January 18

Week of January 18

Biden issuing pandemic plan that aims to expand access to testing and vaccines, reopen schools

Washington Post - 1/21/2021

Census Estimates Show Population Decline in 16 States

Stateline – 1/21/2021

Treasury Nominee Voices Support for State and Local Relief Funding

Route Fifty - 1/20/2021

The Pandemic is Hurting Child Care. Parents are Paying the Price.

Route Fifty - 1/20/2021

Bidens first act: orders on pandemic, climate, immigration

Republic - 1/20/2021

COVID-19 Extends Sentences for Some Incarcerated People

Stateline – 1/20/2021

Biden Moves to Rejoin Paris Climate Pact, Halt Keystone XL Pipeline

Route Fifty – 1/20/21

How much federal funding will each state DOT receive?

Construction Dive – 1/20/21

Some Health Care Workers Refuse Covid Vaccine

Route Fifty – 1/20/21

Biden: Major Infrastructure Plan on the Way

Engineering News-Record - 1/19/2021

A 100-day headache: Bidens vow to quickly reopen schools

Politico - 1/19/2021

States have tried seizing unemployment benefits during the pandemic. Some fear new rules wont help

CNBC - 1/19/2021

The Biggest Issues to Watch in 2021

Governing.com - 1/18/2021

State IT Officials Will Push for New Federal Grants to Help With Tech Upgrades

Route Fifty - 1/18/2021

U.S. COVID Vaccine Rollout 'Extremely Poor'”But Some States Buck the Trend

Newsweek - 1/16/2021

Biden Calls for $350 Billion in State and Local Aid as Part of Massive Stimulus

Route Fifty - 1/16/2021

Will Senate Change Mean More Federal Aid to States and Cities?

State Net Capitol Journal – 1/15/2021

State Capitols Brace for Cyberattacks, Too

Stateline – 1/15/2021

Biden unveils COVID-19 vaccine plan, with focus on mass inoculations

The Hill – 1/15/2021

Congressional Republicans balk at Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief plan, complicating push for quick passage

Washington Post – 1/15/2021

Bidens $1.9T Plan Includes Billions in State and Local Aid

Governing.com - 1/15/2021

'We're In A War With This Virus': Biden Lays Out COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan

(NPR) National Public Radio - 1/15/2021

Biden Plan Would Direct $400 Billion to Vaccine, Public Health Initiatives

Route Fifty - 1/15/2021

$1,400 checks, enhanced unemployment: Here's what's included in Biden's stimulus plan

CNBC - 1/14/2021

Biden includes over $10 billion in cyber, IT funds as part of COVID-19 relief proposal

The Hill - 1/14/2021