Week of July 6

Week of July 6

Recession Forces Spending Cuts on States Hit by Virus

Wall Street Journal - 7/8/2020

45 states just started a new fiscal year. None are celebrating.

Marketplace – 7/8/2020

States are enacting stopgap budgets to cope with pandemic downturn

Bond Buyer - 7/8/2020

Governors demand Trump renew public health emergency

The Hill – 7/8/2020

Worsening U.S. outbreak prompts tough actions as new coronavirus cases hit record

Reuters - 7/8/2020

State and local officials beg Congress to send more election funds ahead of November

The Hill - 7/8/2020

Trump threatens to 'cut off funding' for schools that don't reopen amid pandemic

ABC News - 7/8/2020

CDC to issue more guidance on school openings amid Trump criticism

The Hill - 7/8/2020

With No End in Sight to the Coronavirus, Some Teachers Are Retiring Rather Than Go Back to School

Time.com (Time Magazine) - 7/8/2020

Expect a big wave of state marijuana legalizations next year: Barrons on MarketWatch

Marketwatch - 7/8/2020

States in fiscal crisis and cuts to basic services loom as coronavirus ravages local economies

CNBC - 7/7/2020

Coronavirus lockdowns causes economic output to plunge in individual states

CNBC – 7/7/2020

States Sue Department of Education Over Relief Funds

Time.com (Time Magazine) - 7/7/2020

Trump vows to pressure governors to reopen schools in the fall

CNBC - 7/7/2020

Higher ed leaders warn House committee of financial strain

The Hill - 7/7/2020

Support to Restore Nixed Municipal Refinancing Tool Grows in Congress

Route Fifty – 7/7/2020

Coronavirus Fraudsters Keep Prosecutors Busy

Stateline – 7/7/2020

States rush to keep afloat businesses crushed by the pandemic

CNBC – 7/7/2020

Billions In PPP Loans Went To Higher Education

Forbes.com (Forbes Magazine) - 7/6/2020

States Prepare To Spend Millions To Address Flooding

(NPR) National Public Radio - 7/6/2020

There's a long way to go before Congress agrees on another coronavirus stimulus package

CNN - 7/6/2020

Medicaid enrollment increase puts pressure on state budgets

Roll Call – 7/6/2020

After Ironing Out Kinks, States Renew COVID-19 Contracts

Government Technology – 7/6/2020

Don't Want to Wear a Mask? In Some Places, It Could Cost You.

Route Fifty – 7/6/2020

Groups Call For More Accountability in State, Local Government Aid

Route Fifty – 7/6/2020

Amid pandemic, fewer students seek federal aid for college

Associated Press – 7/5/2020

States reveal little about success in contact tracing
Washington Post – 7/4/2020

The state and local budget crisis is here — and your finances could take a big hit
Bankrate – 7/3/2020

Census Workers to Resume In-Person Visits to Boost Response Rate

Route Fifty – 7/2/2020

Congress stares down funding cliff for coronavirus aid

Politico - 7/2/2020

Know a Teen Who Needs a Summer Job? Covid-19 Response Is Hiring.

Route Fifty - 7/2/2020