December 21

Week of December 21

U.S. states enlist medical, nursing students to give out COVID-19 vaccine

Reuters - 12/24/2020

Economic Boost From Stimulus Seen as States and Cities’ Best Bet

Bloomberg – 12/23/2020

Three Reasons 2021 Could Be (a Lot) Better Than You Think

Wall Street Journal – 12/23/2020

Relief Bill's Highway Funds Could Help Construction Projects

Engineering News-Record - 12/23/2020

Fiscal 2020 state revenues declined for the first time in 9 years

Bond Buyer - 12/23/2020

For Overwhelmed And Burnt Out COVID-19 Contact Tracers, Help Is (Hopefully) Coming

(NPR) National Public Radio - 12/23/2020

Majority of Americans Support Relief for State Governments: Poll

Newsweek - 12/23/2020

End Nears for Fed’s Municipal Lending Program

Route Fifty - 12/23/2020

States Square Off Over Taxing Remote Workers Income

Wall Street Journal - 12/23/2020

The new stimulus bill didn’t extend the student-loan payment pause — but it has 8 provisions that will affect how families pay for college

Marketwatch - 12/23/2020

Trump leaves Washington in limbo with relief threat

The Hill – 12/23/2020

Trump Blasts Covid Relief Package, Demands Revisions Risking a Shutdown

Route Fifty – 12/22/2020

Congress Didn’t Include State And Local Aid In Stimulus, And The Most Vulnerable Will Suffer

Huffington Post – 12/22/2020

A surge of state aid for vaccinations may already be too late

Politico – 12/22/2020

Eviction Looms for Millions, Despite New Federal Aid Package

Stateline – 12/22/2020

State, Local Governments Could Get an Extra Year to Spend Covid Funds

Route Fifty – 12/22/2020

A Burnout Crisis Hits Government

Route Fifty – 12/22/2020

Absent Federal Aid, How Bad Are State Budgets? - 12/22/2020

'A Lost Generation: Community Colleges Report Record Enrollment Declines

Route Fifty - 12/22/2020

Inside the First Chaotic Days of the Effort to Vaccinate America

Route Fifty - 12/22/2020

Here's how an extra $300 will affect unemployment benefits in your state

CNBC - 12/22/2020

US public school enrollment dips as virus disrupts education

Yahoo! News - 12/22/2020

The New Plans to Remake Appalachias Economy

Route Fifty - 12/21/2020

Biden to push for more coronavirus relief, setting up a clash with GOP

Washington Post - 12/21/2020

Congress reaches deal on Covid relief, major higher education changes

Politico - 12/21/2020

Here's what's in the $900 billion coronavirus relief plan

CNBC - 12/21/2020

Here's what's in the second stimulus package

CNN - 12/21/2020

Quarantines Leave Schools Scrambling for Substitute Teachers

Stateline – 12/21/2020

Low-income children wait months for USDA food aid to replace school meals

Politico – 12/20/2020

Congressional Leaders Reach Deal on $900 Billion Covid Relief Package

Route Fifty - 12/20/2020

'Immediate need': State, local govts decry being left out of Covid aid bill

NBC News – 12/19/2020

States spent $7B in spring on medical devices, PPE: report

The Hill - 12/19/2020

AP: States spent over $7B competing for early virus supplies

Republic - 12/19/2020

Biden Faces Challenge as Congress Drops State Aid to Secure Stimulus

The New York Times - 12/19/2020

ACA plans prove popular as millions lose jobs, health insurance amid pandemic

Washington Post - 12/19/2020

Congress leaves state and local governments facing gaping budget holes

CNN – 12/19/2020

Aid to states and cities likely to be cut out of stimulus deal, leaving governors and mayors on the ropes

Washington Post – 12/19/2020

States and Cities Face Health and Economic Uncertainties

State Net Capitol Journal – 12/18/2020

COVID-19 Eased Drug Treatment Rules—And That Saved Lives

Stateline – 12/18/2020

Why Some States Are Predicting Higher Revenue Amid Job Losses

The New York Times - 12/18/2020

Biden Urges Governors to Support Reopening Schools by April

Route Fifty – 12/17/2020

Governors say CDC cutting vaccine allocations

The Hill – 12/17/2020