October 5

Week of October 5

U.S. states, cities in waiting game as talks on federal aid halted

Reuters - 10/7/2020

Trump Sends Mixed Messages Over Covid-19 Stimulus

Wall Street Journal – 10/7/2020

These 4 states are voting to legalize and tax marijuana sales

CNBC - 10/7/2020

K-12 Budgets Face Grim Outlook, as States Will Need Years to Recover From COVID Recession

Education Week – 10/6/2020

Work Zone Crashes Climb During Pandemic, Even as Traffic Ebbs

Stateline – 10/6/2020

Trump calls on Congress to pass COVID relief after calling off negotiations

CBS - 10/6/2020

Democrats and GOP still fighting over $600 jobless benefits. Where things stand

CNBC - 10/6/2020

Trump Says He Is Shutting Down Covid-19 Stimulus Negotiations Until After the Election

Route Fifty - 10/6/2020

Tax hikes on November ballot in many states amid coronavirus economic fallout

Fox News - 10/6/2020

Pandemic Hastens the Demise of at-Risk Municipal Money Funds

Wall Street Journal - 10/6/2020

Covid hits college budgets

Politico - 10/5/2020

Debt Collectors Have Made a Fortune This Year. Now They’re Coming for More.

Route Fifty - 10/5/2020

States move to reopen again as case counts rise

The Hill – 10/3/2020


Pandemic-related budget cuts leave travelers with rough roads, outdated airports and fewer transit options

Washington Post – 10/3/2020

How Will SCOTUS Battle Impact States?

State Net Capitol Journal – 10/2/2020

Rural Small Businesses Left Out of Proposed Pandemic Relief — Again

Stateline – 10/2/2020

State and Local Education Job Losses Grew in September, as Overall Gains Slowed

Route Fifty – 10/2/2020

'Danger sign': State, local government job losses grow as Congress stalls on relief

Politico - 10/2/2020

Shoring Up Health Insurance During COVID: Legislative Watch

Governing.com - 10/2/2020

Remote Work Boom Complicates State Income Taxes

Pew Trusts.org - 10/2/2020

National Guard Readies for Election Help if Governors Call

McClatchy – 10/1/2020

One-Year Federal Transportation Funding Measure Approved

Route Fifty – 10/1/2020

U.S. blue states build debt stockpiles as virus aid is stymied

Reuters - 10/1/2020

With students going online, moving to private schools and homeschooling, school districts fear funding shortfall

Marketwatch - 10/1/2020