January 4

Week of January 4

Governors scramble to speed vaccine effort after slow start

ABC News - 1/6/2021

As Rioters Storm U.S. Capitol, States See Protests

Route Fifty – 1/6/2021

Poverty Grows Despite Economic Recovery

Stateline – 1/6/2021

States call in National Guard and train volunteers to help boost vaccination pace as US hits a Covid-19 daily death toll record
CNN – 1/6/2021

New delay in census process probably ends Trumps plan to exclude undocumented immigrants from apportionment

Washington Post - 1/6/2021

New Law Aims to Help Localities Shift to '.Gov' Web Addresses

Route Fifty - 1/6/2021

US sports bet revenue could hit $3B in 2021; NY backs mobile

Fox News - 1/6/2021

U.S. tops 21 million COVID-19 cases with record hospitalizations as states ramp up vaccinations

Reuters - 1/6/2021

Some fear the pandemic could worsen a looming teacher shortage, but these new educators cant wait to start their careers

Marketwatch - 1/5/2021

States struggle for control of chaotic vaccine rollout

Politico – 1/5/2021

Prioritizing Prisoners for Vaccines Stirs Controversy

Route Fifty – 1/5/2021

State unemployment compensation trust funds continue to struggle, report finds

The Center Square – 1/4/2021

Amid Surge in Cases, States Turn to Field Hospitals

Route Fifty – 1/4/2021

Most U.S. COVID-19 vaccines go idle as New York, Florida move to penalize hospitals

Reuters - 1/4/2021

States Expect Delay of Federal Unemployment Payments

Route Fifty - 1/4/2021

Some states start paying $300 unemployment boost while others lag

CNBC - 1/4/2021

Biden wants tens of billions of dollars for reopening schools

Politico - 1/4/2021

State Legislatures Face a Session Like No Other

Governing.com - 1/4/2021

These States Have Had the Slowest Vaccine Rollout Best Life

Yahoo! News - 1/3/2021

Amid Isolation And Loneliness, Elderly Face Crumbling Safety Net

NPR – 1/3/2021

U.S. Vaccine Rollout Falls Behind Goals

Wall Street Journal - 1/3/2021

U.S. cities, left behind in COVID-19 aid, look for lifeline in Biden era

Reuters - 1/3/2021

Education Spending Per Student By State

Governing.com - 1/1/2021

Leaving prison without a government ID can block access to housing, jobs and help

PBS - 12/31/2020

Surgeon general blames COVID-19 vaccination delays on state, local funding shortages

Fox News - 12/31/2020