $4.8B in 'Bonus' Federal FY20 Highway Funds

Engineering News-Record - 9/9/2020

How many weeks of extra $300 unemployment benefits are coming? It's a mystery

CNBC - 9/9/2020

Slimmed-down GOP virus aid bill cuts costs and leaves out state and local aid

Washington Examiner - 9/8/2020

White House Official Optimistic Stimulus Deal Will Happen Before Election

Newsweek - 9/8/2020

Pelosi expresses confidence lawmakers will avoid government shutdown

The Hill - 9/8/2020

Your taxes are going to be messy if you worked in another state during Covid-19

CNBC - 9/8/2020

Pelosi, Schumer warn GOP coronavirus bill 'headed nowhere'

The Hill - 9/8/2020

Using Data and Evidence to Make Strategic Budget Cuts

Pew Trusts.org - 9/8/2020

Coronavirus aid stalemate: What are the biggest sticking points?

Fox News - 9/8/2020

Local Governments Add Some Jobs in August, But State and Local Payrolls Still Way Down

Route Fifty - 9/8/2020

Drug companies issue rare joint pledge on vaccine safety amid political fears

The Hill - 9/8/2020

Altered Mindsets: Marijuana Is Making Its Mark on Ballots in Red States

Kaiser Health News – 9/8/2020

States Experiment with Automation to Bolster Cybersecurity

Route Fifty – 9/7/2020

Discord over state and local funds plagues coronavirus talks

The Hill – 9/7/2020

States plan cuts as Congress stalls on virus aid

ABC News - 9/7/2020

Less Music, More Trash: Cities and States Line Up Billions in Cuts

The New York Times - 9/7/2020

Legal Experts Say Trump’s Push to Defund ‘Anarchist’ Cities Would Face Difficulty in Court

Route Fifty - 9/6/2020

A transportation crisis awaits without assistance from Congress

Washington Examiner - 9/4/2020

DeVos says gov't will still enforce school testing mandates

UPI - 9/4/2020

State Watchdogs Plan to Monitor COVID-19 Data Accuracy

Pew Trusts.org - 9/4/2020

Will COVID-19 Be Impetus to Close Digital Divide?

State Net Capitol Journal – 9/4/2020

Election chiefs worry about uncertainty as voting nears

Associated Press – 9/4/2020

Washington lawmakers must agree on this issue before more stimulus money reaches struggling Americans

CNBC - 9/3/2020