Week of February 15

Week of February 15

Where things stand on the COVID-19 relief measure

The Hill – 2/17/2021

Pandemic Drives Historic State Tax Revenue Drop

Pew Trusts – 2/17/2021

Unexpected State Tax Hauls Prompt Tax Relief Across the Country

Bloomberg Tax – 2/17/2021

Despite Security Concerns, Online Voting Advances

Stateline – 2/17/2021

Why Biden has an unexpected chance to expand Medicaid in red state holdouts

Kaiser Health News – 2/17/2021

For Cities, Less Traffic Means Lost Revenue

Route Fifty - 2/17/2021

From city halls, the plea for COVID-19 aid is bipartisan

Associated Press – 2/17/2021

Midwest state budgets take shape with eye to pandemic recovery

Bond Buyer - 2/16/2021

Biden extends pandemic mortgage relief program until June 2021

Washington Examiner - 2/16/2021

Evidence-Based Government Gets a Boost During COVID

Governing.com - 2/16/2021

Biden takes push for COVID relief plan outside Washington

ABC News - 2/15/2021

ObamaCare on the ballot: Medicaid expansion likely to hit state ballots in 2022 – and here’s the price tag

Fox News - 2/15/2021

'Way outside of the need': Strong state finances suggest pricey Biden relief package is overkill

Washington Times – 2/16/2021

Why some state and local governments are desperate for more stimulus aid

Washington Post – 2/15/2021

Governors tell Biden in letter some vaccine efforts are creating confusion and inefficiency

CNN – 2/15/2021

Closing Education’s Digital Divide Will Cost Billions

Government Technology – 2/15/2021

Biden is winning Republican support for his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan. Just not in Washington.

Washington Post – 2/14/2021

Biden administration to survey schools on COVID-19 impact

Republic - 2/13/2021

CDC Presses K-12 Schools to Reopen

Wall Street Journal - 2/13/2021

Obamacare exchanges will reopen Monday. You may qualify for a free or low-cost plan

CNBC - 2/12/2021

Why Biden Looks To Mayors To Help Make The Case For More COVID-19 Aid

(NPR) National Public Radio - 2/12/2021

‘Vaccine Tourism’ Leads to Tighter Eligibility Checks

Route Fifty – 2/12/2021

Census: No redistricting data until end of September

Associated Press – 2/12/2021

Biden Seeks to Squelch Trump Immigration Deals with States

Stateline – 2/12/2021

As Drug Prices Keep Rising, State Lawmakers Propose Tough New Bills to Curb Them

Kaiser Health News – 2/12/2021

Biden Wants to Give States $350 Billion. Do They Still Need It?

Slate – 2/12/2021

Some Shifts of Focus on State COVID-19 Legislation

State Net Capitol Journal – 2/12/2021

States eye flurry of new taxes on Amazon, Facebook and Google, trying to force tech to pay its 'fair share'

Washington Post – 2/12/2021

Race to vaccinate older Americans advances in many states

Associated Press – 2/11/2021

Biden moving to withdraw Trump approved Medicaid work rules

Politico – 2/11/2021

Proposals Would Help States and Localities With Paid Leave Costs

Route Fifty – 2/11/2021

Federal Reserve unlikely to create new muni programs if direct aid comes through

Bond Buyer - 2/11/2021

Biden hopes infrastructure can bridge partisan divide

ABC News - 2/11/2021