December 7

Week of December 7

States Try to Rescue Small Businesses as U.S. Aid Is Snarled

The New York Times - 12/10/2020

Economists warn against excluding state aid from COVID-19 relief

The Hill – 12/10/2020

Stimulus talks sputter

Politico – 12/9/2020

As Covid-19 Vaccines Roll Out, States to Determine Who Gets Shots First

Wall Street Journal – 12/9/2020

Possibility of State Medicaid Cuts Looms in 2021

Route Fifty - 12/9/2020

Lawmakers Weigh Competing Covid-Aid Proposals

Wall Street Journal - 12/9/2020

Momentum stalls for COVID-19 relief bill

The Hill - 12/9/2020

House passes stopgap bill to avoid government shutdown

The Hill - 12/9/2020

Whiplash over different stimulus plans continues on Capitol Hill

CNN - 12/9/2020

Bipartisan coalition releases details of $908B coronavirus package

Politico - 12/9/2020

How the Pandemic Broke the Trend Toward Federal Expansion - 12/9/2020

Trump Takes a Final Shot at Obamacare Exchanges

Pew - 12/9/2020

Mnuchin makes $916 billion offer to Pelosi for COVID relief bill

CBS - 12/8/2020

Pandemic is complicating taxes for millions of Americans

CBS - 12/8/2020

Schumer rejects McConnell's call for relief package with no liability shield and no state, local aid

Marketwatch - 12/8/2020

McConnell calls to 'set aside' liability protections, state, local funding in future coronavirus relief bill

Fox News - 12/8/2020

With Bipartisan Stimulus Package on the Line, Republican Governors Push Congress to Act

Newsweek - 12/8/2020

Stimulus checks, liability are among the sticking points in last-minute Covid relief deal

CNBC - 12/8/2020

Can Recreational Marijuana Revenue Close Budget Gaps?

Pew - 12/8/2020

Health Care Workers Can Decline a COVID-19 Shot—For Now

Stateline – 12/8/2020

With Vaccine Approval Imminent, States Ready Plans to Give People Their Shots

Route Fifty – 12/8/2020

States push back on CDC demand for personal data of COVID-19 vaccine recipients

The Hill – 12/8/2020

Congress looks for last-minute Covid relief deal as benefits cliff looms

CNBC - 12/7/2020

States Are Paying to Hire Nurses for Struggling Hospitals

Route Fifty - 12/6/2020

States Overpaid Millions in Unemployment and Now Demand People Pay It Back

Route Fifty - 12/6/2020

‘Existential Peril’: Mass Transit Faces Huge Service Cuts Across U.S.

The New York Times - 12/6/2020

State gaps opening for gambling

Associated Press – 12/6/2020

State, local officials plead for vaccine distribution funds

The Hill – 12/5/2020

Bipartisan support for an economic relief bill is growing

PBS - 12/4/2020

Prompted by Pandemic, Some States Buy Hotels for the Homeless

Pew - 12/4/2020

Supreme Court to review rulings against Trump's Medicaid work rules

Politico - 12/4/2020

State Budget Offices Promote Data-Driven Decision-Making

Pew - 12/4/2020

In Blue States and Red, Pandemic Upends Public Services and Jobs

The New York Times - 12/4/2020

US mayors expect 'dramatic' cuts to their public schools

The Hill – 12/4/2020

States draft vaccine plans as coronavirus daily death toll tops 3,100

The Hill – 12/4/2020

Pandemic Remains the Biggest Issue for Lawmakers in 2021

State Net Capitol Journal – 12/4/2020

Bipartisan governors call on Congress to pass coronavirus relief package

The Hill – 12/4/2020

Report: State Spending Spikes, Revenues Fall in Fiscal Year 2020

U.S. News and World Reports – 12/3/2020

How to Fairly Use Algorithms to Make Tough Decisions

Governing – 12/3/2020

The State of Local Government in the Pandemic Era: Read the Survey Results - 12/3/2020

Since Congress cant agree on a stimulus bill, states and cities are providing relief

CNBC - 12/3/2020