Week of February 8

Week of February 8

Scammers Seize on Frustration, Chaos of Vaccine Rollout

Stateline – 2/11/2021

Public-Sector Workers Rethink Their Jobs as COVID Wears On

Governing – 2/11/2021

Democrats push for state Medicaid expansions that could benefit roughly 4 million Americans

CNBC - 2/10/2021

Republican states consider suing Biden for canceling Keystone XL pipeline

Washington Examiner - 2/10/2021

Local Jail Costs Keep Rising as Crime Continues to Decline

Governing.com - 2/10/2021

Vaccine Signups Cater to the Tech-Savvy, Leaving Out Many

Stateline – 2/10/2021

Snug and Doubled-Up Masks Can Help Stop Covid Spread, CDC Finds

Route Fifty – 2/10/2021

In Hard-Hit Indian Country, Tribes Rapidly Roll Out Vaccines

Stateline – 2/9/2021

Many schools have reopened without White House guidance, but can be hard to track how they're teaching

CBS - 2/9/2021

Colleges Vowed a Safer Spring. Then Students, and Variants, Arrived.

The New York Times - 2/9/2021

States Get More Aggressive With Climate Policy Goals

Route Fifty - 2/8/2021

States Pre-empt Cities Almost to the Point of Irrelevance

Governing.com - 2/8/2021

COVID-19 Variants Further Strain Public Health Agencies

Stateline – 2/8/2021


Covid-19’s Hit to State and Local Revenues Is Smaller Than Many Feared

Wall Street Journal – 2/7/2021

States to Recoup More Covid Costs From Feds Under Biden Reimbursement Plan

Route Fifty - 2/7/2021

Cities Facing the Biggest Revenue Losses Due to COVID-19

Newsweek - 2/7/2021

Do states, cities 'need' Biden's $350B in COVID relief?

USA Today - 2/6/2021

47 States Reach $573 Million Opioid Settlement with McKinsey

Route Fifty - 2/5/2021

Democrats move forward on nearly $2T coronavirus stimulus package

Yahoo! News - 2/5/2021

Occupational Licensing Reform Gains Steam in Statehouses

State Net Capitol Journal – 2/5/2021

Reports of unemployment fraud increase as states mail out tax forms

The Hill – 2/5/2021

Buttigieg: Talks ongoing on additional U.S. transportation sector assistance

Reuters – 2/4/2021

States Show Limited Progress With Electric Vehicle Policies

Governing.com - 2/4/2021