Week of May 18

Week of May 18

DeVos Faces Pushback Over Plan To Reroute Aid To Private School Students

(NPR) National Public Radio - 5/21/2020

Initially Lauded as Heroes, Governors Come Under Attack

Governing – 5/21/2020

Under pressure, Trump administration weighs extending National Guard deployments

Politico – 5/20/2020

States Struggle to Get Vote-by-Mail Plans Ready in Time

Route Fifty – 5/20/2020

Colleges alter fall schedules as COVID-19 models suggest December surge

The Hill – 5/20/2020

14-Day Quarantine Complicates Tourist Rentals

Stateline – 5/20/2020

4 GOP Senators Press McConnell for More Stimulus Funds Despite Resistance

Newsweek - 5/20/2020

Trump slams Michigan, Nevada for expanding voting by mail, but drops funding threat

Reuters - 5/20/2020

Coronavirus wallops disaster agencies as storms, fires approach

Roll Call - 5/20/2020

Trump announces aid for public transit systems in DC, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle

Fox News - 5/19/2020

Fed Chair Warns Economic Recovery Could Be Hampered Without More State Aid

Newsweek - 5/19/2020

Another big job-loss wave looms: state and city workers

Christian Science Monitor - 5/19/2020

White House Open to Loosening Rules for State and Local Aid Funds, Mnuchin Says

Route Fifty – 5/19/2020

All 50 States Have Eased Coronavirus Restrictions

New York Times – 5/19/2020

Clean Energy Has Taken a Hit. Will It Rebound?

Stateline – 5/19/2020

Medicaid Providers At The End Of The Line For Federal COVID Funding

Route Fifty – 5/18/2020

More Productive from Home: Governments Learn to Love Remote Work

Governing – 5/18/2020

Staffing Nursing Homes Was Hard Before the Pandemic. Now It’s Even Tougher.

Stateline – 5/18/2020

Bipartisan commission offers blueprint for Fed, Treasury oversight

Politico – 5/18/2020

Fed Sees $500 Billion Muni Backstop Work Even Before Loans Made

Bloomberg.com - 5/18/2020

Bipartisan Senate group offers new help to state, local governments

The Hill - 5/18/2020

Students Were Promised Free Tuition. Can Colleges Keep That Promise?

Forbes.com (Forbes Magazine) - 5/18/2020

How the Pandemic Could Alter Government Higher Education Spending

Pew Trusts.org - 5/18/2020

Federal Investigators Target Fraud Ring Attacking State Unemployment Systems

Route Fifty - 5/17/2020

States face hundreds of billions in lost revenue

Yahoo! News - 5/17/2020

As Congress Weighs COVID Liability Protections, States Shield Health Providers

Route Fifty - 5/17/2020

Governors eye Medicaid cuts to ease COVID-19 budget pain

The Hill - 5/17/2020

'Unprecedented': States face hundreds of billions in lost revenue, NBC News finds

NBC News – 5/17/2020


Governors across U.S. face tough choices as coronavirus takes its toll on state budgets

L.A. Times – 5/16/2020

Feds Suspect Vast Fraud Network Is Targeting U.S. Unemployment Systems

The New York Times - 5/16/2020

Colleges Have Begun To Lay Off Faculty And Staff

Forbes.com (Forbes Magazine) - 5/16/2020

States Face Massive Revenue Declines

State Net Capitol Journal – 5/15/2020

Coronavirus decimates state budgets, federal funding uncertain

Sinclair – 5/15/2020

Senators Urge Fed to Buy Long-Term Debt From States, Localities

Bloomberg.com - 5/15/2020

As Economy Reopens, a Push to Rethink Regulations

Governing.com - 5/15/2020

Legislative Watch: New School Year Is a Tough Assignment

Governing – 5/15/2020

USDA Will Appeal Ruling to Block Food Stamp Work Requirements

Route Fifty – 5/14/2020

Cities Seen Losing $360 Billion of Revenue From Economic Rout

Bloomberg.com - 5/14/2020

Unemployment insurance systems around the country are struggling to keep up with demand

CNBC - 5/14/2020