Week of May 11

Week of May 11

White House opens door to state aid despite opposition from conservative groups, some GOP lawmakers

Washington Post – 5/14/2020

Pandemic wrecks many state budgets, could trigger deep cuts

Associated Press – 5/14/2020

States Were Prudent; Here’s Why They Need a Bailout Anyway

Wall Street Journal – 5/14/2020

Why America's Public Health Has Always Been Fragmented

Governing.com - 5/14/2020

State impact of coronavirus trickling in and it's ugly

USA Today - 5/13/2020

Virus Downturn Will Further Strain Troubled Public Pension Funds

Route Fifty - 5/13/2020

Republicans divided over how to help states hit hard by coronavirus

Politico - 5/13/2020

State, local governments slash services as demand rises

Politico - 5/13/2020

U.S. governors call for less partisanship, more aid to fight pandemic

Reuters - 5/13/2020

Trump calls House Democrats' $3T coronavirus bill 'dead on arrival'

The Hill - 5/13/2020

Governors warn COVID-19 relief is becoming a 'political football'

The Hill – 5/13/2020

Fed chairman asks Congress to consider more stimulus

The Hill – 5/13/2020

Millions Stuck At Home With No Plumbing, Kitchen Or Space To Stay Safe

Route Fifty - 5/13/2020

With Less Driving, State DOTs Face Iffy Road Ahead

Engineering News-Record - 5/13/2020

Disasters With Costs on the Rise, How Does My State Pay for Natural Disasters?

Pew Trusts.org - 5/13/2020

Scratch-Off Lottery Sales Soar

Pew Trusts.org - 5/13/2020

GOP senators get 'positive reception' from Trump on flexible aid to states

Politico - 5/12/2020

House Democrats Offer Coronavirus Package with $1 Trillion for State and Local Governments

Route Fifty - 5/12/2020

Why unemployment claims are so low in South Dakota, Utah and Nebraska

CNN - 5/12/2020

Dems' $3T new virus bill boosts state aid, essential workers

ABC News - 5/12/2020

State Rules Can Complicate Rainy Day Fund Withdrawals

Pew Trusts.org - 5/12/2020

House Democrats Unveil $3 Trillion Aid Bill With Cash for States

Bloomberg.com - 5/12/2020

Why stimulus checks won't be taxed, but unemployment benefits will be

CNN - 5/11/2020

Mnuchin: States can borrow to cover revenue lost to coronavirus

The Hill – 5/11/2020

Trump Announces $11B Virus Test Funding, Says Test Count Will Top 10M This Week

U.S. News & World Reports – 5/11/2020

More Aid to States? That May Depend on Their Political Hue

The New York Times - 5/11/2020

Western States Pact asks federal government for $1 trillion in relief

CNN - 5/11/2020

Unemployment From the Coronavirus Varies Dramatically Between States, Analysis Finds

Route Fifty - 5/11/2020

States Urge Congress to Help with Skyrocketing Tech Costs

Route Fifty - 5/11/2020

Casino closures during coronavirus hit Native American tribes especially hard

Fox News - 5/10/2020

US census stirs uncertainty for those displaced by virus

ABC News - 5/10/2020

Furlough Tracker: Missouri, Georgia, West Virginia, Toledo And Idaho State

Forbes.com (Forbes Magazine) - 5/9/2020

Nearly 1 Million Job Losses Reported in State and Local Government Sector

Route Fifty - 5/8/2020

Coronavirus Could Devastate State Unemployment Systems After Recession Ends

Newsweek - 5/8/2020

States, Cities Cut Payrolls by Nearly 1 Million Over Shutdown

Bloomberg.com - 5/8/2020

Economic Blow Of The Coronavirus Hits Americas Already Stressed Farmers

Route Fifty - 5/8/2020

K-12 school leaders warn of ‘disaster’ from huge coronavirus-related budget cuts as layoffs and furloughs begin

Washington Post – 5/8/2020

States face economic death spiral from coronavirus

Axios – 5/8/2020

April tax collections plummet 55 percent

Politico – 5/8/2020

Comparing Red/Blue state federal bailout money is a false comparison, economists, analysts argue

The Center Square – 5/8/2020

Unemployment soars to 14.7%, job losses reach 20.5 million in April as coronavirus pandemic spreads

USA Today – 5/8/2020

Can lessons from the Great Recession help states avoid budget disasters?

AZ Mirror – 5/7/2020       

Double Whammy: Oil Crash Adds to Virus Budget Woes in Some States

Route Fifty - 5/7/2020