Week of February 1

Week of February 1

Covid-19's Lasting Mark on Remote Work in State and Local Agencies

Route Fifty – 2/3/2021

House approves budget resolution for COVID-19 package

The Hill – 2/3/2021

Some states are racing ahead of others with their covid vaccine rollouts. Their secret? Keeping it simple.

Washington Post – 2/3/2021

Biden wants $1,400 stimulus checks, but signals a compromise with GOP is possible

Yahoo! News - 2/3/2021

55.9 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines distributed, 33.8 million administered: U.S. CDC

Yahoo! News - 2/3/2021

Fewer Police, No Parades: The Squeeze on Local Budgets

Governing.com - 2/3/2021

House passes budget resolution needed to bypass GOP on COVID package

Washington Examiner - 2/3/2021

State of the States Reveal Governors Top Tech Agendas

Governing.com - 2/3/2021

Pressure Grows to Reopen Schools, But Fears Persist

Pew Trusts.org - 2/3/2021

State budgets aided by expected retention of Medicaid funding boost

Bond Buyer - 2/2/2021

State officials urge lawmakers to go big on Covid aid

Politico - 2/2/2021

Community colleges and their students were already vulnerable. Then the pandemic hit

Marketwatch - 2/2/2021

Pressure builds on schools to reopen during pandemic

Republic - 2/2/2021

No payroll protection: Cities try to plug budget holes amid pandemic

Christian Science Monitor - 2/2/2021

These States Found the Secret to COVID-19 Vaccination Success

Stateline – 2/2/2021

States Reallocating Covid Vaccines from Federal Nursing Home Program

Route Fifty – 2/2/2021

Manchin warns against Democratic-only coronavirus relief bill

The Hill – 2/2/2021

Without a Ride, Many in Need Have No Shot at COVID-19 Vaccine

Stateline – 2/1/2021

Republicans Leave Direct State and Local Aid Out of Scaled-Down Covid Relief Pitch to Biden

Route Fifty - 2/1/2021

Survey: Covid Driving State, Local Workers to Consider Switching Jobs

Route Fifty - 2/1/2021

States Offer Perks to Inmates who Get the Covid-19 Vaccine

Route Fifty - 2/1/2021

Biden signs order to reopen Obamacare in 2 weeks”heres what you need to know

CNBC - 2/1/2021

Local Spending on Jails Tops $25 Billion in Latest Nationwide Data

Pew Trusts.org - 1/29/2021

Biden’s Pause on Oil Leases Could Squeeze State Budgets

Route Fifty - 1/29/2021

Officials Try Financial Lures, Threats to Reopen Schools

Wall Street Journal - 1/29/2021

As States Hustle To Distribute Vaccines, Big Business Offers A Boost Of Expertise

(NPR) National Public Radio - 1/29/2021

State lawmakers are pushing to curb governors’ virus powers

Associated Press – 1/29/2021

Census delay sends redistricting ripples nationwide

Roll Call – 1/29/2021

Paid Sick Leave and the Prolonged Pandemic

Route Fifty – 1/29/2021

Legislators go after governors to rein in COVID-19 powers

The Hill – 1/29/2021

‘Tidal Wave’ of Evictions, Utility Shutoffs Tests Lawmakers

Stateline – 1/28/2021

State and local tax deduction cap back in play for coronavirus relief package

Roll Call – 1/28/2021

HUD Nominee Wants to Ensure Housing Crisis Doesn’t Worsen During Pandemic

Route Fifty – 1/28/2021

State and Local Governments Relied on Debt for Budgetary Help In 2020

Pew Trusts.org - 1/28/2021