December 14

Week of December 14

U.S. Congress wrangles over details of coronavirus economic aid as deadline approaches

Reuters - 12/17/2020

'Losing A Generation': Fall College Enrollment Plummets For First-Year Students

(NPR) National Public Radio - 12/17/2020

McConnell getting much of what he wants in emerging relief deal

The Hill - 12/17/2020

Congress Nears Covid-19 Relief Deal With Direct Stimulus Payments, But No Local Government Aid

Route Fifty - 12/16/2020

It is madness: Governors rage over stimulus snub

Politico - 12/16/2020

Congressional leaders add stimulus checks to $900 billion relief package as they near deal

Washington Post – 12/16/2020

Emergency coronavirus deal leaves out state, local aid

Bond Buyer - 12/16/2020

Local Governments Across America Say They're Desperate For Federal Help

(NPR) National Public Radio - 12/16/2020

Local Health Departments Are Understaffed. Would Biden’s ‘Public Health Jobs Corps’ Help?

Route Fifty - 12/16/2020

Covid relief deal creeps closer

Politico - 12/16/2020

Public-Sector Tech Braces for Even Tighter Budgets

Wall Street Journal - 12/15/2020

Pandemic backlash jeopardizes public health powers, leaders

ABC News - 12/15/2020

Extra unemployment benefits may be delayed for weeks, even if Congress passes Covid bill

CNBC - 12/14/2020

The Pandemic Created New Hunters. States Need to Keep Them.

Pew - 12/14/2020

U.S. Congress in sprint to fund government, approve COVID-19 emergency aid

Reuters - 12/14/2020

Survey: Covid Has Caused Over One-Quarter of K-12 Educators to Consider Leaving Jobs

Route Fifty – 12/14/2020

Getting Covid Vaccines to People Will Cost States Billions They Dont Have

Wall Street Journal - 12/13/2020

Budget toll from coronavirus hits both Democratic, GOP-led states

Marketwatch - 12/13/2020

As Coronavirus Continues, State Lawmakers Debate How to Meet Safely

Route Fifty - 12/13/2020

Prisons, jails are COVID-19 hotspots. Is vaccinating inmates a priority?

PBS - 12/13/2020

With Congress stuck, states are stepping in with relief for residents and businesses

CNN – 12/12/2020

Loss of ‘snowbirds’ amid pandemic another hit to US tourism

Associated Press – 12/12/2020

CDC: Public schools need about $22 billion to safely reopen doors

Axios – 12/12/2020

COVID-19, Redistricting Likely to Occupy State Lawmakers in 2021

State Net Capitol Journal – 12/11/2020

States getting hit hardest by the pension crisis

USA Today - 12/11/2020

U.S. Senate passes, sends to Trump, one-week extension of government funding

Reuters - 12/11/2020

New Bill Proposes Stopping Unemployment Agencies That Make Mistakes From Demanding Money Back

Route Fifty - 12/11/2020

"It doesn't have to be this way": Cities brace for more pain as lawmakers clash over COVID relief bill

CBS - 12/11/2020

Looming Deadline Could Push States to Misspend CARES Act Money

Pew - 12/11/2020

Jobless Benefits Saved Them, Until States Wanted the Money Back

The New York Times - 12/11/2020

States Propose Relief for Immigrants: Legislative Watch - 12/11/2020

Some States Train Jobless for Post-Pandemic Workforce

Stateline – 12/10/2020