Week of March 30

Week of March 30

'We Have No Money': Coronavirus Slams State Taxes

Pew Trusts.org - 4/2/2020

Coronavirus has states facing steep revenue losses

Bond Buyer - 4/2/2020

Munis again roiled by coronavirus-led volatility as spread-widening grows

Bond Buyer - 4/2/2020

Joblessness Slams the States that Responded Early; Testing Backlog Deprives States of Data

Pew Trusts.org - 4/2/2020

State-by-state breakdown of U.S. coronavirus job losses

Marketwatch - 4/2/2020

When Will the Impact of Coronavirus Hit State Budgets?

Pew Trusts.org - 4/2/2020

States, Cities Already Cutting Jobs With Financial Toll Mounting

Bloomberg.com - 4/2/2020

Coronavirus Is Making the Public Pension Crisis Even Worse

The New York Times - 4/2/2020

Billion-Dollar Blows to U.S. States Crater Spending Plans

Bloomberg.com - 4/1/2020

Which states will be hit hardest by COVID-19 job

USA Today - 4/1/2020

Why State and Local Debt Is Fraught Territory for the Fed

The New York Times - 4/1/2020

Lessons from States that Embraced Telework Before the Coronavirus

Route Fifty - 4/1/2020

State groups urge Federal Reserve to buy wide range of munis

Bond Buyer - 4/1/2020

Census Officials Vow to Stick to End-of-Year Deadline, Despite State Shutdowns

Time.com (Time Magazine) - 4/1/2020

Medicare and Medicaid patients get access to telemedicine, but challenges remain

ABC News - 4/1/2020

Coronavirus Forces Ballot Measure Campaigns To Shut Down Amid Health Fears

(NPR) National Public Radio - 4/1/2020

Extended Tax Deadlines Make Balancing State Budgets Tricky

Bloomberg Tax – 4/1/2020

Lockdowns Imperil U.S. State-Level Efforts to Allow Sport Betting and Tax the Rich

Bloomberg – 4/1/2020

What’s Essential? Confusion Clouds Workers, Employers

Stateline – 4/1/2020

Coronavirus Outbreak Shifts Census Outreach Strategies

Route Fifty – 4/1/2020

States, Hospitals Grapple With Medical Rationing

Stateline – 3/31/2020

Gas Tax Revenue to Decline as Traffic Drops 38 Percent

Tax Foundation – 3/31/2020

More Help Is Likely on the Way for States and Localities and the Coronavirus-caused Recession “ Including an Obscure Source of Federal Aid for Muni Bonds

Governing.com - 3/31/2020

Pelosi, state Democrats push for more funds for mail-in voting

The Hill - 3/31/2020

A State Tries to Chart its Economic Rebound From a Pandemic

Route Fifty - 3/31/2020

Pelosi foresees additional payments to Americans, infrastructure spending

Marketwatch - 3/31/2020

Extended Income Tax Deadline Is Yet Another Coronavirus Budget Curveball for States

Route Fifty - 3/30/2020

Coronavirus and the States: Medicaid Waivers Offer Flexibility; Top Officials Clash

Pew Trusts.org - 3/30/2020

School shutdowns raise stakes of digital divide for students

ABC News - 3/30/2020

Every state's taxes income tax due dates

USA Today - 3/30/2020

Stimulus bond fix may boost local governments more than cash

Roll Call – 3/30/2020

Coronavirus Forces Legislators to Keep Their Distance

Governing – 3/30/2020

After Three Stimulus Packages, Congress Already Prepping No. 4

Wall Street Journal - 3/29/2020

Struggling states warn coronavirus stimulus falls short

The Hill - 3/28/2020

States Are Being Forced Into Bidding Wars To Get Medical Equipment To Combat Coronavirus

Forbes.com (Forbes Magazine) - 3/28/2020

State attorneys general are inundated with price gouging complaints and working with online retailers to crack down on overpriced items.

Route Fifty - 3/28/2020

Coronavirus aid deal is no panacea for coming U.S. state budget woes

Reuters - 3/27/2020

House Passes Coronavirus Aid Package”But Democrats Say More Help Needed for States and Cities

Route Fifty - 3/27/2020

Highlights of Congress' $2.2 trillion virus relief package

ABC News - 3/27/2020

Coronavirus deals one-two financial punch to state budgets

Yahoo! News - 3/27/2020

Phase 4: What Congress Might Include in its Next Coronavirus Stimulus

Newsweek - 3/27/2020

Federal Coronavirus Rescue Bill Includes Transportation Funding

AASHTO Journal – 3/27/2020

Impact to State Revenues ‘Like Nothing We’ve Seen Before’

Bloomberg Tax – 3/27/2020

Cuomo threatens to reject $6.7B in federal aid in favor of Medicaid redesign

Politico – 3/27/2020

Nearly 200 Cities Short on Supplies for Dealing With Coronavirus, Mayors Report

Route Fifty – 3/27/2020

States brace for massive budget gaps in coronavirus recession

The Hill – 3/26/2020

If the Coronavirus Collapses State Budgets, What Will Happen to Public Colleges?

Chronicle on Higher Education – 3/26/2020

Is America Ready for a Second Wave of Coronavirus?

Route Fifty – 3/26/2020

States get billions in record stimulus but say its not enough

Politico - 3/26/2020

Coronavirus and the States: Congress to Send States Money; Layoffs Hit Midwest

Pew Trusts.org - 3/26/2020

Coronavirus relief bill allocates $400M for election response

Politico - 3/26/2020