Week of April 27

Week of April 27

Pelosi points to $1 trillion need for state and local governments in next coronavirus bill

Washington Post – 4/30/2020

States Struggle to Keep Up With Jobless Claims Surge

Wall Street Journal - 4/30/2020

States Made It Harder to Get Jobless Benefits. Now Thats Hard to Undo.

The New York Times - 4/30/2020

A Budget Shortfall Estimate for States Grows Even Worse

Route Fifty - 4/29/2020

Unemployment surge pushing state funds toward insolvency

PBS - 4/29/2020

States weigh workers' comp for frontline workers against the cost

Politico - 4/29/2020

McConnell 'Open' to State Aid in Next Relief Bill

Time.com (Time Magazine) - 4/29/2020

Reopening Means Contact Tracing. Many States Aren't Ready.

Pew Trusts.org - 4/29/2020

Reopening the Economy Under COVID-19: States Plot a Way Back

Governing – 4/29/2020

Colleges Could Lose 20% of Students

Inside Higher Ed – 4/29/2020

Mass layoffs begin in cities and states amid coronavirus fallout, threatening education, sanitation, health and safety

Washington Post – 4/29/2020

Moody's Says States Face $160B Tax Loss From COVID-19

Law 360 – 4/28/2020

Trump suggests coronavirus funding for states could be tied to sanctuary city policies

The Hill - 4/28/2020

McConnell draws 'red line': Coronavirus bill won't pass Senate without 'liability protection'

The Hill - 4/28/2020

U.S. muni market assesses Fed's lifeline for cash-strapped states, cities

Reuters - 4/28/2020

McConnell balks at infrastructure spending in next coronavirus aid bill

Fox News - 4/28/2020

Pelosi Raises Possibility of Local Funding On Top of $500 Billion for States

Route Fifty - 4/28/2020

Muni Market Stages New Sell-Off on McConnell, Supply Wave

Bloomberg.com - 4/28/2020

Pelosi says state, local government aid could come in two parts

Reuters - 4/28/2020

Public Health Labs Suffered Budget Cuts Prior To The Coronavirus Pandemic

(NPR) National Public Radio - 4/28/2020

Trump: Federal govt. shouldn't rescue states and cities struggling under pandemic

Yahoo! News - 4/28/2020

Fed Expands Lending Program to Include More Counties and Cities

Route Fifty - 4/28/2020

Officials Say Limits on Virus Relief Funds for States Are Too Tight

The New York Times - 4/27/2020

McConnell’s rejection of federal aid for states risks causing a depression, analysts say

Washington Post – 4/27/2020

States Aim to Expand Workers’ Compensation for Covid-19

Wall Street Journal – 4/27/2020

As Trump puts partisan spin on federal aid for states, Republicans and Democrats warn of coming financial calamity

Washington Post – 4/27/2020

McConnell dangles aid to states with a catch

Politico - 4/27/2020

Will Child Care Be There When States Reopen?

Route Fifty - 4/27/2020

State tax revenue declined in March

Bond Buyer - 4/27/2020

Cuomo says NY has been bailing out other states for decades

The Hill - 4/27/2020

Despite McConnell comment, states can’t go bankrupt, only default

Roll Call - 4/27/2020

Absent Fed Help, State Budgets Will Be the Worst in Decades

Governing.com - 4/27/2020

States face $500B shortfalls as Congress debates aid

Washington Examiner - 4/27/2020

'Outrageous,' 'irresponsible': Governors slam McConnell over bankruptcy comments

Yahoo! News - 4/26/2020

Pelosi promises state and local governments will receive relief funding 'in a very significant way'

CNN - 4/26/2020

State and local governments brace for huge cuts as feds debate sending help for coronavirus-related revenue loss

USA Today - 4/26/2020

McConnell state bankruptcy remarks raise constitutional questions

The Hill - 4/25/2020

States' election funding requests indicate numerous anticipated hurdles

Yahoo! News - 4/25/2020

States rush to prepare for huge surge of mail voting

Politico - 4/25/2020

U.S. state bankruptcy push would disrupt municipal bond market -BofA

Reuters - 4/24/2020

Heres how bad state budget shortfalls could get, as aid battle set to ramp up

Marketwatch - 4/24/2020

States Take Early Steps to Manage COVID-19 Budget Fallout

Pew Trusts.org - 4/24/2020

DeVos doles out $13.2B to states for K-12 students

Politico - 4/24/2020

State DOTs Expedite Millions in Construction, With Highways Empty

Engineering News-Record - 4/24/2020

McConnell says giving aid to states to help ease the pain from the pandemic would be a 'blue state bailout.' But most states were doing the right thing before the coronavirus hit.

Yahoo! News - 4/24/2020

State Web Portals Try to Connect New PPE Producers with Desperate Health Care Providers

Route Fifty – 4/24/2020

Senators Press White House to Up FEMA’s Cost-Share With States

Route Fifty – 4/24/2020

Some governors worry that federal aid is too restrictive

Associated Press – 4/24/2020

New Jersey decries limitations on federal aid to states as national anger over budget woes grows

Washington Post – 4/24/2020

McConnells State Bankruptcy Remarks Signal Growing Tension Over Federal Aid

Route Fifty - 4/23/2020

Aid for Struggling States Is the Next Big Congressional Battle

The New York Times - 4/23/2020