November 2

Week of November 2

'Lame duck' U.S. Congress to grapple with coronavirus aid, budget bills

Reuters - 11/4/2020

With the Election Over, Will Covid Stimulus Actually Move Forward?

Route Fifty – 11/4/2020

Coronavirus relief bill, omnibus spending on tap, McConnell says

Roll Call – 11/4/2020

Incumbent Governors Win Reelection Across the Country

Governing – 11/4/2020

Republicans Maintain Advantage in Control of State Legislative Chambers

Route Fifty – 11/4/2020

Factbox: More U.S. states okay recreational marijuana in wide-ranging ballot questions

Reuters - 11/4/2020

These are the notable ballot measures that voters approved or rejected

ABC News - 11/4/2020

Oregon Decriminalizes Hard Drug Possession, While Five States Pass Marijuana Ballot Measures

Route Fifty - 11/4/2020

Attempts to raise state income and property taxes get mixed reception from voters

Marketwatch - 11/4/2020

Marijuana had Big Night as Ballot Measures Push America Towards Legal Weed

Newsweek - 11/4/2020

Shortened Census Led to an Incomplete Count in Some Areas

Pew - 11/4/2020

Nationwide Ballot Measure Results to Watch: Live Updates - 11/4/2020

Legal pot, anti-abortion measures pass on state ballots

Republic - 11/4/2020

Coronavirus infections rise in 47 states, with surge in Midwest and Southwest

Marketwatch - 11/3/2020

States Hire Consultants for Covid-19 Help, With Mixed—and Expensive—Results

Wall Street Journal – 11/2/2020

Supreme Court to Consider LGBTQ Rights and Foster Care the Day After Election

Route Fifty – 11/2/2020

Voting Itself Becomes Question for Ballot Measures

Governing – 11/2/2020

Taxes, Heroin and Statehood: A Glimpse Into This Years Ballot Measures

The New York Times - 11/2/2020

More Rapid Tests Are Here. There's No National Strategy to Use Them.

Pew - 11/2/2020

Key ballot measures to watch on state taxes

The Hill - 10/31/2020

Obamacare enrollment opening with millions more uninsured, laws future in doubt

Politico - 10/31/2020

Colleges are slashing tuition ” up to 100% ” to lure students back

CNBC - 10/30/2020

The next blow for businesses: Tax hikes that threaten more layoffs

Politico - 10/30/2020

States say they lack federal funds to distribute coronavirus vaccine as CDC tells them to be ready by Nov. 15

Washington Post – 10/30/2020

Hospital Bills for Uninsured Covid Patients Are Covered, but No One Tells Them

Route Fifty – 10/29/2020

State AGs Call on DHS to Withdraw Student Visa Rule Change Proposal

Route Fifty – 10/29/2020