November 30

Week of November 30

Mitch McConnell poured cold water on the $908 billion COVID-19 stimulus plan, arguing that Trump would veto it

Business Insider – 12/3/2020

Pelosi, Schumer say $908 billion economic relief package should be starting point for talks

Washington Post – 12/2/2020

White House coronavirus task force warns states: 'We are in a very dangerous place'

CNN – 12/2/2020

States race to craft their own economic relief plans, frustrated with federal inaction

Washington Post – 12/2/2020

Funding bill hits snag as shutdown deadline looms

The Hill – 12/2/2020

White House Covid Task Force Tells Public Health Officials to Go Around Leadership if States Fail to Mandate Sufficient Restrictions

Route Fifty – 12/2/2020

12 Million People to Lose Unemployment Benefits This Month When Federal Programs Expire

Route Fifty - 12/2/2020

States, Local Governments to Send Direct Payments to Residents

Newsweek - 12/2/2020

Stimulus negotiations: 3 routes to Covid relief all face fierce headwinds

CNN - 12/2/2020

Unemployment Payments Weeks Late in Nearly Every State

Pew - 12/2/2020

Fed, Treasury emergency lending facilities split lawmakers on economic recovery

Washington Post - 12/1/2020

U.S. plans for first COVID vaccines as pandemic deaths surge again

Reuters - 12/1/2020

Pressure builds for coronavirus relief with no clear path to deal

The Hill - 12/1/2020

U.S. Senate leader McConnell urges new COVID-19 aid in broad funding bill

Reuters - 12/1/2020

Virus, fan eagerness may spur sports bet, casino expansion

Republic - 12/1/2020

Bipartisan group of lawmakers roll out $908 billion coronavirus relief plan

CBS - 12/1/2020

Faulty Data Systems Are Still Hampering Pandemic Response - 12/1/2020

Lawmakers Propose $908 Billion Covid Relief Plan in Bid to End Gridlock

Route Fifty – 12/1/2020

GAO: 'Urgent' actions needed to respond to pandemic

The Hill – 12/1/2020

Deepening Statehouse Divisions Foretell Big Policy Fights

Stateline – 11/30/2020

Trump administration leaves states to grapple with how to distribute scarce vaccines

Politico – 11/30/2020

As Pandemic Wears On, Legislators Challenge Governors’ Authority

Governing – 11/30/2020

‘We Simply Cannot Afford to Wait’: Several States Consider Stimulus Bills

Route Fifty - 11/30/2020

Supreme Court weighing Trump attempt to exclude undocumented from U.S. Census count

Marketwatch - 11/30/2020

Congress returns facing government shutdown deadline, calls for stimulus amid coronavirus surge

CNBC - 11/30/2020

U.S. Congress races to avoid December government shutdown amid pandemic

Reuters - 11/30/2020

Virtual Charter Schools Are Booming, Despite A Checkered Reputation

(NPR) National Public Radio - 11/30/2020

State, Local Governments Slashed Spending. Next Year Could Be Worse.

Wall Street Journal - 11/29/2020

Medicaid cuts on the table as states grapple with impact of pandemic on program enrollment

Marketwatch - 11/29/2020

With no action by Washington, states race to offer virus aid

ABC News - 11/28/2020

State legislatures seek relief bills with Congress stalled

Axios – 11/28/2020

Medicaid Enrollment Surge During Pandemic Leaves States Looking for Cost Cuts

Wall Street Journal - 11/27/2020

Midwestern Governors Seek More Federal Covid-19 Aid for Businesses

Wall Street Journal – 11/26/2020

Governors Announce Small Business Aid Alongside Restrictions

Stateline – 11/25/2020