Week of March 23

Week of March 23


Schools, Transit, Hospital Funding Included in Senate Coronavirus Bill

Route Fifty – 3/26/2020

Here's what's in the $2T stimulus package — and what's next

Politico – 3/26/2020

Cities, Legislatures Learn to Govern by Conference Call

Stateline – 3/26/2020

Fired Americans Send State Unemployment Websites Crashing Down

Bloomberg.com - 3/25/2020

Aid for States Lacking in $2 Trillion Deal, New York and Maryland Governors Say

Route Fifty – 3/25/2020

New unemployment benefit claims rise to levels unseen in recent U.S. hi

PBS - 3/25/2020

$2 trillion emergency relief includes muni market provisions

Bond Buyer - 3/25/2020

Record $2 Trillion Stimulus Risks Falling Short of Full Relief

Bloomberg.com - 3/25/2020

States, Local Governments Would Get $150 Billion From $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill, Schumer Says

Forbes.com (Forbes Magazine) - 3/25/2020

U.S. Income Tax Delay to Strain States

Wall Street Journal - 3/25/2020

'Unprecedented': Coronavirus is shutting down legislatures across the U.S.

USA Today - 3/25/2020

Governors beg for cash as unemployment claims crush states

Politico - 3/25/2020

How to Shore Up State and Local Budgets During a Coronavirus Recession

Kellogg Insight – 3/25/2020

‘Prisons Are Bacteria Factories’; Elderly Most at Risk

Stateline – 3/25/2020

Coronavirus Is Slamming State Unemployment Systems

Route Fifty – 3/25/2020

White House, Senate leaders agree on coronavirus stimulus package

Roll Call – 3/25/2020

How states are responding to coronavirus, in 7 maps

Politico – 3/25/2020

Scramble for medical equipment descends into chaos as U.S. states and hospitals compete for rare supplies

Washington Post – 3/24/2020

States say doctors are stockpiling trial coronavirus drugs — for themselves

New York Times – 3/24/2020

Governors urge feds for more funding, testing, equipment

Associated Press – 3/24/2020

List Of State & Federal Tax Office Closings, Filing Delays & Extensions Due To Coronavirus

Forbes – 3/24/2020

Switch to Remote Learning Could Leave Students With Disabilities Behind

Stateline – 3/24/2020

States and Localities Turn to Empty Hotel Rooms to House Homeless and People Ill With Coronavirus

Route Fifty - 3/24/2020

Trump hasnt yet released disaster unemployment funds

Politico - 3/24/2020

Governors reject Trumps timeline to reopen economy

Marketwatch - 3/24/2020

States Have Limited Options to Boost Short-Term Economic Growth

Pew Trusts.org - 3/24/2020

Market rout leaves public pension funds nursing a nearly $1 trillion loss for fiscal 2020: Moodys

Marketwatch - 3/24/2020

Many Areas of the U.S. Face Hospital Bed Shortages

Route Fifty - 3/24/2020

States Worry Tax Extensions Will Have Dire Fiscal Results

Law 360 – 3/23/2020

States are desperate for supplies and out of patience as coronavirus needs increase

CNN – 3/23/2020

States Begin Prep for Mail-In Voting in Presidential Election

Stateline – 3/23/2020

Half-dozen more governors announce new restrictions to curb coronavirus

Politico – 3/23/2020

States press harder for direct aid in stimulus measures

Roll Call – 3/23/2020

Trump to delay deadline to acquire Real ID due to coronavirus

The Hill – 3/23/2020

Cities and States Desperate for Cash Raise Alarm for Federal Help

Bloomberg.com - 3/23/2020

More states extend school closures, some through the end of the school year

CNN - 3/23/2020

Democrats press for more stimulus funding to boost mail-in voting

The Hill - 3/23/2020

How the coronavirus outbreak is affecting the U.S. criminal justice system

ABC News - 3/23/2020

Obamacare Turns 10 Today. Heres a Look at What Works and Doesnt.

The New York Times - 3/23/2020

Public Officials Chastise Residents Who Arent Taking Social Distancing Seriously

Route Fifty - 3/23/2020

The Coronaviruss Harsher Reality for the Most Vulnerable

Governing.com - 3/23/2020

ACA Enrollment May Reopen In The Wake Of The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

Forbes.com (Forbes Magazine) - 3/22/2020

Cities, States Halt Evictions During Coronavirus Pandemic

Route Fifty - 3/22/2020

Trump: States can cancel standardized tests because of coronavirus school closings

Yahoo! News - 3/21/2020

Move by Fed May Help Shore-Up Short Term Borrowing for States and Localities

Route Fifty - 3/21/2020

Democrats asked for $750B in state stabilization funds in coronavirus stimulus

The Hill - 3/21/2020

Governors Lockdown a Quarter of the U.S. Economy, Deepening Recession

Newsweek - 3/21/2020

Coronavirus Threatens Strained Rural Health Care System

Route Fifty - 3/21/2020

Tribes take measures to slow spread of new coronavirus

Associated Press – 3/21/2020

Hoping That Insurance Expansion Will Help Tamp Outbreak, 9 States Reopen Marketplaces

Route Fifty – 3/21/2020

Federal Reserve backstops muni bond market as coronavirus hammers cash-strapped states and cities

Washington Post – 3/20/2020

Governors Leapfrog Feds on Coronavirus Response

Stateline – 3/20/2020

States rush to prepare for wave of U.S. unemployed

Reuters - 3/20/2020

U.S. states seek at least $150 billion in emergency federal coronavirus aid

Reuters - 3/20/2020

States scramble for their fair share of federal pandemic aid

Roll Call - 3/20/2020

Local Economies Most Vulnerable to Coronavirus-Driven Recession Identified in New Analysis

Route Fifty - 3/19/2020

As Ridership and Revenues Plunge, Transit Agencies Seek Financial Aid

Route Fifty - 3/19/2020

Pandemic Sidelines Some Infrastructure Ballot Proposals

Engineering News-Record - 3/19/2020

Coronavirus Layoff Surge Overwhelms Unemployment Offices

The New York Times - 3/19/2020

Coronavirus Outbreak Reinforces Need for Long-Term State Budgeting

Pew Trusts.org - 3/19/2020

Many states are ill-prepared for unemployment benefits surge

Politico - 3/19/2020

Coronavirus Forces $600 Billion Higher Education Industry Online

Bloomberg.com - 3/19/2020

Governors brace for coronavirus budget cliff as tax dollars evaporate

Politico - 3/19/2020

Governors raise alarm as coronavirus taxes health systems

Associated Press – 3/19/2020

States Ease Access to Unemployment As Claims Climb

Route Fifty – 3/19/2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Prompts Lawmakers to Push Paid Leave

Stateline – 3/18/2020