January 25

Week of January 25

Public Health Systems Still Aren't Ready for the Next Pandemic

Pew Trusts.org - 1/27/2021

Biden to reopen 'Obamacare' markets for COVID-19 relief

ABC News - 1/27/2021

White House goes full-throttle on COVID-19 relief talks

The Hill – 1/27/2021

Biden to take action on ACA marketplaces, Medicaid

The Hill – 1/27/2021

2020 Brought Legislative Progress, Pushback on LGBTQ Issues

Governing – 1/27/2021

Tax Windfalls Drive States to Unlikely Role in U.S. Recovery

Washington Post - 1/26/2021

Biden Announces Covid Vaccine Surge to States

Route Fifty - 1/26/2021

Biden reaches agreement to buy 200M more vaccine doses by summer

Yahoo! News - 1/26/2021

Federal judge temporarily blocks Biden's pause on deportations after Texas challenge

CNBC - 1/26/2021

Republican-controlled states advance bills to limit abortion

ABC News - 1/26/2021

State Capitols Reckon With Racism in Policing

Pew Trusts.org - 1/26/2021

Biden's bipartisan push hits wall on COVID-19 relief bill

The Hill - 1/26/2021

Mayors Press Biden's Transportation Nominee on Direct Funding for Cities

Route Fifty - 1/25/2021

Longer days and Saturday classes: States explore costly ways to heal learning loss

Politico - 1/25/2021

Vaccines emerge as top priority as Biden, Congress try to craft a Covid relief bill

CNBC - 1/25/2021

Biden takes steps to boost number of vaccine doses sent to states

The Hill – 1/25/2021

States’ Education Budget Proposals for Next Year Not as Bleak as Many Predicted

Education Week – 1/25/2021

Covid Response and Budget Basics at Forefront for States

Route Fifty – 1/25/2021

Bipartisan group of senators pushes back on Biden Covid plan

Politico – 1/24/2021

Lawmakers in both parties lobby White House for a more targeted relief bill

Washington Post – 1/24/2021

The pandemic could devastate mass transit in the U.S. and not for the reason you think

Politico - 1/24/2021

Surgeon General Nominee: Time to Rebuild Local Health Departments

Route Fifty - 1/23/2021

States Weigh Making College-Aid Forms a Graduation Requirement

Wall Street Journal - 1/23/2021

$25 billion in federal rent aid covers less than half of what tenants owe

CBS - 1/22/2021

States, local governments face $225 billion budget shortfall: study

The Hill - 1/22/2021

The Supreme Court Decision That Saved States Billions

Governing.com - 1/22/2021

Biden’s Aid Proposal Could Face Rough Road in Congress

State Net Capitol Journal – 1/22/2021

How working from home due to COVID could be a double tax hit for some

ABC News – 1/22/2021

Lawmakers Move to Strip Governors’ Emergency Powers

Stateline – 1/22/2021

Ski Patrol Before Teachers? States Criticized Over Vaccine Timelines

Route Fifty – 1/22/2021

Buttigieg cites gas tax hike at hearing, but aide walks it back

Roll Call – 1/21/2021

Liaisons to Each State, Full National Guard Reimbursement Are Part of Biden's Virus Response Plan

Route Fifty – 1/21/2021

Bidens Covid-19 Plan: More Gear, Funding, Testing and Data

Wall Street Journal - 1/21/2021

Biden unveils national COVID strategy with slate of executive orders

CBS - 1/21/2021

Biden rolls out his plan to reopen schools

CNBC - 1/21/2021