Week of March 9

Week of March 9


In Coronavirus Epicenter, a Statehouse Scrambles to Govern

Stateline – 3/11/2020

Open or Close? Schools Grapple with Coronavirus Decisions

Route Fifty – 3/10/2020

Coronavirus Has Revived the Paid Sick Leave Debate

Governing – 3/10/2020

First Coronavirus ‘Containment Zone’ in U.S. Established in New York State

Route Fifty – 3/10/2020

Schools hamstrung over feeding students as coronavirus leads to closures

Politico – 3/10/2020

Coronavirus quarantines could rob poor, rural students of access to education

Politico - 3/10/2020

States race to combat coronavirus as cases mount

The Hill - 3/10/2020

School leaders fret over subsidized meals programs amid coronavirus

Politico - 3/10/2020

Oil-producing U.S. states to lose revenue as crude prices collapse

Reuters - 3/10/2020

Coronavirus Cases to Jump with Increase in Testing Capacity

Route Fifty - 3/10/2020

Trump's Coronavirus Payroll Tax Cut 'Really Inferior' to Other Ideas, Economists Argue

Newsweek - 3/10/2020

Worker Safety Net Measures Get Attention As Coronavirus Outbreak Grinds On

Route Fifty – 3/9/2020

Costs to Combat Coronavirus Mount in an Epicenter of the Outbreak

Route Fifty - 3/7/2020

What it means when 'state of emergency' is declared

Yahoo! News - 3/6/2020

Trump signs $8.3 billion emergency coronavirus spending package

CNBC - 3/6/2020

Blood Drives Fall Off As Coronavirus Worries Grow

Route Fifty - 3/6/2020

During A Pandemic, States Patchwork Of Crisis Strategies Could Mean Uneven Care

Route Fifty - 3/6/2020

First Responders Taking Extra Coronavirus Precautions

Route Fifty - 3/5/2020